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Joe Biden Acts the Clown

Imagine if you invited someone into your home and tried to have a mature dialog about the issues of the day. Imagine further that every time it was your turn to speak, your guest immediately began laughing in grandiose histrionics, as if everything you were saying was the most ludicrous thing he’d ever heard in his life before you even had a chance to begin making your point. How quickly would that act wear thin and become downright obnoxious?

Now take it to the national level. In a serious debate, if one of the candidates makes a statement that seems so disingenuous to the other, once or twice you might see the other candidate unable to contain a smile of disbelief while his opponent speaks, but when a candidate responds to every single thing their opponent says with a condescending smile, a shaking of the head and a chuckle that suggests they’re hearing something along the lines of the most ludicrous thing they’ve ever heard anyone say, by the third or fourth time they do it, their act is so overblown and overdone it becomes quite obvious how completely fabricated their responses are.

An endless stream of guffaws, shit-eating smiles and eye rolls as he tried to mock every single point Paul Ryan made before he even got a chance to begin to make it – that pretty much sums up the performance of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. in last night’s debate, a vice president who was totally unbecoming of the office, behaving without a modicum of the seriousness worthy of a national debate and laughing during what should have been a serious discussion of the challenges that the nation faces. Biden was smug, condescending and belligerent during every moment his debate opponent spoke. Biden wouldn’t even make eye contact while Ryan spoke, completely dismissing him, showing no respect and nothing but disdain. It was unprofessional, unseemly and far beneath the dignity that we expect of a debate of this magnitude.

And how ironic that during a time when America is hypervigilant in its awareness and its campaigns against bullying, we were forced to witness a vice president bullying his opponent at a level we’ve never seen before in a national debate. Of course, I’m sure the Democrat base was ecstatic to see Joe come out swinging wildly as he did for the full ninety minutes, especially coming on the heels of a Presidential debate where Obama lost to Romney by the biggest margin in Gallup polling history, a 72% to 20% victory for the challenger, but on the heels of Obama’s listless and lackluster performance in the first debate, Biden’s performance last night smacked so much of desperate overcompensation.

For anyone outside the Obama supporters who are completely beyond reasoning with, I seriously doubt it went over well with most of the rest of America to see Biden interrupt Ryan over 80 times in a 90 minute debate, and I imagine his act was even less popular with most female viewers who would rather view a cordial, respectful and intelligent discussion of the issues. As one woman in the post-debate CNN focus group said, Biden was “being a buffoon in general.”

It reminds me of that incessant, condescending sighing that Al Gore was heard making during the 2000 presidential debate and how much it turned Americans off against him. Chris Wallace, a man who’s been around to cover every debate since Nixon – Kennedy in 1960 said this: “All all Gore did was sigh, this was an opera performance by Joe Biden.”

It was a performance alright, perhaps more appropriate for an opera stage than a vice presidential debate, however.

It was a performance alright, perhaps more appropriate
for an opera stage than a vice presidential debate, however.

Wallace also said, “I don’t believe I have ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of another as Joe Biden was to Paul Ryan.”

It was a disgrace is what it was.

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4 Responses to A Sitting Vice President Acts the Condescending Clown

  • The democratic or the democrat party should be eliminated completely. They are socialists and overall bad people. This country would thrive under a one party system. Romney and Ryan must lead the way!

    • God bless you, Double B, you’ve finally seen the light. 😉

    • Alright, I’ll give the honest opinion here – every yin needs it’s yang. Though I think we’ve strayed far, far too far away from the founding principles of a limited government, especially in trashing the 10th amendment and putting most of the power in the hands of an almighty federal government, but I do think both parties need each other to keep themselves honest and from going too far off the deep end.

    • The following comment is response to the actual Comments made to this Article
      on the very crucial statement “…the democrat party should be eliminated completely”

      The Democrat Party is not a valid political party. The Democrat party as it is now operated by its leadership; the principal figures holding authority in Governmental Cabinet; and regulatory bodies has rejected The Law of the Land which is the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution (and its legally ratified Amendments).
      This is a Constitutional REPUBLIC– it never was and never can be a DEMOCRACY.
      Most citizens have nearly no understanding of what is a “Democracy” for that is a form of government created by the majority rule — by who has the more voices; the more votes. That is NOT our Government. We have specific and exact requirements that BAR / Eliminate / Proscribe / Prevent a ‘mob rule’ form of government.
      How many of you have read The Declaration of Independence in the last year last ten years — Ever ?
      In that Declaration which is the preface to and the foundation for and the very prow of our Ship of State is this Truth
      A Verity / undiluted and compromised TRUTH —
      that Governments derive their “JUST” power from the consent of the governed.

