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When a man dwells on the objects of sense, he creates an attraction for them; attraction develops into desire, and desire breeds anger.
- Bhagavad Gita, Sanskrit Poem Incorporated into the Mahabharata (c. B.C. 400)


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When you are on the field, you are at your job and you are earning your salary.

While most of us who are fans of the NFL are not as privileged as you are to be making millions of dollars doing what we do, most of us do understand the basic fact that when we arrive at our workplaces, we are there to perform a job. Regardless of race, color or creed, most working Americans understand and abide by the simple rule that when we go to work, we leave our politics at home.

You, Mr. NFL Player, are getting paid millions of dollars to play a game. The people of America pay good money to see you play that game, so when you get to the stadium, act like a professional, play the friggen' game and then just as soon as you leave your workplace, you are as free as anyone else to exercise your First Amendment rights.


The Working Americans Who Make Your Salaries Possible

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A funny thing happened to me this morning. I woke up and knowing full-well that my Raiders were playing the early game today, it struck me that I had no absolutely no desire to tune into the game or have anything else to do with the NFL. This after four decades of die-hard fandom, following my Raiders almost every single game for what would have been exactly forty years this year. I had no desire to watch any of it – none, zip, zilch, nada.

It was bad enough for sports in general to see ESPN become the equivalent of MSNBC’s sports division, but at least with the propaganda ESPN spews, you couldn’t blame the leagues themselves.  Now we have to witness the same National Football League which cracks down on players for excessive celebrations turning a blind eye to players disrespecting the flag and the national anthem. To hell with those players and to hell with the league which allows it.

Athletes making millions of dollars a year crying about oppression should cry about it to their black president. If they really cared about their people, they would focus on the actual problems inside the community, such as the rate of nearly 6,000 black on black murders last year instead of putting all their energies into playing the victim card over a handful of police shootings.

After 40 years, I am done with the NFL. I have absolutely no desire to watch it any more and it looks like I’m not alone on this, either.

To Hell with the NFL#ToHellwiththeNFL

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First-generation immigrants are some of the most patriotic Americans you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. For most, they dreamed of America long before they came here, many of them spending years pooling all their resources together and even risking their own lives just to get here. And I don’t hold anything against the people who came here illegally, they did it to make for a better life for themselves and their families. How can anyone fault illegal immigrants for not taking seriously the immigration laws that our own government abjectly fails to enforce?

The immigrants who came here because they believed in the American dream have always been this country’s greatest natural resource, and while they often continue to take pride in the cultures and traditions of the countries they left, most of these immigrants also embrace wholeheartedly the American culture which afforded them so much opportunity.

Then there are the kinds of pendejos like the immigrants who gave their child this sign to hold:
Make America Mexico Again
For those ignorant kooks who come here with no desire to call themselves Americans and assimilate into American culture, I have just a couple questions:

Do you not realize that if Mexico had never given up the lands of the Southwestern U.S., the end result would be that the people of Mexico would have to immigrate farther north to escape their country’s third-world poverty?

Why on Earth would we want to “Make America Mexico Again” and turn this great nation back into a country that people risk death crossing deserts to trying to escape?

Oh what’s that you say? You say that now that these lands have become rich and prosperous in American hands, now you want to take it back for Mexico? Sorry, but you’re delusional.

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j.edgarAs Rand Paul fights against the forces for the great surveillance state on both sides of the aisle, I just want to bring up one example of why you should never allow our American government to have free reign to collect every bit of data they can on everyone from the famous Americans to the everyday citizen.

When it came to catching criminals, J. Edgar Hoover was a very good lawman. There is no denying that, but J. Edgar Hoover was a horrible human being. He was a blackmailer and a man who used secret files to coerce and steamroll anyone who stood in his way. The fact that he held on to his position as director of the FBI for 37 years, under four Democrat and two Republican administrations tells you all you need to know. The man couldn’t be pried from he place as director because he had dirt on everyone.

I don’t want to live in J. Edgar Hoover’s America.

I was proud to grow up in the America of the 70s and the 80s when I knew that I was living in the land of the free. I was thankful I wasn’t subjugated like the poor souls in the Soviet Union living under a KGB system where a whisper from a neighbor or a rumor from a coworker could have your every phone call tapped and your every conversation recorded. What a nightmare that would have been, right?

Except it came here to America, where reality was, before one brave senator stood up and said no, every single phone call and every single email was collected and stored by the NSA.

What we ended up with was something worse than the KGB. I cannot tell you how proud I am of Rand Paul to stand up to the establishment authoritarians in both parties to stop the surveillance state.

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. – Benjamin Franklin

Thank God we had one senator who understood Mr. Franklin’s words and stood up against the vast majority of his colleagues to defend freedom. I stand with Rand.

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is going to punk Hillary Clinton

10. Hillary Clinton’s charity foundation spends a pathetic 10 percent of it’s donations on good deeds. If that’s how she manages donations to her charity, imagine how grossly negligent a Clinton Presidency will be with your tax dollars.

9. Bernie Sanders is unafraid to come out in public and list the 18 worst corporate tax dodgers. Hillary Clinton is too busy courting contributions to say an unkind word about any of them.

8. Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist. That makes him the only honest Democrat in Congress.

7. Hillary Clinton says she dodged sniper fire landing in Bosnia. In reality, she strolled down the tarmac and a little girl handed her a bouquet of flowers. Bernie Sanders has never falsely claimed he was under a hail of bullets.

6. Bernie Sanders is a bright intellect, he may be far left of my views, but he is articulate and he can answer any question on any policy and have a lucid reason for believing in what he believes. (I’m hoping you’ve seen him on Bill Maher’s Real Time, and then you’ll know why he’s a frequent guest. The guy is one of the most intelligent, unscripted, coherent members in the entire Congress.

5. Obama is so clueless, he said this to the entrepreneurs who built America: “You didn’t build that.” Hillary one-upped him on Obama’s stupidity: “Don’t let anybody, don’t let anybody tell you that, um, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle down economics. That has been tried, that has failed, it has failed rather spectacularly.” I bet you Bernie Sanders never thought that businesses don’t create jobs.

4. Hillary Clinton lied about the genesis of her name for sixty years, even though it’s ridiculous to imagine she was so stupid she couldn’t have checked an encyclopedia to find out she was born six years before anyone in the world had heard of the guy who was first to climb Mount Everest. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders never felt a compulsion to make up a story about how he was named after the famous playwright, George Bernard Shaw.

3. Bernie Sanders tells the truth: “The gap between the very rich and everyone is wider than at any time since the 1920s.” Hillary Clinton is a hoover-sucking vacuum who will only grace you with her presence if you’re willing to pay $50,000 for a plate.

2. Five months ahead of where we’re at now, Obama was down 32 points to Hillary – 50% to 18%. Think about that. Obama was down 32-freakin’-points.  Hillary Clinton is going to flame out. It’s what she does.

1. He may not have the corporate cash of the corporate whore Hillary, but I can tell you he will mop the floor with Hillary’s blood clot brain in the debates.

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