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He who is brave in daring will be killed. He who is brave in not daring will live. Of these two, one is advantageous and one is harmful. Who knows why Heaven dislikes what it dislikes? Even the sage considers it a difficult question...
- Lao-Tzu, Chinese Philosopher, Founder of Taoism (fl. B.C. 600)

Monthly Archives: July 2014

When we’re talking about Hamas starting things up again and firing rockets into Israel, it’s important to remember how Hamas got a hold of Gaza in the first place. If you remember, Israel evacuated Gaza completely on their own, with nothing more than good intentions and a desire for peace. Israel asked for nothing in return.

What was one of the first things the Palestinians did upon being handed Gaza? The resident savages burned and looted $14 million in greenhouses which had been purchased and donated by Jewish charities to help feed the Palestinians.

Gaza Greenhouses - Before and After

When Israel handed over Gaza, Jewish charities purchased and donated $14 million in greenhouses to help feed the Palestinians. This is how the greenhouses looked before and after the handover.

And in their gesture of goodwill, how was Israel ultimately repaid for handing over Gaza?

They were repaid with Hamas, blindly firing rockets from Gaza into civilian areas of Israel, firing these rockets from populated areas with the sick and twisted intention that their own people would become collateral damage from the Israeli response. That’s how much hate they hold in their hearts – they hate the Jews so much, they actually fire their rockets from mosques and schoolyards, hoping some of their own innocent people will be killed in response so they can send out the video and cry victim to the entire world.

Unfortunately, there are still far too many anti-Semites in the world who are more than willing to ignore who the aggressor is (once again). It’s not enough that Arabs control 99% of the Middle East, that one percent that was given to the Jews is enough to drive the Jew haters into total madness. So consumed are they with hate, that Hamas has become the world’s greatest gluttons for punishment, throwing the first punch, knowing they’ll be hit back twice as hard, and then throwing another punch and another until they’re finally beaten into the ground in response, and yet still, there they are, always struggling to get back to their feet so they can swing wildly again, never satisfied with the beating they’ve already brought upon themselves.

It’s like some kinky fetish they have, because you know that they know the kind of beat down they’re going to get every time they start it up again.

When I think of how ridiculous Hamas looks in all of this, I can’t help but think of a certain scene from a certain movie:

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