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Yet he was jealous, though he did not show it, For jealousy dislikes the world to know it.
- Byron, English Poet (1788-1824)

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Obama Bill of RightsThere were ten amendments to the United States Constitution, and of all the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights, not a single one of those amendments were as consice and as plainly spoken as the Tenth:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The wording of the tenth amendment could not be any more cut and dried than that. It couldn’t have been spelled any more plainly than that, if it’s not specifically laid out in the United States Constituion, leave it to the states. Guess what? Not single word in the constitution even comes close to addressing who can and cannot enter into a contract of marriage. What a ground-breaking revelation for our constiutuional scholar of a president to finally take notice of this in leaving gay marriage to the states to decide.

Let’s read it again, because I love the tenth amendment in its forthrightness and unambiguity:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Then along came Franklin D. Roosevelt, the closest thing America has ever had to having a real-life dictator. This man was so consumed with becoming an all-powerful tyrant that the pesky annoyance of a Supreme Court which declared his new deal proposals unconstitutional convinced him to try to cirvumvent the checks and balances our founding fathers devised by trying to stack the nine-member Supreme Court with three additional judges friendly to his agenda. Hey, the nine judges won’t get on board, let’s make it a twelve-judge Supreme Court then! Stoke of genius marked by pure evil.

Thankfully, this wanna-be American Hitler failed, but he would not be the last president to besmirch and denigrate a Supreme Court which dared stand in his way.

FDR’s “court-packing plan” to create a puppet Supreme Court ultimately failed, but where the Imperial President did succeed in trashing the Constitution, was with a little byline called the Commerce Clause, which gave Congress control over all: “Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian tribes“. With this one little footnote, he was able to trash the plain-spoken text of the Tenth Amendment so that just about anything could be mandated, regulated and taxated by the power hungry Overlords of the Federal Government. And since the days of FDR, our centralized government loving politicians have been busy at work, twisting and perverting that Commerce Clause to destroy the Tenth Amendment and make the Federal Government the Lord, God and King of every aspect of our lives since.

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion." U.S. Constitution, Article 4, Section 4Article 4, Section IV of the United States Constitution says, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.” When our own Federal Govermnent fails miserably to protect the borders of the citizens of Arizona from the chaos and the lawlessness and all the anchor babies being funder on the taxpayer’s dime, the Obama administration, instead of seeing the crisis Arizona faces, instead of increasing it’s efforts to live up to its constitutional obligations and applauding the state of Arizona for trying to enforce the laws of the land that our Federal Government has so miserably have failed to uphold, instead of appreciating the states rights of Arizona trying to defend their own borders by checking the status of people pulled over just the same as you’d check license and insurance, instead the Obama Administration tries to stymie the efforts of Arizona and file lawsuits against that sovereign state’s attempts to check the for papers of people in a state completely overrun by illegal invaders.

If a family was killed driving over a bridge while it collapsed, in the same way the government would be held negligent, I truly belive people should sue the Feds for their negligence in failing to protect the American people from lawless illegals who cross the border and kill innocent people. Your job is to protect the borders, assholes. Are you kidding me? Eric Holder and the Federal Government are actually trying to sue Arizona for trying to take care of a job they have failed miserably to take of themselves?

How about states taking it upon themselves to check the ID of voters when it was proven just how easy it would be to walk into a polling place in DC and claim you’re the Attorney General of the United States of America himself, Eric Holder and a cast a ballot in his name? Where is the love for the Right of the States to monitor their own elections with a common sense and moderate Voter ID law? No one ever cried when the states said you need a little ID if you want to drive on the road or apply for the welfare.

So all of a sudden, the same Barack Obama whose Justice Department is suing nearly a dozen states in America for wanting to make sure people are who they say they are when they vote, these Federal Overlords suing states left and right for trying to protect their borders, all of a sudden the president of the Imperial Federalocrisy is now a states rights kind of guy?

There's nothing the United States Constituton that Even Hints About Gay Marriage - God Bless States RightsFor the first time in Barack Obama’s life, when it comes to gay marriage, now he’s MR. STATES RIGHTS?

What a fucking coward, dude. IT ALREADY IS A STATES RIGHTS ISSUE!!! HAVEN’T YOU NOTICED WE’VE HAD HALF THE STATES IN AMERICA PUT IT TO A REFERENDUM ON THE BALLOT WITH 12 IN FAVOR AND AND 38 OPPOSED? As Ellen Degeneres and Doogie Howser gush with praise for your courageous stand, what exactly is it that have you stood out for? The status quo? Nothing has changed since today and yesterday and the day before! Should we give some well-earned pat on the back to the courageous perpetual camaigner with not a word to the fact that you punted the decision on votes for gay marraige for all 38 states whose votes he needs to try to win re-eledtion? Grow a par of gonads you gelding, if you believe gay marriage is right, stop being a states right advocate for the first moment in your life. Ask Michelle if you can borrow the pair of balls she tucked safely away in that little velvet box, quit being a eunuch and take an uncalculated political stand for one time in your life.

