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The prudent see only the difficulties, the bold only the advantages, of a great enterprise; the hero sees both; diminishes the former and makes the latter preponderate, and so conquers.
- Lavater, Swiss Theologian and Mystic (1741-1801)

One of the sharpest quotes I’ve heard spoken in my lifetime came from General Colin Powell arguing for the approval of Resolution 1441 to the members of the U.N. Security Council:

I’m very pleased to be here as the secretary of state of a relatively new country on the face of the Earth, but I think I can take some credit sitting here as being the representative of the oldest democracy that is assembled here around this table. Proud of that.

source: The Weekly Standard

Proud of that.

Speaking before the 14 other nations of the UNSC, some of whom had some serious misgivings about the resolution, I love how Powell got in that polite little bit of a reality check to start the speech – oh by the way, we may be among the youngest of nations assembled here, but we’re also the oldest democracy, making us the blueprint and inspiration for every one of your democracies that followed.

After the defeat of the Nazis and after the Soviets lost the Cold War, there is not an honest historian alive who could argue that the United States of America is anything other than the greatest civilization of the last two-and-a-half centuries and America continues to be the greatest living civilization on the face of the Earth. When I think of that fact, it sometimes leads me to think back on history and ponder the fates of all the other great civilizations in history.

I want to share a scene from Swing Vote, an enjoyable political comedy that flew under most people’s radar. In this scene, the schoolchildren have been asked to offer their essays on “Why It’s Important to Vote.”

All the world’s great civilizations have followed the same path. From bondage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy back to bondage. If we are to be the exception to history, then we must break the cycle, for those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – Molly Johnson, Swing Vote

The topic was why it’s important to vote, but Molly also gave us a much wider view of history relating to the pattern of democracies in the past.

Should we imagine that we’re somehow immune to the same cycle that befell every other great democracy, just because we’re Americans? America is the great civilization of our time, but I wonder at what stage of this great civilization we’re in now.

In my mind, it was the founding fathers who had it right in declaring that every person is born with inalienable rights granted by God and that the government’s one and only purpose should be to prevent the infringement of those inalienable rights by one person upon another.

Now we live in a land where we’ve seen an electorate that has voted not just once, but twice for an administration which believes it is the government that grants the rights, that it is the government that should be the provider, dividing up and doling out the prosperity to a people that it considers mere subjects of the Almighty State.

I refuse to believe that we’re beyond the point of no return, but I ask you, at what stage do you think our civilization is currently in?

Of the Great Civilizations, Where Does America Now Stand?

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23 Responses to All the World’s Great Civilizations Have Followed the Same Path

  • We are in a sad situation, I am so glad that people are starting to wake up.. Thank you for all that you do..

    • Thanks for the read and do spread the word. The only thing you and I can do is to try to spread the word and tell anyone who will listen where this great nation is headed, because if we revisit the quote one more time:

      ~~~ From bondage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy back to bondage. ~~~

      I do see us in that final stage of apathy. What else can you call it when you’re at the tipping point where a mob is reaching a point where a majority look to the government for what government can provide to them. Looking to the government and voting depending on which candidate promises a government which will provide them the most they can get in their own self-interests, that kind of willing dependency is the ultimate form of apathy.

  • These points of course are subject to definition. God himself raises nations and brings them down for the purpose of His will. God does not do things according to reaction. His purposes are eternal as is His love for His elect people chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world. He sent His son the Lord Jesus Christ to be made sin, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. The determinate counsel of God brought the whole issue to a conclusion when Christ was taken by sinful man and crucified on Calvary’s cross. It was there that God poured out the just wrath for His peoples’ sin by which He then was satisfied in His justice. The sins of every elect chosen child of God was found in the Savior clean from all guilt and righteous in the Father’s eyes.
    God has brought forth many children in America and what ever freedom is to be found here is the freedom they experience being set free by the savior.

    • I love and respect your faith, Allen. Any time I can engage in a conversation with an atheist, I ask them where their faith comes from. Their typical reply is that they have no faith, only science and that is what they believe in. I would then reply, it takes a whole lot of faith to imagine that everything around us, the miracle of a baby born or the miracle of a universe that expands beyond our comprehension, to think of that as all just something that poofed out of nowhere, that takes a whole lot more faith on the atheist’s part than to see the evidence of an intelligent design to everything.

      I still grapple with the stories of the Bible and how ludicrous some of it sounds, but I also know that there is a God who created all of this, and for the miracle of the creation of the universe, the miracles told of in the Bible pale in comparison, so I keep an open mind, even though it’s never hit me as an undeniable truth that Jesus was the Son of God, that he died for our sins and was resurrected. But I always keep an open mind to it knowing that the miracle of the universe far exceeds any miracles told of in the Bible.

