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Valor employed in an ill quarrel, turns to cowardice; and virtue then puts on foul vice's vizor.
- Philip Massinger, English Dramatist (1583-1640)

Monthly Archives: November 2011

Occupy Movement Seeks to Shut Down All West Coast Ports December 12

Source: West Coast Port Shutdown on Facebook

Because nothing says supporting the 99% like keeping hard-working Americans from showing up and getting paid for an honest day’s work!




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Hey OWS, You're Targeting the Wrong 1%

Is it any wonder the MSM loves them so?

The Occupy Movement talks a lot about the 1% and the 99%, but the fact is, they’re targeting the wrong 1%.

Most of OWS puts the blame on Capitalism itself, the “banksters” and those greedy CEOs out to make ungodly amounts of money. You’ll find many Occupiers speaking about corporations putting “profits over people”, apparently oblivious to the fact that a large majority of the 99-percent are deeply invested in the stock market, either directly or through retirement accounts & mutual funds and the success of the investments of the 99% requires those greedy CEOs and board members to focus on company profits as their number one responsibility to the shareholders.

For all the Commies and Socialists coming out of the woodwork at these protests, blaming Capitalism is a joke. You want to talk income disparity, just look at the disparity between Capitalist countries and everything else that’s been tried on the face of the Earth. (Fun fact for the day: the poorest 5% of Americans are richer than nearly 70% of other people in the world.)

It also doesn’t make any sense to blame a banker or a business person for taking the bailouts or loopholes that were there for the taking any more than you would blame a regular tax payer of the 99% variety for trying to make use of all the tax breaks and deductions available to them.

We can’t even blame bankers or business people for lobbying the politicians, because you know that you and I both would do some lobbying in our own self-interests if we had the means to do it as well. (And ask yourself, did it ever stop a state union from lobbying hard for bigger pensions and better benefits every year even when it’s obvious that it’s more than the tax base can afford, that the pensions and benefits are bringing about levels of spending that are unsustainable and that they’re pushing the entire state into bankruptcy?)

There’s only one target OWS should be focusing their anger on and that’s the 1% in Congress and the White House, the 1% who make the rules, the 1% who dole out billions of dollars in stimulus funds to their biggest campaign donors, the 1% who have created an entire system where even an honest person could get elected, go to Washington and in only a of couple years probably find themselves corrupted to the point of selling out their ideals and whoring out their votes just like everyone else in D.C.

Businesses and business leaders making more money than you and I can possibly comprehend are not the problem, because no one from Apple is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy that latest version of the iPhone.

You want change? Stop wasting your time hating the rich and march against the government which makes the rules, or even better, stop justifying shantytown takeovers of public places by imagining you’re making a difference carrying signs around for an hour or two and instead, start talking about specific laws that need to be changed, ways in which the political system needs to be reformed and the kind of candidates we need to find to replace the current ruling elites in Congress and the White House.

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Tate is the Rubber Man

Last night, tens of thousands of hearts were broken all across the American Horror Story viewing world as we found out Tate is The Rubber Man. You could almost hear the collective “NOOOOO!” from all the lovestruck teens and Tate-smitten women.

I personally never had a crush on Tate, but I can see why so many were taken with him – Evan Peters has oodles of charisma, but as far as the character, as soon as the dead breakfast club made it pretty clear in Halloween, pt. 2 that Tate had gone Columbine on his classmates and then especially in the next episode when we actually see it (mainly hear it) no way could I feel the same about Tate any more. For those whose hearts were broken last night, I ask – you can forgive the guy for shooting a bunch of innocent classmates, but he slips into a suit and has sex with Vivien and now it’s unforgiveable?

I mean, I get it, when girls dream of Prince Charming fairy tales and the perfect love, the prince is faithful to his princesses in every degree, but still seems a bit incongrous to me.


You know the last time I’ve been this hooked on a show was the re-airing of Twin Peaks on Bravo? (We’re talking the pre-Internet era here!) What’s made it so much more fun to be hooked on a show this time around is the Internet and the ability to seek out a community of fans who are just as obsessed as you are.

So I’m checking out the reaction to Tate revealed as Rubber Man, and it’s interesting to see the different reactions.

People aren’t watching AHS anymore because Tate is Rubberman? Good. GTFO. You aren’t wanted in this fandom anyway. Because news flash, This isn’t the American Tate Show. There is more to it then just Tate. And if he was the only reason you watched it, I don’t want you clogging up my tags with your stupid fangirling anyway. This is the reason why I hate when Tumblr gets ahold of something and blows it up. Because you get fake ass fans that whine and bitch when something happens to the hot guy.

