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The superior man acquaints himself with many sayings of antiquity and many deeds of the past, in order to strengthen his character thereby.
- I Ching, Chinese Book of Changes (B.C. 1150?)

Monthly Archives: July 2011

There are fewer undocumented immigrants in California because many are now finding the American dream south of the border.

“It’s now easier to buy homes on credit, find a job and access higher education in Mexico,” Sacramento’s Mexican consul general, Carlos González Gutiérrez, said Wednesday. “We have become a middle-class country.”

Mexico’s unemployment rate is now 4.9 percent, compared with 9.4 percent joblessness in the United States.

source: Sacramento Bee

Illegal Immigration of Tomorrow

Three years since its passage, just how bad has the $787 billion stimulus failed in providing jobs to America? Try getting a handle on this: Not only has unemployment risen over 20%, but America’s 9.4% unemployment rate is now almost double the unemployment rate down in Mexico.

As the illegals here in America are now heading back down south to the better job market in Mexico, maybe we should rethink that whole border fence thing and keep that border open – with job prospects the way they are in America, it might not be too long before it’s the Americans who are the ones trying to sneak across the border.

The only thing that might prevent this reverse wave of illegal immigration might be the Mexican Government’s zero tolerance treatment of illegals in their country.

Reality down in Mexico is that from the same country that screamed bloody murder over Arizona’s SB 1070, you have hundreds of checkpoints and people who do not carry papers and ID are subject to arrest. From the same Mexican government that rails against America for profiling their people, you have laws that will bar foreigners if they upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics” (racial profiling written right into the legal code!) and from the same government that condemns us for our half-hearted attempts to enforce our own immigration laws, you have Mexican laws which make illegal entry a felony punishable by two years imprisonment, with re-entry punishable by ten years imprisonment!

¡Hipócritas de mierda!

On second thought, as hard as the Mexicans crack down on illegal immigration in their own country, you probably never will see that reverse wave of illegal immigration no matter how bad this economy is failing.

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[mp3j autoplay=”y” track=”http://losalamoslabs.com/mc/_/Spun_Honey_II/Fifteen_Years_Gone_By.mp3″]

You were eighteen, I can see you there
Sittin’ there with your underwear
Peakin’ out from beneath your short, short skirt
You’d driven your brother to his guitar lesson
You don’t know how you were messin’
With my mind as I tried to focus on

Fifteen years gone by
Still I’m gonna try
For the one that got away that I never had
Fifteen years gone by
Let me look into your eyes
And tell you I can’t wait for one more day

You would be taken just as I was free
Still I could feel you’d think of me
Thinkin’ of what might be on one fine day
You ditched your boyfriend as I found a girl
Once again we were left to wonder
Thinking of a future we had yet to live


Flyin’ back home on the aeroplane
Writing this song inside my brain
Thinking in just an hour I’ll see your face
I’m aching so madly for that landing strip
Got off that plane and I had to trip
When I saw you there and my heart began to race


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Amy Winehouse Joins the 27 Club

As talented and technically proficient as most the finalists are, Amy Winehouse and her tortured soul were a dozen times more cool than any American Idol singer I’ve ever heard . . .

?From the song that introduced her to the world: “They tried to make me go to rehab / I said, ‘No, no no.'” What a shocker she should end up dead at such a very young age, eh?

The most common comment on the Internet right now is that she should have said yes to rehab, but in truth, she did go to rehab, quite a few times . . . I guess it never really stuck.

If you die at 27, but in your life, you saw people all around the globe singing your song, you probably lived a fuller life than any of us mortals who by good decisions or (in my case) luck and chance who managed to outlive you. As a matter of fact, if you have two or three or four or five brilliant albums under your belt and you want to join the most exclusive club of rock stars around, time it so you die at age 27 and you’ll join likes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and Robert Johnson and you will be remembered forever as a member of the Forever 27 Club.

Anyone who brings back a healthy helping of Motown to the modern ear is a service to humanity in my book. You could hear it in her voice – she didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk.

What a great voice. That woman had soul.

[mp3j autoplay=”y” track=”http://www.mikecornelison.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Amy-Winehouse-Rehab.mp3″]

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Atlantis Returns from the Final Space Shuttle Mission

Atlantis Returns from the Final Space Shuttle Mission

With the Space Shuttle Atlantis touching down today, the 135th and final mission marks the end of the era of America’s Space Shuttle Orbiters. The accomplishments were great, the deployment and subsequent repair of the Hubble Space Telescope, which provided views of the universe unimaginable from Earth’s atmosphere, the building of the International Space Station, the greatest cooperative effort in space history, but the payloads were borne almost entirely by the Space Shuttles, and 180 other satellites and payloads brought into orbit by the shuttles.

