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- Dryden, English Poet, Dramatist, and Critic (1631-1700)

How cool would it be if there was a website where you could find isolated tracks like Bradley’s vocals on Santeria, Neal Peart’s drums on Tom Sawyer or James Jamerson’s bass line on What’s Going On?

That website exists, and whether you’re into recording or just a lover of music, it’s one of the coolest things you’ll find on the Internet.

The website is called Studio Multitracks, a genius idea that’s filling out quite nicely.

Bradley on Santeria – you always knew what a great vocal performance he laid down on this song, but then to hear the vocals completely isolated, like he’s just singing a cappella in a room with you, it’s really something beautiful:

[Update: copyright nazis working for Sublime or their record company took this video down.]

The drumming genius of Neal Peart on Tom Sawyer – yes, even completely isolated it’s 100% as precise and flawless as you always felt it was:

[Update: copyright nazis working for Rush or their record company took this video down. Hey dumbasses who took this video down, do you really think an ISOLATED TRACK of Neil Peart’s drumming is actually somehow going to hurt Rush’s sales instead of teasing some people into buying the whole song or album? You copyright nazis are stupid, plain and simple.]

Check out John Taylor kicking some funky ass bass on Girls on Film:

James Jamerson, I love you, man. Your bass playing is in my heart and soul and I can sing every single note of this bass line from memory:

One good Motown bass line deserves another – this is Wilton Felder on I Want You Back.

How about Eddie on Unchained? OH the immaculateness of your tones and your playing, Eddie!

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