      So I am open minded to your faith, but if there’s one thing I can point to as a fact I wholeheartedly believe in, it’s the fact that this nation of America that we live in is the greatest accomplishment of man on God’s Green Earth, which is why it make me so sad that I think we are witnessing the decline of the American Empire.

  • As an outsider/foreigner. I love the ideals of America, freedom, equality, justice. However it seems to me that you are already back into the bondage phase. The average Joe is paying his taxes (as they did in feudal times) to fund policies which wealthy lobby groups pressure the government to support and then paying more taxes to bail them out if they can’t run their own organisations properly.

    Not so different from feudal times in history, Kings, Earls and Lords etc, i.e. bondage. Except….you get to vote for politicians.

    So democracy means you can vote, but take a moment to consider how much money those same groups throw at election campaigns, advertisements etc to make you feel good about voting for your guy (or gal, as it might be). $929 for Obama $990 million for Romney…for what? Sexy advertisements, fashion advisers, speech writers, flights around the country, flags and signs for waving at staged rallies.

    A bit like the odd festival or parade that a local lord or king might put on to keep the peasants occupied, happy and stop them from rising up and rebelling. Sure looks like bondage to me. But that’s just my opinion, and I don’t get to vote. God Bless America.

    • I have looked at things this same way that you described. We are past apathy and in the bondage phase, in my opinion. How long we remain in bondage. . .

    • Nice analogy…King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham are waxing large; however, this is America a nation of Robin Hoods with Little Johns behind every tree and 3-car garage…This is not over; not yet.

  • While understanding Colin Powell’s intent, will add the United States of America is a Republic founded on principles of personal liberty secured by independent states of that Union: not a democracy. The Founders were aware that majority rule will lead to mobocracy and an absence of minority representation, accounting for the use of Montesquieu’s theories in our governing principles.

    However, agree wholeheartedly bondage is in the offing.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Cali, thanks for potting that so eloquently.

    I’ve had the same argument several times lately with folks who argued vehemently that the United States was a Democracy, only to be quieted by dictionary.com.

    That’s a symptom of the larger problem: we are an ignorant voting body and our ignorance brings us the problems we have.

    How many reading this have ever read the Constitution? I challenge you to do that, then write your Congressional Representative.

    • I saw an incredible YouTube video of people standing in line to vote, they sounded like parrots squawking lines they had been fed by the Obama loving media. This is what our democracy has descended to, a bunch of the lowest of low information voters talking about gay marriage and the war on women as if those were the great issues of the day. That may be the saddest part of all is to see the forebearer of democracy in the modern world being dragged down by a bunch of easily manipulated lemmings who couldn’t even tell you the three branches of government or how many members serve in the Senate, let alone have an intelligent discussion about issues beyond those fringe issues Obama and the media used so skillfully to divide the country.

  • Where are all the HOPE and CHANGE Obama voters here? I’m counting exactly one vote between the two options of “from bondage to liberty” and “from liberty to abundance.”

  • Thanks Mike for taking a stand and spreading the word.

    • Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Like Breitbart said, it’s war, but we’re still at a point where it’s a war that can be won by ideas instead of insurrection and succession, so you and I, we can wage that war by speaking the truth and spreading the word to anyone who is willing to listen.

  • As a nation we are well on our way back into bondage.

    As long as people can vote themselves money and as long as those who govern can waste our hard earned money and not be held accountable, things will not change for the better.

    People who do not work for the money they receive do not appreciate it. The same goes for Freedom. It is hard for those who have not fought for it to fully understand it’s value.

    • We might be in that final stage where apathy translates to a majority who ask not what they can do for their country, but what their government can give to them, but in no way do I think it’s an irreversible trend. Call me crazy, but I truly believe that we’re one presidential election away from turning around the attitude of entitlement that seems so prevalent. Rubio. 2016. Pray for the nation, speak to anyone who will listen, and watch, because I do believe that this nation can turn things around and find some of its greatest days ahead.

    • “It is hard for those who have not fought for it (freedom) to fully understand it’s value.”
      Are you talking combat in conventional warfare? I have family that have fought in every war this country has engaged in (personal friends in all the modern ones) and I mean absolutely no disrespect to combat soldiers of the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Iraq(I&II), and Afghanistan or any of the “missions” we have be part of with the UN, but the last conventional war we fought for the true survival of our freedom was WWII. All later wars have been about power, resources or retribution started by politician’s at the behest of mainly corporate interests AND fought by citizen soldiers doing what they signed up for… training for combat in defense of our country, taking orders and hoping the politicians that place them in combat have their best interests (and not the corporations) in mind.
      The war to preserve freedom and our Republic in which individual rights are protected as the best defense against a mob democracy is being fought by patriots here at home everyday. These patriots have a plethora of personal beliefs ranging from liberal to conservative. They sometimes don’t recognize the other as allies yet they all have this gut feeling the system as we live it, is not what our founding father’s envisioned but a perverted and corrupt democracy of the ilk our founding fathers warned us against.

