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Surely, those who swallow the property of the orphans unjustly, swallow nothing but fire into their bellies, and they shall soon enter into the flaming fire.
- Koran, Arabic
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Monthly Archives: January 2011

How cool would it be if there was a website where you could find isolated tracks like Bradley’s vocals on Santeria, Neal Peart’s drums on Tom Sawyer or James Jamerson’s bass line on What’s Going On?

That website exists, and whether you’re into recording or just a lover of music, it’s one of the coolest things you’ll find on the Internet.

The website is called Studio Multitracks, a genius idea that’s filling out quite nicely.

Bradley on Santeria – you always knew what a great vocal performance he laid down on this song, but then to hear the vocals completely isolated, like he’s just singing a cappella in a room with you, it’s really something beautiful:

[Update: copyright nazis working for Sublime or their record company took this video down.]

The drumming genius of Neal Peart on Tom Sawyer – yes, even completely isolated it’s 100% as precise and flawless as you always felt it was:

[Update: copyright nazis working for Rush or their record company took this video down. Hey dumbasses who took this video down, do you really think an ISOLATED TRACK of Neil Peart’s drumming is actually somehow going to hurt Rush’s sales instead of teasing some people into buying the whole song or album? You copyright nazis are stupid, plain and simple.]

Check out John Taylor kicking some funky ass bass on Girls on Film:

James Jamerson, I love you, man. Your bass playing is in my heart and soul and I can sing every single note of this bass line from memory:

One good Motown bass line deserves another – this is Wilton Felder on I Want You Back.

How about Eddie on Unchained? OH the immaculateness of your tones and your playing, Eddie!

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Cell Phone Vibrating in the Opposite Hand

Can someone explain this to me?

Yesterday, I’m sitting in a meeting with a client, I feel my iPhone begin to vibrate in my left-hand as it rests on top of the left pocket of my jeans, I’m listening to the client and nodding as I’m feeling the vibrations in my left hand, on, off, on, off and then I realize . . . the phone isn’t actually under my left-hand at all.

I casually move my right hand to check the other pocket and sure enough, I feel the shape of the phone in my right-hand pocket! With wallet between leg and phone, my right leg doesn’t feel a thing, but as I’m searching it out, I can now feel the phone vibrating in my right-hand as well, but the vibration is even more distinct in my left hand as I let it lay it in place on my empty left-hand pocket.

The whole time I manage to keep a straight face, but all the while, I’m marveling at the sensation of a phone in my right pocket vibrating in my left hand.

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Keith Olbermann is abruptly leaving MSNBC. The network announced that Friday’s night’s ‘Countdown’ show will be Olbermann’s last.

This past November the primetime host was suspended “indefinitely” from MSNBC. Olbermann contributed to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates during election season, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Shortly after Olbermann’s suspension, the host was welcomed back to MSNBC. He demanded an apology from the network before returning to his position.

His abrupt departure from MSNBC comes without explanation.

Source: Popeater

On air, Olbermann hinted that he had just learned of the end of his show Friday, and suggested his departure was not voluntary.

Source: Politico

Keith Olbermann, Angriest Man in America

Sad day indeed for the angriest man in America and his handful of fans, but don’t feel too bad for Keith, there are probably just enough of his angry kool-aid drinking viewers to ensure he’ll land a job somewhere else on your cable box. It might be a step even farther down from the lowest rated news network of MSNBC, perhaps one of those channels with just a couple more viewers than the channel with the TV listings, but just think how well his brand of hate would work alongside the venom-filled harpy of Joy Behar on Headline News or the partisan stylings of fake news reporter Dan Rather on HDNet.

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