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Where else but The Daily Mail can you get treated to a story like this?

A Tunisian man died after eating 28 raw eggs in one go for a bet. Dhaou Fatnassi, 20, allegedly wagered a friend he could eat 30 raw eggs in a row, for which he would receive an undisclosed sum. Mr Fatnassi, from Kairouan in north-east Tunisia, managed 28 eggs before he collapsed with severe stomach pains. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Source: The Daily Mail

Damn, only two eggs short too, can you believe it?

Unfortunately, this is the sum total of the details we receive before our gracious reporter, Sara Malm, goes on to explain in the next three paragraphs how raw eggs are dangerous and can contain salmonella, but hey, obvious as it may seem to anyone old enough to open a web browser, it’s probably a good idea as a writer to include those concluding paragraphs as a “do not try this at home” disclaimer. (You would think that the fact the guy supposedly died after the stunt might be warning enough, however.)

I’m a big fan of Sara Malm, as a writer on the odd curiosities beat, she’s a versatile writer and a lot of fun to read, but I must admit that this latest post had me a bit wanting for more.

Before you post this article, can you please dig up a few more details, like what the price in Tunisia is for eating thirty raw eggs???

As eager as you must have been to submit this little tidbit from the wire, you absolutely have to make some calls and find out for your readers what the offer was on the bet before you post it, so we can compare the bet with what we might imagine might be a comparable offer here in our home countries and how that might match with our own personal price. (Don’t kid yourself, everyone has a price.)

More importantly, I wonder, how the hell did this guy die after eating twenty-eight raw eggs? The guy was twenty-years-old! If the man really had salmonella poisoning, it’s going to take at least forty-eight hours of being curled up in the fetal position without medical attention before it could be fatal.

As much as I want to file this guy as a last minute entry into the 2012 Darwin Awards, I’m going to hold off on that submission. One, because there’s no way that a guy can die within moments of eating that twenty-eighth raw egg, and two, because for the proper price, I’d probably take that bet and live to tell about it.

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