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Our own heart, and not other men's opinion, form our true honor.
- Samuel Coleridge, English Poet, Critic, and Philosopher (1772-1834)

Don’t blame me for the headline, I didn’t write it, the only credit I can claim is for the shock and bewilderment I experienced at seeing that headline at the top of the results on my Twitter search for “Newt” . . .

America Hates Newt Gingrich

Seriously, Twitter?  That’s what you’re choosing to serve up as the first thing people see when they search for “Newt”?  Did you just start doing this “Top news” thing for Newt’s sake because I haven’t seen that atop the searches before.  (Quite possible I never noticed, though.  This was definitely an eye-grabber.)

Here’s the deal on it, though – the article is from the right-leaning Washington Examiner, so it can’t be dismissed as a liberal hit piece, in fact, the article is only quoting the numbers from three separate polls, but when you look at these numbers on the approval / disapproval ratings, it’s hard to argue anything but the fact that Gingrich is not liked by most of America.

America Hates Newt Gingrich

source: Washington Examiner

When you see -30% on his approval ratings, those numbers cannot be turned around, especially when you consider the fact that Gingrich is not a newcomer and most of those opinions on Gingrich have been solid and unchanging for years.

Face it, Gingrich fans, you’re working to nominate a guy whose candidacy will do one thing and one thing only – ensure four more years of Barack Obama.

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