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A decent boldness ever meets with friends.
- Homer, Greek Epic Poet (c. B.C. 700)

Have you ever noticed there’s a common theme among almost all of these Hollywood Harveys?

David Letterman

Dave “The Letcher” Letterman was the first late night host to poison the well of late night TV, abandoning the good-humored comedy where Americans of all persuasions could gather together and turning it into a toxic pool of partisanship. Letcher-man was also a Harvey long before the world outside of Hollywood knew what a Harvey was.

Harvey Weinstein

Quite the irony when you consider Harvey’s long career of Democrat support began with a donation to President Clinton’s legal defense against sexual harassment charges. Over decades he donated millions to the Democrats, including hosting the Clintons in his home for fundraisers and thirteen invites to the Obama White House.

Kevin Spacey

Another close friend of Bill Clinton, the disgraced sexual predator called Trump a “disease” who hates foreigners and reading. If Spacey can read the tea leaves, his career is over. Couldn’t happen to a nastier man.

Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. said of President Trump: “The guy is Hitler.” He also called him a “gross crook dirty rotten lying sack of” you-know-what. It seems the nastier they get, the healthier the helping of Karma they’re served.

George Takei

In an interview, Takei expressed outrage over Trump’s Access Hollywood interview, and then in the very next breath, he admitted to grabbing “skittish or afraid” men by their genitals in a way that was “more than gentle”.

Jeffrey Tambor

Tweeted that “Trump evil is supported by cowards”. Was forced to slink away from his television show in disgrace.

Mark Halperin

This clown imagined himself to be a journalist, but in his documentary on the election, he didn’t have the brains to edit out the part where he was crying when Hillary lost. Halperin was just as clueless about the meaning of abuse of power in his days as the political director for ABC News.

Al Franken

Began his post-SNL political nastiness with a book entitled, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.” No doubt Limbaugh had a big fat laugh when Franken resigned from the Senate in shame.

James Franco

Franco told The Daily Beast he spiraled into a depression and thought about taking his life after Trump’s election. The Hollywood Harveys aren’t just filled with hate, they’re also mentally unstable.

Alcee Hastings

When the American people chose a president, Hastings chose to boycott the inauguration. He had no problem using $220,000 of the American people’s tax dollars to silence his accuser, however.

Ashley Judd

Ranted with righteous indignation over Trump’s locker room talk, but for the sake of her career, she chose silence after being assualted by Weinstein. Her silence enabled Harvey’s predatory behavior to continue for nearly two decades.

Do you notice a pattern here?

It’s not just that they’re all liberals, it’s that that they’re some of the angriest and nastiest when it comes to spewing their hatred for conservatives.

Like the question of the chicken vs. the egg, we’ll probably never know whether it’s the conservative-hating bigots who often become sexual assaulters or if it’s the sexaul assaulters who tend to be conservative-hating bigots. Either way, there is a common root cause in both these disorders – a complete lack of empathy for other people. In their attitudes towards both the assault victim and the conservative, the Harveys view them as inhuman, as objects to be used for their own gratification or as focal points for their mindless hate. Just as sure as the Harveys are incapable of imagining the horror from the perspectives of their victims, the Harveys are also incapable of understanding that people in the Red States have perspectives just as worthy of consideration as their own.

My advice to these conservative-hating bigots is really quite simple – cleanse your hearts. Once you stop dehumanizing half of the country, you’ll be halfway back to recovery.

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