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Oh, the irony of government ineptitude . . . the government mandates that every citizen of the land buy health insurance, then the government rolls out with a system that makes it next to impossible to comply. After 630 million taxpayer dollars spent and 3 full years to implement it, the healthcare.gov website has turned out to be a complete and total disaster which could take months or even years to fix. As National Journal’s Ron Fournier points out, building a website and getting people to sign up should have been the easy part, but in true Obamian style, the president held a press conference yesterday trying to convince the American people what a triumph this debacle really is.

Though the “most transparent administration in historywon’t even release their numbers (or even worse, perhaps they can’t even get a handle on the numbers) an independent analysis of the first week’s enrollment puts the number of people who have successfully signed up at a paltry 36,000. It’s a success the administration tells us, but “success” is definitely a relative term here.

Let’s put some perspective on it, shall we?

Putting Successful Obamacare Enrollments in Persepective

sources: Fox News and Space Industry News

That’s right folks, over 200,000 people are willing to sacrifice their lives on a one-way ticket to Mars, only 36,000 successfully enrolled in Obamacare. To tell you the truth, the people eager to flee the planet seem a lot more sane to me than the people trying to sign up for Obamacare.

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