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Loveliest of lovely things are they On earth, that soonest pass away. The rose that lives its little hour Is prized beyond the sculptured flower.
- William Cullen Bryant, American Poet and Newspaper Editor (1794-1878)

Joe Soptic, as Full of It as a Septic Tank


I was thinking of that disgusting ad where Joe Soptic accused Mitt Romney of the death of his wife (an ad that ranged from disingenuous insinuations to flat-out lies in five different ways.)

<--- Click the thumbnail to get a good look at this man.

It got me to thinking, and I wondered what a Romney ad might look like if his surrogate super PACs were just reckless and dishonest as Team Obama’s.


When Barack Obama was elected, he warned America that if we didn’t rush through his $787 billion stimulus, unemployment could go as high as 6%. The Democrat-controlled Congress passed his stimulus, only to see unemployment rise as high as 10%. The HOPE and CHANGE we were promised became a reality of gloom and doom with 43-straight months of unemployment over 8%.

All of that is fact, of course, but here’s where the Obama-style sleaze comes in . . .

Perhpas it’s no surprise then, that as hopeless as the prospect of having to re-enter the job market is these days, we hear more and more stories of employees losing their jobs and snapping, like the employee who shot the employer who fired him and died in a hail of bullets right out on the city streets as happened in front of the Empire State Building yesterday. The hope is gone, the job market is abysmal, and yesterday we saw two more stark examples of victims of the Obama economy.

This ad paid for by Co-opting Obama’s Sleaze for the GOP.


As outraqeous as this bit of satire may be, it should be pointed out that it’s no worse than things that have actually been said by that lunatic vice president of ours who has numerous times suggested Republicans, by not supportings administration policies, were supporters of rape and murder.

Going by Joe’s standard’s, maybe my hyberbole wasn’t so over the top after all.

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7 Responses to Co-opting Obama’s Sleaze for the GOP

  • It is hard to see anything good coming in the future anymore.

    • The recent spate of shootings is enough to make anyone think the world’s gone mad, but don’t ever lose faith that better days are around the corner or America isn’t smart enough to realize that four years of Obama was enough.

  • If there is no change, there will certainly be no hope.

  • We have to use the same tactics the far-Left has used against us, for decades. They learned much from Saul Alinsky. We *must* respond with the same tactics, or we will lose our fundamental principles.

    Losing the language, giving in to ‘political correctness’ and allowing the Left to control the narrative has put Constitutionalists on permanent defensive. By always being agreeable, having to accept compromise or be labeled as ‘extremist’, we’ve been steadily losing ground over the past decades. By accepting ‘moderate’ candidates (hello, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney!) who gladly give up bits and pieces of our cherished ideals and principles ‘just a little, as compromise’, we’ve lost ground. The Left has been moving the goalposts farther Left after each such small victory. We are ‘losing more slowly’ every time we allow our ideals to be chipped away.

    It’s past time to take a stand. The Left has become vicious. We must not give any more ground.

  • Bravo Mike. Excellent example of answering absurdity with absurdity, a favorite technique of master communicator Rush Limbaugh. Wouldn’t you just love it if some Sunday show host had the guts to play your ad for David Axelrod, and have him TRY to explain why it is different than that sleazy Joe Soptic ad?

  • Mike, this hit me hard, very hard!

    I lost my 28 year old son, my only son, to Obama’s economy a short two and a half years ago. He had fought depression since he hit puberty and, in my perspective, had finally matured to the point where he would be better able to fight it off. However, he couldn’t find a job to support his wife, baby, and himself, although he had seriously searched daily for months and months. His wife was a nurse and was able to earn just enough for them to barely survive, all the while they continued to get deeper and deeper into debt. He grew up with very strong work ethics and never considered applying for any government entitlements hoping that things would turn around soon. One horrible day my greatest fear became a reality when the man I would have given my very life for choose to end his. Obama’s false hope changed my life forever. His hope and change truely is no more than doom and dispair. ~ Sharon

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