Source: ahs-obsessed on tumblr

I didn’t want to rip off the gifs, but it’s pretty funny if you click the link above and check the original.

Now here’s the interesting part, not only are fans split on either loving it or hating it, we see fans who are themselves torn in two with the exact same ahs-obsessed fan posting this hours later:

dear ryan murphy,

stop writing episodes for american horror story. you just fuck shit up. do you realize what the episode rubber man did? it fucked up everything…everything. i don’t even want to know what was going on in that brain of yours when you wrote that shit, so leave the writing to the others. thanks

– ahs fandom

p.s. stop leaking spoilers

Source: ahs-obsessed on tumblr

When I asked which of the two mindsets they were of, ahs-obsessed explained these two seemingly divergent thoughts thus:

My Mindset is that I hate people that are only watching the show for one reason- Because Tate is hot. It aggravates me to no end and they really need to GTFO, but the reason I did not enjoy this episode was because Ryan Murphy really messed it up in many many ways. I do not agree with what he did with Tate’s character. I think It was very lazy for Ryan to make Tate the Rubber Man. I feel like he thought “Hey, This kid is already messed up, let’s screw him up a little more.” Personally, I think Tate’s character already had a lot going on ,so why not give it to another character that is not getting any attention at all? Maybe even bring in more characters. That way more could have been done with Rubber Man.

Does Tate being revealed as the Rubber Man make you more or less into following the show?

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Countdown to Fandom Explosion

Source: whentheworldclosedin on tumbler

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The Obama State Media

As close as we are to having a one-sided, left-wing state-controlled media, do you ever wonder why liberals hate FoxNews so much? Because one dissenting voice in the media is one too many!

I enjoy considering all sides, so I try to follow as many liberals as I can on twitter. Received the following tweet from @moment_um . . .

Which took me to this article:

Here’s why the supercommittee is failing, in one sentence: Democrats wanted the rich to pay more in taxes towards deficit reduction, and Republicans wanted the rich to pay less in taxes towards deficit reduction.

Okay, that’s fine, it’s one thing to have conviction in your beliefs, but it’s quite another thing to say there’s only one side to the story (surprise – their’s!) and that only one side of the story should be reported by the media!

Any news outlet that doesn’t convey this basic fact to readers and viewers with total clarity is obscuring, rather than illuminating, what actually happened here.

Yes, because far be it for the media to do their job as journalists and report the fact that there are two sides to the story! You have to love the way most liberals cannot even hide their desire to be living in an authoritarian state with a state-controlled media. ONLY ONE SIDE DESERVES CONSIDERATION – OURS!

As a lover of words, my favorite line from the advocate for tyranny was some fine poetry in the most Orwellian sense:

we will be inundated with reams of bogus false equivalence reporting about it

So I tweet back to my friend (former friend in his book) the following:

His reply?

Me personally? I like freedom, I like having my ideas challenged, I like the debate. So very sad that so many liberals want to surround themselves with only the like-minded, choosing to live in a tiny little pond of political clones of themselves.

The authoritarian streak runs deep in so many liberals, they don’t even disguise their hate for freedom, they don’t want their ideas challenged, they don’t like the ideas of free speech and a free debate, their idea of a perfect world is a world where everyone thinks in absolute lock step. How utterly, unbelievably boring.

Is it any wonder that every single totalitarian dictatorship on this Earth is left-wing, socialist, communist with a state-controlled media? This is the left-wing version of a perfect world – a boot smashing a human face forever.

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We Are the 99 Percent #1

Next time you see the Occupy Movement claim they are the 99%, consider this latest poll from WSJ/NBC:

Do you consider yourself a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

28% Yes, 63% No, 2% Depends, 7% Not sure

source: WSJ/NBC Poll via The Washington Examiner

When 63% of America does not support you and only 28% does, you are NOT the 99%! You are the misguided people marching against business, industry and Capitalism in general when the real source of your grievances are all created by the 1% running the government and making the rules.

If you ever want to regain any credibility with the 99%, stop harassing the 99% just trying to make it to their jobs, stop making the 99% late to job interviews, stop making the commute home a nightmare for the 99% and start marching on the 1% in Congress and at the White House.

We Are the 99 Percent #2

We Are the 99 Percent #3

We Are the 99 Percent #4

We Are the 99 Percent #5

Cartoon courtesy of Nico at Endless Origami.

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