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A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.
- Basil of Caesarea, Cappadocian Religious Leader (329-379 A.D.)

Obama, Stalin, Hitler - Three Peas in a Pod

Barack Obama at his inauguration:

“Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath.”

Source: HuffPo

It’s flabbergasting to imagine a man elected president so woefully ignorant of history, that he has no idea how many presidents have come before him, that he has no concept that Grover Cleveland was elected to the 22nd and 24th terms of the office – 44 administrations, 43 Americans.

Hey Bammy, can you seriously be that much of a rube as to take the office not knowing how many Americans have taken the oath before you? There were probably at least a half-a-dozen Jeopardy fans named Jethro in the Appalachian mountains alone who were laughing when Obama exposed his ignorance of American history during his inauguration speech.

So this is our president, a man who has no idea how many presidents have stood before him, a man who talks about campaigning through the 57 states, a man who thinks asthma patients need breathalizers, a man who thinks a proper gift between the first meeting the world’s two greatest allies is to give the prime minister of Great Britain a bunch of DVDs formatted for the wrong region? Have you no idea of the history we share and that the bargain bin slop you’re offering with these DVDs don’t even work in their British DVD players?

How about offering the Queen of England an iPod full of videos of your greatest speeches. Because nothing says total narcissist like giving the Queen of England a collection of you and your greatest video hits that she could watch, enthralled with the greatness of your oratory powers, over and over . . .

When he first got elected, my hopes were soaring, I was hoping this would be the transformational candidate to bring the red and blue together and reform this nation into a nation of purple with one common purpose.

This man has none of that, he has none of those transformational healing qualities. The way he works a teleprompter, he seems half puppet, half angry snob.

Here’s the worst of it though, this man is now trying to rename an entire generation in his name. Slightly more clever than simply naming it Generation Obama (and I heard they ever kicked around the idea of calling it Generation Messiah) instead, seemingly oblivious that he’s the 43rd man to take the oath, they’re giving the Obama Youth Brigade the title of Gen 44. That’s right folks, never mind the fact that every generation has become branded with a name in an organic fashion, that the name propagated through natural repetition, this is the first time in the history of America that we have a single person, so self-consumed and self-obsessed, that he would have the gall to tell you that I am the almighty creator of your pop culture and I name you – “Gen44”.

If any single person tries to dub you and your generation with a label that makes them your solitary leader, reject that narcissist, reject what they’re trying to sell you, because a person like Barack Obama to me, is no different from the guy who created the People’s Paradise in Guana, the guy who lead the Branch Dividians in Waco, or the tyrants like Stalin and Hitler who told their followers to worship the Almighty State and it’s Messianic Leader above all else.

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3 Responses to Brainwashing a Generation: Gen44

  • Mike, this is brilliant! You’re spot-on. I have often said that Obama is no different from Jim Jones bc he too exploits people. When people were calling in to some of the radio shows I listen to they said he was a psychopath bc he lies so smoothly. The radio hosts would be too afraid to go that far. But a lot of us had ‘his number’ a long time ago. He’s a fraud.

  • What an asshole!

    • I agree, Barack Obama is a megalomaniac who’s only goal (whether intentional or out of complete ignorance) is to destroy all that is good in America.

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