Letters from the Lunar Outpost

Courage consists not in hazarding without fear, but being resolutely minded in a just cause.
- Plutarch, Greek Essayist and Biographer (46-120 A.D.)

1. You ask yourself, when playing against the computer, can anyone really accuse you of cheating when the computer has full access to the dictionary?

2. Some people take pride in their profligate use of four-letter words, but you take pride in knowing more two-letter words than anyone around. *

3. You hear the clicking of tiles in your dreams.

4. You can name the point value of any letter in the alphabet, but then you begin to wonder, shouldn’t you memorize the exact number tiles for every letter and be able to draw the board from scratch just in case you ever wind up stranded on a desert island?

5. You know that spotting another addict is as easy as asking them if they know a three letter word for an African evergreen shrub (Qat).

6. When your computer keeps playing words like “porn” and “porno”, you being to wonder, is this a reflection of the computer or the person using it?

7. One of your all-time favorite movie scenes involves two old ladies playing Scrabble:


Great resource: Learning the 2-letter words by Steve Trussel.)

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2 Responses to Confessions of a Scrabble Addict

  • Classic. Foul Play, ya?

    Looks like my wife in 35 years.

  • Foul Play, yep.

    If you were to ask my wife, she’d probably tell you she’s going to look like someone else’s wife in 35 years, but here’s to the two of you share a great ride together over those next 35 years!

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