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Honor is but an empty bubble.
- Dryden, English Poet, Dramatist, and Critic (1631-1700)

Amazing that we have to explain the process of amending the Constitution to a guy the media sold us on as some sort of brilliant constitutional scholar.

Remedial Course for the Constitutional Scholar

Please note that the executive branch, executive orders and the office of the president are never mentioned in any way with the process of amending the Constitution.

“No Congress? No problem.” That’s the attitude of the so-called constitutional scholar who now resides in the White House. I have news for you, King Barry. Now that you don’t have to worry about being re-elected, you may think you can trample the Constitution without being held accountable, but on that, you couldn’t be any more mistaken.

From an Oregon sheriff vowing not to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws to a lawsuit challenging federal gun control in Montana to a Texas lawmaker proposing arrest for any feds who try enforcing new gun regulations in their state, this attempt to disarm the citizens is a fight the would-be tyrants on the left are going to wish they’d never started.

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2 Responses to Remedial Course for the Constitutional Scholar

  • Not only that but he needs to pay back US taxpayer money that he and his wife have taken the liberty of spending on themselves and others of tbeir chosen. IE FLYING OPRAH AND OTHERS TO SPAIN ON TAXPAYER MONEY; OR SENDING HIS DAUGHTER’S TO MEXICO UNSUPERVISED EXCEPT BY SECRET SERVICE.

  • Obama is my favorite African president. I hope we have a black American president one day.

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