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Beauty is the purgation of superfluities.
- Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Painter and Sculptor (1474-1564)

Back in 2008, there was a candidate who famously said, “If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things.” His name was Barack Obama and it boggles the mind to imagine that just four years later, in an election of monumental proportions, he is running the most frivolous and trivial campaign we’ve ever witnessed.

I want to compare and contrast two videos, one by a college-aged Obama supporter and one by a thirteen-year-old Romney supporter. First let’s start with an ad from the Obama camp featuring a woman who uses an unhealthy dose of lame double entendre, likening her first time voting (for Obama) to losing her virginity and then proceeds to tackle such weighty issues as to whether taxpayers should be responsible for paying for her birth control:

Remember, this was an ad that was officially released by Obama’s reelection campaign, meaning that while the rest of America is looking for serious answers to the serious issues facing our nation, the Obama team is delighting itself in an ad they must think is oh-so-clever in its sexual innuendo.

Now compare that bit of tripe from the college-aged Obama lover to this brilliant and insightful analysis of the two candidates by a thirteen-year-old girl named Jenny:

There you have it in a nutshell. From the same Obama who lamented over the politics of making big elections about small things in 2008 and promised us CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, we’re now given a presidential ad as frivolous as anything we’ve ever seen. It’s completely beyond me to imagine how the so-called brain trust in Chicago could be so clueless as to run an ad like “My First Time” during times such as these.

Now compare the snarky college-aged woman Obama picked to speak on his campaign’s behalf with the heartfelt convictions of a regular, yet incredibly exceptional thirteen-year-old Jenny and there should be no question as to which candidate we should take seriously. Jenny makes an eloquent and airtight argument – do we really want to go FORWARD with four more years of fail, or should we place our faith in the professional who has been so incredibly successful throughout his career as both an executive and a businessman?

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26 Responses to College Obama Girl SCHOOLED by Thirteen-Year-Old Romney Supporter

  • I believe I just watched a future President of the United States! Great job Jenny!

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    • DoeS dissing a young girl make you feel better about yourself and your choices?

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        • Craig, the way I read you, you consider this election a “NO BRAINER” and I agree with you.
          If you have “NO BRAIN” vote for Obama.

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        • Methinks thou doth protest too much. If anyone has been brainwashed, it’s the left … 23 million people out of work, half of college grads can’t find jobs for which they’ve been educated, 30+ czars appointed by Obama and the thousands of government workers to support the czars that the taxpayer has to support, new regulations choking small business owners and quashing job growth, four Americans dead in Libya to include our Ambassador whose request for additional security was denied despite the growing violence against the consulate, not to mention that the Brits and Red Cross had already left the region due to the violence. In fact the Ambassador’s security was decreased! Wake up and smell the coffee, buddy. This guy needs to go.

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    • Really?

      As compared to the ad by the Obama campaign with a college age girl lamenting having to buy her own birth control and comparing voting with losing her virginity? At least this girl’s arguments made sense and didn’t make you want to vomit. Or what about the latest “ad” with little children singing something that was reminiscent of children’s indoctrination by the Third Reich? But, I’m sure you don’t see the similarities, right? Turn off MSNBC and listen to information by someone other than Axelrod, Michael Moore, or Stephanie Cutter. Get some objectivity before more small businesses in this country are destroyed–and any jobs still available disappear.

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    • Its seems like you my friend are the brain washed one. Its spelled out there in facts and still you can’t see? I feel bad for you. So sad, is ignorance bliss? That girl was exceptional:-)

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      • Tara, if your sticking up for that bimbo who compares losing her virginity to voting for Obama.. You are the one who is brainwashed!

        I’d be proud to be Jenny’s mother!! Articulate young lady! Outclassed Lena by a long shot!

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        • Hey Stephanie, Tara was replying to Craig when she said, “Its seems like you my friend are the brain washed one.”


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      • OPs! Sorry Tara:) I swear this election is making me crazy!! I’ve never paid attention to any of them combined in my 50 years!! Just SO frustrating putting both my boys thru college, spending a LOT of money on that, for them not finding good jobs. They do both work.. But not what they majored in.. If Obama wins again, I swear I want to move out of the country!! And it’s a terrible thing to say.. Because we are blessed to love here.. But I hate watching it self destruct under Obamas watch!!!

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        • The thought of another four years with the Marxist at the helm is as depressing a thought as I can imagine, but get this, Gallup had Obama up 15 points over McCain in early voting in 2008. ROMNEY LEADS Obama by 7 points in the same Gallup poll of early voting this time around – a 22 point swing! The media won’t report it, because it breaks their bleeding hearts, but Obama is one and done. You can count on it.

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  • I would be proud to be Jenny’s mom. What a great young lady. Kudos to you, Jenny and to your parents for raising such a thoughtful, intelligent, and beautiful girl.

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  • Jenny,
    Well said. I am very encouraged to see parents raising such a brilliant, pleasant, young lady. I wish you could vote! You have more sense than millions of Americans.
    God Bless You!

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  • Wow Jenny, You did an incredible job presenting your information. In a mature, clearly spoken way. You are very gifted. You should be proud of yourself. Wow!

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  • Jenny did a great job, made the Obama ad look very small. Thanks, Jenny!

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  • The young girl’s points are great but do you know that the “Obama” ad is tongue in cheek and made by the creator of HBO’s Girls? Step back for a moment and compare apples to apples. Partisanship without reason is what is killing the country.


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  • Really Ken????? In California the ruling Democrat Government union junta is sooooo partisan their motto is PAY UP FOOLS! They are not interested in fairness or compromise only destruction and subjugation of the opposition.

    The mindless blather of this cultural bimbette shill for the Democrat Party is twisted & makes me weep for my children’s future.

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