      This the Democrat party hates; abhors; rejects; hides from the people; secrets from their own minds– With the same sense of rejection; disregard and outrage AS They Consider “The Oath of Office”
      which every President, every Senator, every Congressman, every Judge — and in very real pattern — every Soldier of the Arm Forces of our Military — to protect its legal citizens from the Enemies of Freedom.
      And What is That Oath of Office– a binding contract whose breach extinguishes All Authority.
      It is to Support and Defend The Constitution
      That Constitution which has the separation of powers — the checks and balances — to make THIS NATION
      separate and unique and vastly Different from the nations and governments of Kings; or dictators; or Tyrants.
      Our nation was founded upon and EXISTS as a Free Nation– REJECTING the other types of Governments which all have their very essence created to allow support and foster corruption; the enslavement of the people under Caste Systems; under Royalty or Monarchies or those governments that elevate the few to Master in Domination over the masses. WE REJECTED THAT– that dear readers — is EXACTLY the type of Government
      The Democrat Party seeks– to be Socialistic; to be Communistic; to be “Statists”
      (which is defined as “concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government often extending to government ownership of industry.”)
      THE DEMOCRAT PARTY is the Enemy of our nation our Constitutional Republic.
      As they are now and have been for many, many Decades– The Democrats have hated Freedom
      The only Freedom they envision is to be loose from; to be free from; Any Constraints
      on Their Lust and Exercise of POWER.
      A tyrant is one who lusts and uses power for power sake– to the diminishment and ultimate goal of destruction of any and all opposition. THIS IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

      In our nation of UNITED Sovereign STATES we are to have TWO PARTIES
      That two party system was NEVER Intended to Allow one party to be for Our REPUBLIC and
      the other party to be the ENEMY of our beliefs; our foundational morals; recognition of God —
      our Divine and miraculous creation from a vassal and slave of England to be a nation free —
      free from France- free from Spain and free from every other nation that sought to Rape and Plunder
      and Dominate this land.
      Our Birth as a Nation was in every way and in every true history Blessed and Prospered by The Hand of God.
      That is why all true Americans of this grand land of united STATES–
      love (and included in the individual State Constitutions) the same foundational morals; and principles.

      THE DEMOCRAT PARTY is not a Valid; or legal Political Party — for they can never even speak or enter into that sacred and binding and legal oral Contract of The Oath of Office. And not being able to cease their lust their never-ending efforts to Destroy Freedom and make this nation of STATES to be another “Democracy” another Tyranny like the other nations with the Monarchies and Dictators and Tyrants ruling over what they consider peons or slaves.
      NO amount of cunning lying words can erase the History of actual fruit of this poisonous entity.

      All legal efforts must be made to END; Eradicate; Decimate THIS Terrible Party — The Enemy of America!!

      None who live, and act under its banner (The Democrat Party)
      can enter into a Contract to support and Defend The Constitution they HATE

      And those that love God, love Freedom; and who love our Nation as its was designed and blessed by God
      and prospered in its genesis and for So many Years Prospered —
      each of those men and women — should require; demand; fight for and never STOP
      until this Despicable Poisonous Corrupt and Tyrannical Party is Forever Ended
      and every provision set in place to keep any such from Ever Existing Again.

      There is Truth– and only those who seek and support and love the Truth
      have any claim on the blessings that flow from Truth.
      This is a Nation that cannot any longer be divided by one broken party of The Republic
      with a Real Enemy of The Democrat Party

      EACH need to learn what is true and stand up — and Act– To Destroy This Great Plague
      The Democrat Party

      When this is done we can create two political parties – that both seek The REPUBLIC
      and can ethically, morally and legally enter into the Oath of Office.
      A true marriage has two people both working for the family to exist; grow and prosper
      Such must be the two party system of Our REPUBLIC—two voices not enemies not rivals—in harmony.

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