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Selfishness is the dynamo of our economic system... which may range from mere petty greed to admirable types of self-expression.
- Felix Frankfurter, American, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1882-1965)

So another terror attack in London and Trump goes to Twitter . . .

Trump Tweet on London Attack

And anyone who’s been paying attention for the first eight months of Trump’s presidency knows exactly where the Trump-hating Media is going to go with this. “Oh my gosh,” the Trump-hating Media will shreik! “There he goes again, he’s insulting our allies!”

As the media launches its next coordinated attack against Trump, let’s make something very clear – Trump is not insulting “our allies”, he’s insulting the politicians who put political correctness above the saftey of their own citizens. Offending the politicians who are derelict in duty is nothing the same as insulting our allies.

If you really want to know what our allies have to say, look no further than the highest-rated comments on that Daily Mail article . . .

If You Really Want to Know What Our Allies Think

The support for Trump’s comments are running 15 to 1 over the people taking offense, so as the media takes Trump’s tweet and works themselves into a full-blown frenzy of outrage telling you that Trump has insulted our allies, just remember this article from the Daily Mail and the British people’s overwhelming response, because *that* is what our allies really think.

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Back at a time when word had gotten out in the neighborhood that my wife and my house was the place to go for kids who needed a place to stay (I guess we had a hard time saying no) there was a slew of kids who came and went, some lived with us for a little while, some for longer, but two kids in particular ended up becoming like sons to us. This post is about the one who betrayed us.

So he moves out, we fall out of contact, then four years later, we reconnect, meet his daughter and by the end of the year, we’re taking him and our other “adopted” son on a ten-day vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

We took this kid on vacation to Chicago, his first ever trip to Vegas, multiple camping trips where we always footed the bill for everything and then maybe a year passes and the next we hear from him, he’s calling us telling us he got in a fistfight, lost his job, lost his apartment and now he and his eight-year-old daughter have nowhere to stay.

For three weeks, our house is completely taken over. His daughter, through no fault of her own I imagine, is maybe the laziest eight-year-old girl we’ve ever encountered. She has only two interests in life, eating and watching Netflix. We’ve got My Little Pony streaming eighteen hours a day and when I ask her to help straighten the place up before my wife gets home, she flops on the floor as if a two-minute chore would absolutely kill her.

In the kitchen, the bigger child is endlessly cooking, eating five, six meals a day and not just snacks, I’m talking five or six full-fledged meals every day. I have never in my life seen a human being consume so much food, he just kept eating and eating like a demon possessed.

At the time, my wife has a new job with a shift that starts at 3am and she’s trying hard to adjust her sleep to the early morning hours, but no amount of pleading with them to let my wife get her sleep keeps these kids from banging around and barging in the bedroom, so after three weeks of having our house turned upside down and urging the kid to find somewhere else to stay, he finally grabs his stuff and leaves our home without even saying a thank you.

Not Even a Thank You

And it’s only moments later that we begin to discover the many ways he chose to thank us, because within fifteen minutes of his leaving, my bank sends me a text message that my account balance is at zero! My ATM card has been stolen. We take inventory of the house and discover that my wife’s laptop is missing, too!

Imagine how heartbroken we were – after taking him in to our home twice when he had nowhere else to go, after all the vacations we took him on, after all the money my wife had given him behind my back, this guy steals my wife’s laptop, steals my ATM card and completely drains my bank account! Never in our lives had we been so completely disappointed in another human being.

At this point, even with all the evidence we have including surveillance video of him using my ATM card at the Arco and an eyewitness who saw the laptop in his car and my ATM card in his wallet, we decide not to report him to the police and just write off our losses as knowledge gained – the kid we once thought of as a son turned out to be nothing but a thieving scumbag and he would forever be dead to us.

But it was only today, a month after he left our home that we found the full extent of his betrayal. Opening my web browser and navigating to view my Google Photos, it turns out that the browser is still logged into his account. Now we’re looking at his collection of photos on Google and we’re laughing at him posing like he’s all gangsta while he’s smoking a blunt and then . . . imagine our shock and horror as we scroll down to see photos he took eight days after he left our home showing off my wife’s Rolex watch!

Now we’re talking grand larceny.

There are photos of a green collapsible camp chair he stole from our outdoor storage, an expensive condenser microphone that I had never taken out of the box and a cheap $20 smart watch he probably thought was expensive as well.

At this point, the policy of never contacting him again goes out the window, my wife texts him, tells him she wants her Rolex back, he admits to his thievery and he begs us not to call the police because he’ll lose his daughter.

What Would You Do?

Betrayed by the Kid You Thought of Like a Son - So What Would You Do?

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Do you want to know what covfefe is? I can tell you exactly what covfefe is. To the casual observer “covfefe” was a late night typo tweeted by President Trump, a typo that the Trump-Hating Media went wall-to-wall in covering – “Oh look, the president tweeted a typo! The president tweeted a typo!”

media obsession with covfefe

Now do you want to know what covfefe really is?

Covfefe is a delivery system for a subliminal message tweeted straight from the president’s thumbs into your subconscious brain.

Ask yourself, how many hundreds of times was President Trump able to get the media to flash this tweet in front of the eyeballs of millions of Americans? Now ask yourself this – how much of eveyone’s attention was focused directly on the one unknown word at the end, with little to no attention paid to the five words leading up to it?

While your mind was focused directly on figuring out what the heck a “covfefe” is, the other five words bypassed all your conscious defenses completely and lodged themselves into the deepest part of your brain. Donald Trump used a nonsense word to deliver a subliminal message to all of America, and even the blindest of the blind Trump haters had no defense against it because the message slipped through, hardly even noticed. Ignored by the conscious brain, the words “Despite the constant negative press” were delivered to the deepest parts of America’s subconscious brains, over and over, and all thanks to the Trump-Hating Media.

