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Beauty is nature's brag, and must be shown in courts, at feasts, and high solemnities, where most may wonder at the workmanship.
- Milton, English Poet (1608-1674)


Check out Internet tough guy calling me fat. From what? A photo on an avatar? I can promise you that the people I meet in my day to days, I probably get a lot more smiles that you do, angry man. But aside from your name calling what were we talking about? Oh yeah, your belief that “socially conservative” means authoritarian government saying what is and what is not permissible by the state. Fuck the state. Have some age laws, no inter-species marriages and just let’s let the gays do what they do because that’s what they do do since the beginning of time.

You want to get all Biblical about it? First, the biblical text is more ambiguous about homosexuality than it is clear about the prohibition of eating of shell fish and second, and second, if you can join the Westboro Baptist Church if you want, but ins’t it easier to let God sort them out?

Listen, I know a lot more functional potheads in society than I know alcoholics. Sure, potheads have that smell wherever they go, not as bad as a smoker, but not as nice as a pine forest either, but they keep it together and I think for the jobs they’re capable, it makes them entertaining. I would say for anyone transporting any cargo or people or people who work emergency forces, fireman , cops, EMTs, no pot for you, screen that right out just the same as you would breathalyze any one of those employees coming to the job seeming a bit tipsy.

I no secret why so many of those those 20-year old college kids are so “high” on 76-year old firecracker like Ron Paul it’s because they believe the government should get the fuck out of our way, 9 times our of 10, especially when it comes to smoking our weed, baby. William F. Buckley, Jr. said it better than I ever could.

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4 Responses to Day Two of the Republican Activist for Gay Rights Gets Interesting

  • American Psycho is a GREAT book!!!

  • George Rudolph, I have to let my post right with your words there:

    “Are gay patriots different from other kinds- if not who cares?”

    Hell no they aren’t. Hundreds of thousands of gay patriots have given life and limb in the name of freedom and protecting America.

    My big hope is that we can give up on this fixation over government legislated morality and say we don’t care what your orientation is, the GOP is a party you should belong to and we would welcome you with open arms.

    Just think of how absolutely incredibly successful gays and lesbians there are whose first thought should be, “I should be a Republican” but because of the stigma go wandering off into the circus tent of the Democrat party.

    We have a new generation coming up now, they don’t give a damn about sexual orientation, they’re programmed not to by a bunch of anty-bulling movies and 30-second spots of MTV, which is good, so the GOP needs to face a reality, either embrace the gays, or become and anachronism – an old distant memory fading in the rear view.

  • It’s a strange world, when Conservatives can support (at least some) of the Gay rights espoused by much of our ever-sickening society. I’d be willing to go as far as to allow gays to have these ‘partnerships’, civil unions, that emulate marriage; but they must then just leave the term ‘marriage’ the fuck out of it, because marriage is pretty much solidified over the centuries as signifying a special relationship between two of opposite sex, and has everything to do with the raising of offspring.

    Civil unions would allow much the same benefits as marriage, the legal stuff, except for the use of the word itself, which is a spiritual thing as much as it is legal.

    There’s give and take on both sides that need be explored, I’m thinking. If this little Republic is to survive (and I have my doubts that it will) we need to put aside the social issues, if we can, and concentrate of defeating the LeftLibProggs who’ve all but destroyed our culture.


    • One of the things I think of is a gay person denied admittance to his dying lover’s bed because they’re not married or related. If a civil union can take care of situations like that among others while preserving the sanctity of the meaning of the word “marriage” being a union between man and woman, that sounds right near perfect to me.

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