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Monthly Archives: December 2011

On a day known around the Internet as “Dump GoDaddy Day,” I received the following email from my own webhost, 1&1, an email that was both spot-on politically as well as being a well-timed effort to capitalize on the exodus of tens of thousands of domains from GoDaddy.

Dear Sir/Miss,

You may have heard about Protect-IP (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) currently under consideration in Congress. If passed, among other things, SOPA requires Web hosting companies like 1&1 to police websites in order to prevent them from communicating copyrighted information on the internet. We would like to make sure you are aware of 1&1’s official position on SOPA.

As a global provider of domains and hosting services, we oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) or Protect-IP (PIPA) Acts currently under consideration. While we observe the concerns of those who are troubled by the potential impact on protecting intellectual property online, 1&1 feels there is an urgent need to strike a balance between dissemination of and access to information and protection against its illegal use within the public domain.

The US government is currently reviewing SOPA and PIPA as possible ways to prevent unlawful distribution of copyrighted materials available on the internet. These current proposals, if passed, would allow for significant interventions into the technological and conomical basis of the internet. This could put the vast benefits and economic opportunities of entirely legal and legitimate e-business models at risk. Generally, companies offering technological services should not be forced to be the executor of authority in such matters. If they were to act upon every implication of content infringement without any judicial research into the actual usage of its customers, the integrity behind their customer’s freedom of information and speech would be enormously harmed.

1&1 Internet, Inc. has worked through associations and with related companies to ensure that these aspects are taken into account. Thus, we welcome the serious consideration by the US Congress of the potential harmful effects on Internet freedom should SOPA and / or PIPA be passed as law, and hope the stability of the Internet’s domain name system (DNS) remains intact.

We encourage every Internet user concerned about these plans to contribute to the debate and to raise their voice with their local representatives in the House or Senate. One way to express your concerns could be to use one of the websites that emerged to protect user interests in the current legislative debate, such as http://fightforthefuture.org/.

At 1&1 we support you, our customer, and an open internet. If you find that you are supporting a company that encourages SOPA and wish to drop them as a provider, please follow the simple instructions contained on the website linked below.

Thank you for being one of our extremely valued customers, and for taking the time to read this.

Best regards,

Frederick Iwans
General Manager 1&1 Internet Inc.

link: http://order.1and1.com/DomaininfoMove

No surprise that politicians who have been bought and paid for by the entertainment industry are behind these bills, and some of them may be so completely naive they might imagine fighting piracy is the only thing that these bills will enable, but there is a lot more to worry about beyond the unfair honus the bills would place on web hosts. Look into it deeper, and these bills also give the government the power of judge, jury and executioner to take down any website they find objectionable. If you give the government a kill switch for any website it deems objectionable, just watch the abuses ensue. Absolutely, positively, we do not want to allow our government to get on the slippery slope towards Chinese authoritarian control of the Internet.

If you browse the Internet, you’ll see a beautiful coalition of left-wing bloggers and right-wing bloggers all united against these legislative abominations. Here’s an article from Declan McCullagh where he makes 2012 predictions, and at the top of the list: SOPA opponents may go nuclear. Now there’s one apocalyptic prediction we should all help make a reality.

SOPA supporters are the one-percent

SOPA supporters are the 1%. Don’t let the 1% kill freedom on the Internet.

Source: ibtimes.com

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Bill Maher is an ugly, disgusting and vile human being. How else can you describe a man who spews this kind of venomous hatred against Tim Tebow on a Christmas Eve tweet?

It must have been driving the Christian haters of America nuts, watching Tim Tebow come in and win seven of his first eight starts, taking a lowly Bronco team that was 1-4 and bringing them to the top of the AFC West at 8-5. It must have drove them up the wall to see Tebow praying to his Lord and Savior in the end zone and on the sidelines on the winning scores over an NFL record six 4th quarter and overtime comebacks in his first eleven starts.

So when Tebow and the Broncos fall to the Patriots and Bills in successive weeks, for Maher, it must have been like the rapture – atheist style – to see that Tebow magic finally hit a two-game skid. What a sad and pathetic thing to see a petty man’s heart like Maher’s so filled with joy over Tebow losing a couple games.

This is what bigotry looks like, folks – ugly, hateful, unadulterated bigotry. Next time you hear the lie about liberals being oh so tolerant, just think of Bill Maher and his hateful tweet, hating on a man like Tim Tebow for nothing other than his Christian faith, and realize that the left is the home of the most intolerant bigots in America.

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Getting on a nationalist kick with our friends the Brits, @Colin_America turned me on to this video and I felt it nailed it quite well for America . . .

This video and the non-profit song it promotes were made solely to raise money for ‘Veterans of Foreign Wars’. Any footage included is limited to micro-clips and is therefore considered ‘fair use’.

God bless America!

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“Nationalism” – it has become such a dirty word in the present day vocabulary. It’s no longer cool to take pride in your country, people have been trained to think of nationalism as the equivalent the rise of the left-wing socialist totalitarian state in Germany in the 1930s or the brainwashed hordes living bleak, grey lives under Soviet totalitrianism, but if we were to slam a big shot of heroin and sing to ourselves some John Lennon lyrics and “imagine there’s no countries”, the potential reality of a world with all borders and all the countries erased is a far, far scarier prospect than anything the Nazis tried to perpetrate on this world.

