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It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.
- Mark Twain, American Humorist and Writer (1835-1910)

The humilations inflicted on prisoners at Abu Ghraib were offensive to any thinking and feeling American, but the fever pitch of hysteria from the left was beyond belief. Shrill voices like Andy Rooney’s were screaming about Abu Ghraib as if it were just about the damaging scandal in American history:

The day the world learned that American soldiers had tortured Iraqi prisoners belongs high on the list of worst things that ever happened to our country. It’s a black mark that will be in the history books in a hundred languages for as long as there are history books. I hate to think of it.

The image of one bad young woman with a naked man on a leash did more to damage America’s reputation than all the good things we’ve done over the years ever helped our reputation.

Source: CBS

The New York Times ran Abu Ghraib as a front page story for two months straight. Outrageous and disappointing as some of the photos were to any proud American, in the annals of history, it was pretty minor on the attrocities of war scale. What was far more shameful and disgusting was to see the New York Times so blatantly trying to influence the 2004 election with that story, running it front page 59 times in 60 days leading up to the election. Seriously? You really think you still have any credibility after trying to milk Abu Ghraib that hard, Old Grey Lady?

So I ask you where are the screaming voices of outrage now that the army is investigating a unit of soldiers who were murdering civilians for fun (allegedly) and where are the shrill hysterics when there’s no denying the photos that have come out of American soldiers mugging it up for the camera while humiliating corpses?

I can’t even stomach to show it here, but so far Rolling Stone stands alone in the entire left-wing universe of news media in even acknowledging the story:



These aren’t prisoners being humiliated, these are (allegedly) farmers and villagers being killed for kicks. Where are the harsh condemnations of war crimes from the left now?

Oh that’s right, the beloved liberal messiah of HOPE and CHANGE is commander-in-chief now.

If you ever tried to doubt the fact that the liberal left controls all news media outside of Fox News, witness the fact that this story, 100 times as shocking and horrific as Abu Ghraib, will get zero mention from any of the major news networks and national newspapers.


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