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Marilyn Hagerty

The link to Marilyn Hagerty’s review in the Grand Forks Hearld comes to us from the folks at fark.com, and I couldn’t have written the tease any better than they did:

Residents of Grand Forks, ND are lining up for blocks to enjoy a one-of-a-kind European dining experience that finally puts the city on the culinary map with its unique brand of Tuscan refinery. It’s called “The Olive Garden”

The review has gone viral, with 300,000 views (compare that to the next closest page at grandforksherald.com having received 5,000.)

Read Mrs. Hagerty’s review here.

There’s a neat little interview from CBS News on that page as well. “Somebody told me I’d gone viral and I had to ask, what’s that?” says Mrs. Hagerty.

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