Dead Fetus with Spike to the BrainAnd as long as you’re beginning this new life as a champion for states rights, why don’t you come out and tell the truth about Roe v. Wade, that there’s nothing in the Constitution about the right to privacy that can be contorted to make allowance for the killing of a fetus in a woman’s womb. Abortion shouldn’t be some bogus federal mandate, it shoud be left up to the states, after all, as a constitutional scholar, even many of your most pro-choice of fetus killing friends have to admit there’s nothing in the Constitution about right to privacy that comes anywhere near to endorsing early termination of human beings in the womb.

Come on Mr. States Rights Man, all this bullshit that was handed down from the Supreme Court, you know they stepped way out of bounds in Roe v. Wade, even a lot of pro-choicers if you take them aside in a moment of whispered candor, they’ll tell you straight up that the “right to privacy” was the shakiest grounds imaginable for legalizing abortion. If you’re honest about it, abortion is 100% under the guise of “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution” and “reserved to the States respectively.” If it means having a national debate, 50 states forced to vote their conscience and if that results in a few women having to cross state lines to kill the growing life inside their wombs, so be it.

You really think people are going to buy it as your sycophantic lovers in the media say how courageous you are when nothing has changed, the only thing you’d come out and said is that you think the states should decide, as they have been for the last ten years, and yes, now you can try to take credit by supporting the 12 states who support gay marriage, but being the political prostitute you are, you have said nothing for the other 38 states you’re not trying to alienate in an election year.

Why don’t you take another couple courageous stands and tell American how you support leaving it up to the states to decided their own laws for euthanasia or medical marijuana. Gutsy call.

Can’t wait to see all you Obama-lovers fawning over Obama’s bravery on display as he speaks at the Democrat Convention in North Carolina later this year!

What a joke, for the first time in his life, Barack Obama is leaving it to the piddly little states to figure out instead of imposing a giant mandate from the ivory towers of Washington, D.C. itself.

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The day after Barack Obama won the election, I remember going to a grocery store and I saw a black women there, and she was holding her head way up high, she held her head high as a Nubian princess in a procession carried by slaves, and it allowed me to step outside of my experience as the white man who voted for McCain and grasp what a proud and uplifting moment the election of a black president must have been for the black people of America, and I felt happy for her. And she wasn’t the only black person who looked uplifted and filled with pride on that day and even though my candidate lost, I was feeling good seeing the pride that was so obvious in my fellow Americans of dark colored skin.

That whole 2008 campaign, I rarely, rarely ever though about Obama’s skin color, so little did I think Obama’s being black that it shocked me to feel tears welling up in my eyes during the inauguration as I said to myself, oh my God, we just elected our first black president! It was really a thought that hadn’t occurred to me in all the months leading up – what a great moment this is! I was overcome with emotion, what a proud moment for the greatest country on earth! (Unfortunately, in my view, his presidency has been all downhill from there.)

The whole election, I couldn’t give a damn about Obama being black, except for that proud emotion when at the inauguration when it became a reality. So it amazes me and astounds me to be called a racist on a daily basis by the people on Twitter who think the only reason a person could ever disagree with Obama is from hatred towards the black guy. Truth is, I disagree with Barack Obama for the exact same reasons I think the election of a President John Kerry or a President Al Gore would have been a disaster as well.

Obama’s skin color doesn’t even make a top-ten list of things I notice about him as he reads off his teleprompter. To paraphase MLK, I judge this man by the content of his words and not the color of his skin. I’ll never understand liberals and their non-stop obsession with race. A perfect example was when Herman Cain became the GOP front runner for the presidential nomination, even that was attempted to be explained away by race-obsessed liberal lunatics like Janeane Garofalo as yet another example of GOP racism. WTF?

When you see people like Chris Matthews who TWO YEARS IN to Barack Obama’s presidency actually admitting with amazement on air that he listened to a Obama speak for an entire hour and never once thought of his being black. Are you kidding me? You sat and watched Obama speak for an entire hour and didn’t think of him being black and you’re amazed by this and you even admit it on the air?

I wonder what it sounds like inside the head of Chris Matthews during a Barack Obama speech? “Oh my God, he’s black! He’s a black man! He’s not the deepest darkest African black and maybe the palms of his hands are almost white, but every other inch of his skin is at least as dark as that cafe mocha I ordered at Starbucks this morning! Look at him, he’s just so . . . he’s so BLACK!”

By and large, the left is obsessed with race and the right just doesn’t give a damn. The right believes in a meritocracy just as sure as the owner of a baseball team is looking for the center fielder who’s going to bring the most to his team and couldn’t give a damn about his skin color.

You know what really gets me though, is all this PBO shit.

I know it’s been a long time coming baby, but can we please stop feeling compelled to add the title “president” every time you tweet his initials? It’s kind of pathetic. Are you afraid that dropping the “P” would give people the impression you were tweeting about “BO” as in what happens to dirty people who don’t shower or use deodorant? Are you afraid people will become confused you maybe be talking of Bo, the dog? You know, the dog Obama spared from the dinner menu and who Obama narcissisticly named after his own initials?

