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Deliberate with caution, but act with decision; and yield with graciousness, or oppose with firmness.
- Colton, English Sportsman and Writer (1780-1832)

As exposed on Brietbart, the death of journalism at CBS became official on Friday when the political director of CBS News, John Dickerson, posted the following militant political diatribe on Slate. (Mind you, this is not an article written by some one who gets paid to express their political views, this is from a man at the highest level of CBS News, their very own political director . . . )

Go for the Throat

DECLARE WAR! GO FOR THE THROAT! Right from the headline, we see we’re going to be treated to some serious bomb throwing here, which is pretty ironic when you consider the fact that it comes from one of the highest-ranked members of the very same media establishment which made such hysterical pleas on a daily basis over the need to tone down the rhetoric in the wake of the Giffords shooting in Arizona just barely over two years ago.

But the headline on this tirade is just a prelude to the red meat John Dickerson tosses to his liberal readers at Slate as this devout Obama worshiper implores his beloved president to take down that pesky opposing party by any means necessary and deliver our nation to the Utopian one-party rule most lefties dream of in their little tyrannical heart of hearts:

The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat.


How many times on how many issues could the president who sold himself as a moderate have found some common ground with Republicans in his first four years? Instead, on those rare occasions where he was not on vacation and away from the golf course, the president spent nearly all his efforts ramming through a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus package too large for anybody to read and a mandatory health care system the vast majority of Americans didn’t want in the first place. Never mind the fact that Obama sold us a false bill of goods and never even made any honest attempts at bipartisanship, what we ended up with was a president who told voters we must “punish their enemies” when it came to Republicans.

Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents.


There is a lot of shrewd political analysis from Dickerson in the ways Obama can declare war, go for the throat, pulverize and destroy the GOP, but this just isn’t a case of offering objective advice to the president. You can read between every line Dickerson writes that his heartfelt dream is for Obama to his impose his far-left agenda on America by steamrolling any and all opposition.

So how did Dickerson respond to the firestorm over him, as the political director of CBS News, writing such a blatantly Obama-loving, GOP-bashing op-ed piece? He answered the uproar with a self-serving sob piece entitled “They hate me, they really hate me“, which is, of course, a play on Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech (though it’s really a play on the oft-repeated misquote of her line.)

The photo from his article which attempts to recast his love letter imploring Obama to become our American dictator tells us a lot:

John Dickerson, Obama-Loving Propagandist and Political Director for CBS News

John Dickerson Wringing His EyesHe’s been caught as the partisan hack he is. Look at those red-ringed eyes. Looks like he’s been up all night, wringing his fists in his eyes like the child crying over having had his hand caught in the cookie jar.

In full damage control, yesterday’s CBS Morning News brought Dickerson out to defend himself. Here’s the damning part from the standpoint of CBS News and their credibility. As this partisan hack gets his thirty seconds to try recasting his article as being merely objective analysis, the graphic beneath lists Davidson as “Slate’s chief political correspondent and author of On Her Trail.” He’s on CBS and the directors choose to avoid any mention the fact that he’s one of their very own? They choose to call him a writer for slate and fail to mention the fact that he’s their very own political director? What an embarrassment.

If you took away Fox News, the American News media would be as state-controlled as the media from the days of the old Soviet Union. We are living in the era of American Pravda, although that’s a little unfair to the current Pravda, which manages some tough questions and objectivity despite Putin’s best efforts. No my friends, the propaganda we’re being spoonfed by the Obama State Media is truly as bad as the old Soviet Pravda and even worse than the current.

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5 Responses to American Pravda

  • The hypocrisy of the left is so blatant, it would make for an interesting psychological study for clinical professionals (with strong stomachs…). Now that they have four more years to have their way with America, I predict more candid outbursts such as this will occur. I believe you’re absolutely right when you say that deep down in their little leftist, tyrannical hearts, they want a one-party dictatorship. Their arrogance assumes they know best, and their lack of tolerance for the other side, proves their disdain for sharing power. When some among them slip their true feelings through the cracks that is their sham of media, the least they could do is stand up and come clean. Why make apologies for being the Marxist Machine they really are? One day, they’ll wake up and we may actually have a Republican in the White House. Maybe that’s why they cling to their duplicity: they fear, deep down, their fantasy will never come true, but like petulant children, they’ll repeatedly try to get their way…just in case a miracle may happen.

    • Hey Mike, I like this page very much, just wanted you to know and keep up the good work.. I will be interested in seeing more…. wiilahbee23

  • It was interesting Mike. Thanks again


    • Appreciate the read, Man in Plaid.

      James Dale Davidson sounds like a pretty smart guy, but it’s hard for me to understand him pegging the date as 3/21/2013. I also wonder if he comes out and tells us his name, why he felt it necessary to block his face in the photos of him shaking hands with world leaders.

  • Excellent insight on a ludicrous article. The left are going off-track. Unfortunately, the WH has completely acknowledged now that it is the Left.

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