The antithesis of world full of 187 governments working in their own self-interests, the specter of a one-world government headed by an all-powerful world governing body, a world were all sovereignty is given away for some sort of United Nations world government where central bureaucrats control the lives of every living human being on the face of the earth, that is the greatest possible evil you can ever imagine.

In my book, nationalism is a wonderful sense of pride you carry for your own people, a pride that transcends race, culture, ethnicity or creed, a pride that simply means we feel blessed to have been born into this nation or to have made the choice to immigrate to this nation and call this nation our own.

I had the following discussion with a humanist friend on Facebook. My friend believes American exceptionalism and American pride in doing something great in the name of the nation should be abandoned for an amorphous sense of pride in human collectivism. The conversation centered on Obama’s de-funding of NASA and the abandonment of new ambitions for NASA’s furthering our exploration into space:

J.G. Are you pro space exploration?

Mike Cornelison Yeah, and was very sad to see out of 3/4 trillion in “stimulus” spending, this administration couldn’t spare a dime for NASA.

J.G. I love nasa, but there is a time to spend and a time to save. You would have critisized him for spending money on nasa if he had!

Mike Cornelison Not true. I was sitting there thinking these exact thoughts, “All this money to throw around on pork spending projects and not a dime for NASA.” You know the term, Bucket List, the stuff you vow to do before you kick the bucket, well I have one thing on there I have absolutely no control over, but I want to see man walk on Mars before I die. That’s become more and more remote now thanks to Obama’s priorities. And you know why I think he had money for everything under the sun, but not NASA? Because NASA gives us something that WE can be proud of as AMERICANS. He would rather share those accomplishments with the global community. We’re shutting down the Space Shuttle, have no plans for any American achievements and now if we want to get out into space, we have to hitch a ride with the Euros or the Commies.


J.G. Its Obama’s fault that “you think” man wont walk on mars before you die……now ive heard everything. I dont even know what to say to that. I would imagine that if it was that big of a deal to you, that the fact that a human bieng did infact set foot on the red planet, we as HUMANS would celebrate as one. Not because it was an american…unless ofcourse its just never going to be as impressive otherwise.

Mike Cornelison I would wish it would be an American, hell yes, just the same as you take special pride in seeing your own family do great things, yes, I would much rather it be an American.

I love humanity just the same as anyone else, but I will take pride first in my family and in a very close second, I will take pride in the accomplishments of my nation, which I do believe is the greatest country ever to grace God’s green Earth. It would have been very nice to see a multi-national mission land on the moon, but coming up on 50 years later, the fact that the only people who have ever stepped on the surface of the moon are Americans, that’s one-hundred times as spectacular of an achievement as a multinational mission in my book. Greatest human achievement ever, brought to you by the greatest nation in the history of the world – the United States of America.

And to be an American and to think of our friends the Brits, to see our greatest friends disrespected by Obama’s return of the bust of Churchill, that was one of the great disgraces of this current president and his entire presidency, because our two nations stand shoulder to shoulder and there is no nation on Earth who we hold a closer kinship with.

I saw this video from Anton Lorien and I felt swelled with pride, that we could be so blessed as to share the world with a country as noble and great as Great Britain.

What a great video. Don’t ever let the globalists lie to you, national pride is a beautiful and awesome thing. Nationalism keeps at bay the threat of a one world totalitarian state. Take pride in your nation and your nation’s sovereignty wherever you are!

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The Federal budget explained in terms of a family budget.

Here are the current numbers on the U.S. Federal Budget:

* United States Tax revenue:  $2,312,600,000,000
* Federal budget:             $3,616,300,000,000
* New debt:                   $1,303,700,000,000
* National debt:             $15,128,600,000,000
* Recent budget cuts:            $38,500,000,000

Now, remove 8 zeros then double the numbers to bring it close to the 2009 median household income of $50,221:

* Annual family income:                  $46,252
* Money the family spent:                $72,326
* New debt on the credit card:           $26,074
* Outstanding balance on credit card:   $302,572
* Recent budget cuts:                       $770

When you think of the recent budget battle that almost ground the government to a halt, it really helps put things in perspective: imagine the insanity of a family so completely dysfunctional that they’ve managed to rack up over $300,000 in credit card debt, adding over $26,000 in debt this year alone and yet in debating the ways to cut down on expenses, the entire family almost completely tears itself apart just trying to shave a measly $770 from their spending.

Source: USDebtClock.org and CDN

US Debt Clock as of 2011/12/18

I based this on a post making the rounds a couple days ago, although that one used numbers dating back to April when the national debt at $14.2 trillion, so I updated the numbers, but the premise in removing those 8 zeros – that really does help put things in perspective.

I don’t think the human mind can really wrap itself around the Federal budget and numbers with that many zeros, numbers in the billions and trillions, but you scale those numbers down to the numbers of a modest household budget and then it becomes very clear just how insane things have become in Washington, D.C.

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