Seriously, when Bill Clinton was president, did anyone feel compelled to call him PBC?

Or how about the guy who Obama’s vying with now for the title of most inept president ever, did anyone resort to calling Jimmy Carter PJC?

The whole PBO thing smacks of insecurity to me. The man’s president. We all know that. His initials are BHO, Barack Hussein Obama. What, you have a problem with his middle name or something?

For the presidents who earned the right to be known by their initials alone, they were known as JFK, LBJ and FDR. No one ever called them PJFK or PLBJ, PFDR . . . these men made their marks on history in a way that’s undeniable, and all you had to do was speak their three initials and everyone knew exactly who you were talking about. Heck, JFK’s brother Bobby didn’t even become president and everyone knows who you’re talking about when you say RFK. No one tried to tack on an “S” for Senator in front of it and call the man SRK.

Did you ever hear someone tack on an extra “R” to KFC to make it clear they wanted to go to the Kentucy Fried Chicken Restaurant? There’s even a couple sandwichics, the PBJ and the BLT both of which which need nothing more than three initials to be understood. No one calls it a BLTS to emphasize the fact that you’re ordering a sandwich, so why all this compulsion for Obama-lovers to emphasize the obvious that Barack Hussein Obama is president by calling him PBO?

Just stop it with the PBO. His name is not PBO. His initials are BHO.

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James DeanSo I’m looking at the results from my Vote and Pick My Hairstyle! post and while I think the overwhelming choice of my visitors to the blog may have been related to how incredibly handsome I look with the hair slicked back, I can’t help but wonder if part of the vote might have come from the serious look I had in the two slicked back hair photos. It reminded me of an article I read from the Daily Mail . . .

It is said that if you smile, the world smiles with you. But if you are a man, you may be smiling alone.

Research shows that women don’t find happy men attractive.

The study, which helps explain the enduring appeal of James Dean, Marlon Brando and other film stars with broody good looks, found that expressions of pride and shame are more likely to win a girl’s heart.

In other words, nice guys finish last.

Source: Daily Mail

I was such a nice guy when I was in high school. It got me nowhere. Girls would often be fond of me, they were fond of me like you might be fond of a puppy dog, and it was the beginning of my training. I looked around and saw all the guys who did get the chicks, and it hit me that there was some strange formula, it seemed like the more they acted like they couldn’t care less, the more the girls would be totally hooked on them.

So I was trained by the girls in high school, and when I got out of that scene with a totally clean slate and a chance to reinvent myself, I made a conscious decision not to give a damn. “I don’t give a fuck.” At first it was an act, but then it became natural and the next thing I knew, I was practically swimming in pussy. I wanted to be a nice guy, but it was a thousand times nicer to act like an asshole and have two or three different girls I could hook up with on any given night.

I like stories of high school sweethearts because you know that’s a love that’s true and genuine, and maybe there are some guys who are genuine assholes who live for the moment and bang lots of girls because they were born sociopaths and it feels good, but something I find kind of funny and highly ironic is the fact that for the nice guys who didn’t know any other way to be, it was you girls of the high school scene who trained us to be cool, and by cool I mean cold.

Damn, it almost makes me want to go out and tell some lies to the girl who ignores the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and would totally do anything just to hold her hand.

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Liam Stacey Was Sentenced to 56 Days for His Tweets

A student who admitted posting racially offensive comments on Twitter about footballer Fabrice Muamba has been jailed for 56 days.

Swansea University student Liam Stacey, 21, from Pontypridd, admitted inciting racial hatred over remarks about the Bolton Wanderers player, who collapsed during a FA Cup tie at Tottenham.

A district judge in Swansea called the comments “vile and abhorrent”.

Muamba, 23, who suffered a cardiac arrest, is still in intensive care.

source: BBC

Okay, so the guy drops an n-bomb, which is totally unacceptable in polite society (unless of course, you’re a black rapper and then you can say it 60 times in a 3 minute song and no one will bat an eye) and the guy is laughing at a player who collapsed, hoping the guy’s dead, wishing AIDS on people, suggesting people should have sex with dogs, etc., no doubt about it the tweets are vile and you’ll notice even he realizes that he’s crossed the line as he starts claiming his account got hacked in the video of his timeline below . . .

But truthfully?

I see far worse from @REALBROTHER0003 on a daily basis with his hateful rants and slurs against white people, but as far as Liam Stacey goes, that’s pretty embarrasing to see someone tweeting that kind of garbage, but how the hell is that a crime? If there were laws against saying stupid things, half our politicians would be in jail right now.

You want to qualify it as breaking the law by engaging in hate speech? How about letting this idiot make his racist rant and subjecting him to the best sort of justice of all, the ridicule of the 90% of the world who find his tweets ridiculous and completely inappropriate.

You start putting people in prison for 56 days over what they tweeted, no matter how insensitive or racist it might be, and we are well on our way into the Orwellian nightmare.

Free speech is dead. Next stop? Thoughtcrime.

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