Once again, Donald Trump is making the Trump-Hating Media dance like the unwitting little puppets they are.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton may have lost the election, but she does win the award for the most sore loser ever in a presidential election . . .

Hillary wins the award for the most sore loser ever in a presidential election.

Hey Hillary, America hates a sore loser. For those of us who refused to vote for either one of you, all you’re doing is making us more and more glad it was Trump who won and not your bitter ass.

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Egg in Avocado


Last year, in the last six months of the year, I embarked on a full-force weight loss campaign. I lost 59 pounds the first three months and finished up the year down 70.

And then I heard a statistic – 95% of crash dieters will ultimately gain the weight back, and once I heard that, not becoming the 95% became my new obsession. I visualize a room full of twenty people, and I have to be the *one guy* in that room who keeps it off.

So even though I’d reached my target weight, I continued obsessing on removing all possible fat calories from my diet. While I was avoiding every fat calorie I could however, I would hear from healthy people and the uber-fit that you really do need a healthy dose of healthy fat in your diet, but being so obsessed with not gaining the weight back, it was so difficult for me to wrap my head around it. I had a pretty good idea eating nuts, for example, was good for your diet, but I’d grab a handful of peanuts and all I could think of is FAT, FAT, FAT!

I finally found two articles that really laid it out and helped me make peace with adding a healthy amount of healthy fat to my diet.

In the spirit of “fair use”, I will give you the bullet points and hope they inspire you to read the articles.


8 Cues that You’re Not Eating Enough Fat

• You’re Get-Up-and-Go Has Got-Up-and-Left
• You Have Difficulty Focusing
• You’re Constantly Hungry
• You’re Anxious in Crowds (sounds silly, but there’s an interesting study behind it)
• Your Period is MIA
• Your Memory is Zapped
• You’re Down in the Dumps
• Your Skin is Lack Luster

As a ninth cue, I can also add that on a strict non-fat diet, I noticed my joints cracking more when I was doing push-ups and exercising. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

Now that we’ve covered the “why” of eating healthy fats, here’s a good top-ten list of the foods that have them:


10 Fatty Foods with Mega Health Benefits

• Avocados (love seeing my favorite at the top of the list)
• Olive Oil
• Salmon
• Eggs
• Nuts
• Coconuts
• Flaxseed
• Peanut Butter
• Almond Butter
• Dark Chocolate

Both articles are well worth the read.

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This is what I see when I see an iPhone.

This is what I see when I see an iPhone.

I really have hated Apple and all their iCrap devices ever since the iPod came out and my mom was so sweet to get me that pricey little device as the hottest Christmas gift of the year and I can remember I was so excited as I plugged the USB connecter from my brand new iPod into my PC and I began dragging and dropping my mp3s over from my PC and . . . what? What’s this? You mean to tell me I can’t drag and drop my mp3s over just as simple as you can with any other USB storage device that’s ever been made? You mean to tell me that I have to install that bloatware known as iTunes just to do something as simple as a file transfer? Eff you, you effing control freaks.

That was 2001.  Flash forward 16 years later and the tyrants at the Apple regime still make it just as ridiculously convoluted for me to get my wife’s pdf resume from my computer to her iPhone. All these years later and still the authoritarians at Apple won’t allow a simple drag and drop, so the next three options are iCloud and AirDrop – both a bunch of iCrap only available on iOS, and then there’s iTunes, I already swore I was not going to be forced into installing that garbage on my PC, the final solution was a third-party app (Documents 5, thanks Readdle Inc.!) which allowed my wife to get access to the pdf attachment from her browser-based email. Seriously, what a load of crap.

Forget about the fact that Apple outsources all their manufacturing to the cheapest slave labor factories in China and then slaps on their products the most over-inflated price tags imaginable. Far better to buy stock in the company than complain about that, but what I want to know is when will Apple stop ruling their design process with a money-grubbing iron fist that squeezes out the state-of-the-art technology their customers deserve?

How long are iPhones and iPads going to stick with that outdated single button beneath the screen when both Androids and Windows devices have a much more useful set of three permanent buttons? On Android phones, you have a permanent back button just to the right of the home button, on Windows Phones, you have a permanent back button just to the left, but for some reason, Apple is stuck on this lame idea that one button somehow makes things simpler. Because of this, the all-important back button could be in the upper-left of the screen or the lower-left or wherever the developer might want to put it. Listen Apple, pig-headedly sticking with one button beneath the screen does not make your phone any more functional or aesthetically pleasing. It just sucks.

And when will Apple give people the same ability to upgrade their device storage with the MicroSD slots that every other phone has had for over a dozen years now? I know Apple’s all about fleecing their fan base and forcing them to shell out the big bucks if they want more storage on their devices, but did they ever stop to consider that from a historical perspective, their phones and tablets look ridiculously behind the curve when it’s 2017 and they still don’t have something as basic as a MicroSD slot?

Just the same as I wouldn’t begrudge Yves Saint Laurent for finding a way to convince the masses their bags are “status symbols”, to the point where people are willing to pay way more than any bag should be worth because everyone else knows how much they paid for that YSL bag, I also won’t begrudge Apple for finding a way to convince their loyal fans to pay a premium price to make their own fashion statement. You have to hand it to Apple for managing that one, but when it comes to the capabilities and the technology of their devices, don’t ever let anyone tell you Apple isn’t squeezing it out.

Apple Squat

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