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The stages of the Noble Path are: Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Behavior, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration.
- Buddha, Indian, Founder of Buddhism (B.C. 568-488)

Monthly Archives: November 2014

Mike Brown rioters, sports team rioters, they’re all one in the same

* FACT: The rioters in Ferguson were about as dedicated to social justice as the rioters in San Francisco were after the Giants won the World Series. Mike Brown rioters, sports team rioters, they’re all one in the same – nothing more than opportunists looking to loot and burn.

* FACT: For the race obsessed, it’s always all about the skin color, but when you’re a cop and a 6′ 4″ 300 pound man is reaching into your cruiser, punching you and grabbing for your gun, your assailant’s skin color is the absolute last thing on your mind.

* FACT: Two days after the Mike Brown shooting, an unarmed white kid named Dillon Taylor was shot by a black cop in Utah. This did not fit the media narrative of black victimhood and thus, never made the national news.

* FACT: At every possible opportunity, the race-baiting media makes sure to mention that Brown was unarmed. They skip over the fact that eyewitness testimony and forensic evidence prove Brown was inside the officer’s car, reaching for his gun. Here’s another fact the hate-hyping media won’t tell you: since 2000, 57 police officeres have been killed by unarmed suspects.

News Reporting and Propaganda Pushing

There’s news reporting and there’s propaganda pushing.
I’ll let you make up your mind as to which is which.

* FACT: If Mike Brown had succeeded in grabbing Officer Wilson’s gun and shot him dead, it wouldn’t even have made a single national news story. Now THAT’S racist.

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Why Did Governor Nixon Let Ferguson Burn
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon had the National Guard mobilized a week in advance, yet that fatal night when the grand jury’s decision was read, the Guard was nowhere to be found.

As Ferguson Mayor James Knowles saw his city burning to the ground, he was desperately trying to reach the Governor or anyone else in State Government to plead with them to bring in the Guard. Not even a single call was answered. Mayor Knowles called it a “complete abdication of responsibility by Governor Nixon.”

When you have the National Guard mobilized in advance and then you don’t even lift a finger to put them in place at the critical moment when the grand jury’s decision was released, that’s not a lack of planning, that’s a conscious decision.

Governor Nixon made the decision not to have the Guard in place to defend Ferguson from the looting and arson that burned 25 businesses to the ground.

It begs the question, why did Governor Nixon let Ferguson burn?

I won’t refrain from engaging in a little wild speculation here – could it be that the Democrat mayor or someone even higher in the Democrat party, decided they would let the rioters have one night to run wild and make their mark? I wouldn’t put it past them. All I know is, Governor Nixon has some explaining to do.

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FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was lying face-down when Officer Darren Wilson finished him off. Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the autopsy, or admitted that they didn’t see the shooting at all.
An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of grand jury documents reveals numerous examples of statements made during the shooting investigation that were inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong. For one, the autopsies ultimately showed Brown wasn’t struck by any bullets in his back.
Their inconsistencies began almost immediately after the shooting, from people in the neighborhood, the friend walking with Brown during the encounter and even one woman who authorities suggested probably wasn’t even at the scene at the time.

source: AP

Honest people can have different recollections of what happened, but it’s amazing how many people were willing to flat-out lie to try to start a race war.



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My wife had a seizure last night, thank God she seems fine now but we’ll know more tomorrow when she goes in for her EEG. Prayers for Rehana are welcome.

We were in the bedroom together, she’s behind me and I hear this blood-curdling howl, it’s like the sound you’d make seeing the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, I whirl around and she’s staring in horror at the wall. I follow her gaze expecting to see a giant lizard or something on the wall, but it’s far worse, in the second I’m trying to figure out what she’s staring at on the wall, she lists over on the bed and starts going into convulsions. Blood’s coming out of her mouth, she’s seizing up, I’m holding her, begging and pleading with her, come back to me, come back to me, I dial 911, and now she’s struggling, gasping for breath, the 911 operator is telling me to lie her flat, hold her hands and ask her squeeze my hands, I do what the operator says, but nothing I do is reaching through. Ten or twenty long seconds later, her breathing becomes a little less of a desperate gasping for air, after maybe 30 seconds her convulsions stop, but it was still a couple minutes even longer before her eyes – fluttering half-open, half-shut, staring a thousand yards beyond me – finally saw my face in front of her’s.

It was absolutely the most terrifying three minutes of my life.

By the time the EMS crew arrived, she was out of her catatonic state. At the hospital, the CAT scans came back negative, thank God, tomorrow she goes in for an EEG. Other than four stitches in the gash where she bit her tongue, she seems fine now, but after three minutes of pure terror not knowing if your loved one is ever going to snap out of it and come completely back – it definitely puts life in perspective, it makes you realize how easy it is to take your loved ones for granted, to imagine that our tomorrows together are somehow promised to us.

I keep hearing Sting sing the lines, “How fragile we are. How fragile we are.”

Give a hug, a kiss or a call to those you love tonight.

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tilesSo we’re having some friends over for dinner tonight, I figure my contribution is already set with getting the charcoal lit and perfectly white with an even heat just at the time that the burgers are going on the grill. (Propane and gas grills are like sacrilege to me but that’s for another post.)

In my mind, that’s my job, making sure we have good charcoal ready to sizzle the meat on the grill. So I figure for me, my game time prep begins about a half an hour before the guests arrive.

Meanwhile, hours in advance, my lovely wife is scrubbing counter tops, windexing mirrors and glass table tops, and she asks me, can you please steam clean all the tile floors?

My first thought is, “Grrrr… I’m busy, I’ve got work to do, I’ve got two hours before I even need to start up the charcoal.” Not only that, but there’s this bachelor part of me that says, if your shoes aren’t sticking to the floors as you walk, then the floors aren’t dirty.

Damn, I was knee-deep in my work, but I realized that I can either gripe about it before giving in, or just shut my mouth and give in.

I must be a slow learner, but after thirteen years of marriage, I’m finally starting to figure it out – when it comes to the honey-do demands your wife give you, unless you want a nuclear war, you just have to give in and go with it. Even after I put in the work to make those floors were spic and span, I still had this urge to get a final comment in, “Yeah, as if they’re going to notice how much cleaner the floors were from last month when they came over.” But that would have been taking one step forward by cleaning the floors and then two steps back by making that snide comment.

I did the chore she wanted, I stifled my sarcastic comments and the wife is happy and a happy wife makes a happy life.

A happy wife makes a happy life. Those are words of wisdom, and most married men figured this out long before me, but I still do want to share this with anyone who is on the threshold or in their first few years of marriagehood.

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