The costs were great as well – $209 billion dollars from development to retirement, and of course, the tragic loss of fourteen astronauts in the Challenger and Columbia disasters.

So sad to see thousands of workers at NASA are headed for the unemployment line with the end of the mission. By the White House’s own numbers, the $666 billion in stimulus money spent so far has created or saved jobs to the tune of $278,000 per job, but we couldn’t find enough pocket change to keep America in space and keep the workers at NASA busy and employed.

A conversation I had with a friend on Facebook a few months back . . .

J.G. — Are you pro space exploration?

M.C. — Yeah, and was very sad to see out of 3/4 trillion in “stimulus” spending, this administration couldn’t spare a dime for NASA.

J.G. — I love nasa, but there is a time to spend and a time to save. You would have critisized him for spending money on nasa if he had!

M.C. — Not true. I was sitting there thinking these exact thoughts, “All this money to throw around on pork spending projects and not a dime for NASA.” You know the term, Bucket List, the stuff you vow to do before you kick the bucket, well I have one thing on there I have absolutely no control over, but I want to see man walk on Mars before I die. That’s become more and more remote now thanks to Obama’s priorities. And you know why I think he had money for everything under the sun, but not NASA? Because NASA gives us something that WE can be proud of as AMERICANS. He would rather share those accomplishments with the global community. We’re shutting down the Space Shuttle, have no plans for any American achievements and now if we want to get out into space, we have to hitch a ride with the Euros or the Commies.


J.G. — Its Obama’s fault that “you think” man wont walk on mars before you die……now ive heard everything. I dont even know what to say to that. I would imagine that if it was that big of a deal to you, that the fact that a human bieng did infact set foot on the red planet, we as HUMANS would celebrate as one. Not because it was an american…unless ofcourse its just never going to be as impressive otherwise.

M.C. — I would wish it would be an American, hell yes, just the same as you take special pride in seeing your own family do great things, yes, I would much rather it be an American.

Nothing wrong with being a nationalist and rooting for your home country to do great things. Taking pride in the achievements of humanity is all fine and great, but after my own immediate family, I feel very much connected to what I consider my extended family – the American Family. Just the same as you take special pride in the accomplishments of your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, I also take much more pride in the accomplishments of Americans than I ever would in the doings of people from any other corner of the globe.

Over 42 years later, no nation on Earth has managed to duplicate the American accomplishment of stepping foot on the moon, and I damn sure am rooting for that first footstep on Mars to be an American footstep.

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I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky

I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky

We were all hoping Obama would turn out to be the moderate, bi-partisan, compromise-minded candidate he sold himself as during the presidential campaign, but by the time Obama had engaged in an orgy of more new government spending in his first nine months than Bill Clinton managed in all his eight years in office, we knew we were screwed. It’s sad too, because I remember the tears in my eyes, so proud to be an American as I witnessed Obama’s inauguration and the swearing in of our first black president.

It’s been such a disastrous two-and-a-half years since then that at least a half-a-dozen times I’ve spoken with Republican friends and we would compare this current Democrat to the last Democrat president and marvel at what a strange feeling it was to be a Republican longing for the good ol’ days of Bill Clinton!

Obama the Elitist Snob

Voters are stupid and misinformed when they don't vote for my party.

I don’t think most of us knew how good we had it back then, to tell the truth. Like the current president, Bill Clinton was handed a harsh rebuke by the voters two years into his presidency in the form of a Republican landslide during the midterms, but unlike Obama, who attributed the voter backlash against him to voters being stupid and misinformed, Bill Clinton never underestimated the intelligence of the American people. Bill Clinton was a guy who would listen when the people spoke.

The Republican-controlled Congress handed Bubba the first balanced budgets in 30 years (and probably the last we’ll ever see in our lifetimes) and instead of demanding a budget laden with more pork and more government spending than what the Republicans were offering, Bill Clinton signed those balanced budgets into law. Bill Clinton was a guy who knew that lower taxes, not more government spending, is the best way to stimulate the economy and when Republicans drafted the most comprehensive reform of the welfare state since it’s inception, Bill Clinton got on board with Welfare Reform, to the consternation of many in his party.

Clinton Thumbs Up!But almost as refreshing as it was to see a politician who could actually listen to the voters and respond to their demands, Bill Clinton was also just a fun guy to have in office. I can remember Phil Hartman playing Bill Clinton on Saturday Night Live, and those were some of the funniest skits in the history of the show. The way Bubba could flash his thumbs up to the American people, you knew he was full of shit, but with a wink and a nod, you knew that he knew you knew he was full of shit, too!

“Hey baby, it’s just politics, and I’m just playing the game.” And he was one of the best there ever was at it.


Slick Willy – I’ll say it right now, how I miss having you as our president.

From back in the day, here’s a little tune I put together for you, Mr. President:


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