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Hatred is self-punishment.
- Hosea Ballou, American Clergyman, Founder of"Universalism" (1771-1852)

Keith Olbermann is abruptly leaving MSNBC. The network announced that Friday’s night’s ‘Countdown’ show will be Olbermann’s last.

This past November the primetime host was suspended “indefinitely” from MSNBC. Olbermann contributed to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates during election season, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Shortly after Olbermann’s suspension, the host was welcomed back to MSNBC. He demanded an apology from the network before returning to his position.

His abrupt departure from MSNBC comes without explanation.

Source: Popeater

On air, Olbermann hinted that he had just learned of the end of his show Friday, and suggested his departure was not voluntary.

Source: Politico

Keith Olbermann, Angriest Man in America

Sad day indeed for the angriest man in America and his handful of fans, but don’t feel too bad for Keith, there are probably just enough of his angry kool-aid drinking viewers to ensure he’ll land a job somewhere else on your cable box. It might be a step even farther down from the lowest rated news network of MSNBC, perhaps one of those channels with just a couple more viewers than the channel with the TV listings, but just think how well his brand of hate would work alongside the venom-filled harpy of Joy Behar on Headline News or the partisan stylings of fake news reporter Dan Rather on HDNet.

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