  • Mike, as usual, good blog. Hate it, but I am losing faith this country can be saved. Economy getting worse in our area, yet all we hear is “good news” from our MSM. I don’t blame ‘pResident’ for all the problems, but he as POTUS, IMO, is the absolute worst thing America has done to itself.

    • Let your heart not be troubled, Suzanne. The Non-Fox-Media did everything in their power to help carry Obama past the finish line in getting him re-elected, but the good news is, the old media’s days are numbered. No one but the most brainwashed of liberals has any respect for the NFM, and the young generation? Sure, some of them are getting their daily news from the Obama-loving Daily Show, but the majority of them are getting their news via the Internet, where the debate is open and the playing field is level.

  • Not much more can I say after reading your article and the wonderful truths stated in the comments. Agree that we are close to bondage. My daughter is a senior this year & last night, played her last basketball game in the state finals. My eyes filled with tears, not as much after the game, but before… As I stood with my hand on my heart looking at Old Glory & listening to each & every word of the National Anthem intently. I stood there motionless as I envisioned a teardrop from the eagle’s eye as he sat atop the pole of the flag. GOD BLESS AMERICA….. My Home Sweet Home!!!! <3

    • I feel you when you speak of envisioning the teardrop from the eagle’s eye as he sits atop the pole of the flag. Whether your daughter won or lost that last basketball game in the state finals, I have a very good feeling that her parents have instilled in her all the qualities that will allow her to prosper despite the fact that our government is slowly creeping towards tyranny.

      I truly believe it is the media that is to blame for warping the minds and convincing the masses that collectivism is where it’s at. I’m not so concerned with the politicians, because for the most party, they are a sleazy lot regardless of party. Where I think we need to focus our efforts is in tearing down the old media, exposing them and humiliating them for the shameless propagandists they are and tearing down the old media and getting the young generation to embrace the new media of the Internet, where they’re not spoonfed a philosophy, but can instead view the open debate, that’s where America can reclaim the greatness of its former self.

      • America was founded on collectivism. E pluribus unum. Out of many one. My State has as it’s motto… Freedom and Unity. They both denote a sense of collectivism. I think you are talking about a vertical collectivism which is based on hierarchical structures of power and on moral and cultural conformity, and is therefore based on centralization and hierarchy. As far as I can tell both parties and the multinational corporations that back them endorse this tyrannical structure. Our great country was founded on a horizontal collectivism which stresses collective decision-making among equal individuals, and is thus usually based on decentralization and egalitarianism. Collectivism in of itself is not a dirty word. Without it we have anarchy.

  • Golly Molly such wisdom. It is exactly that wisdom which will eventually demand liberty again. Whether that comes after bondage or after apathy is yet to be seen.
    The quote by Colin Powell, like the majority of American political speeches about democracy, purposely leave out the republic part. He is a smart man. You don’t think he understands the difference? It is much easier to manipulate a democracy than a Republic founded on individual rights.
    Democrats talk about democracy where fifty percent plus one of the bastards can “cure” me and my mind. Republicans and conservative Dems give the “Republic” a little lip service but in the same breath insists “everyone” accept Judea/Christian dogma in our laws. Fifty percent plus one of the voting populace can be real dicks to the other fifty percent minus one. They know that and thus the crap we have now; two parties fighting for that one.
    It is interesting you bring that speech up though, for in my opinion, that was the start of the fiscal crap house we are in now. Yes we had debt before that speech but what followed that speech was a disaster for all of us. It can be debated whether we should ever have invaded Iraq but there can be no debate we paid for it with the government credit card. It can debated that Iraq took away our focus on the real folks that attacked us on our soil (in turn causing several more years of an expensive occupation) but it cannot be debated we paid for that war on the same credit card. We went to war and forgot to budget it, or God forbid raise taxes to pay for it, like all other wars in history.
    Wait! We broke the historic cycle of paying for wars in our lifetime! There is hope we can break the cycle back to bondage!

  • I do agree with everything except where you lay the Blame . . . My opinion is that the Multinational Corporations, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and most of the Washington Politicians are the root cause in the decline of American’s Greatness. It is not one Party or President!

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