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Dodger Blue to Be Bought by Red China?

Dodger Blue to Be Bought by Red China?

Frank McCourt has been offered $1.2 billion for the Los Angeles Dodgers in a bid that would get funding from Chinese government-owned investment banks, according to the contents of a letter disclosed to the Los Angeles Times.

source: LA Times via Sports Illustrated.

I never imagined anything worse could happen to the Dodgers than having Frank McCourt own the team, but it turns out there actually is something worse that could happen.

I have no problem buying souveniers and grabbing promotional giveaways built by Chinese slave labor, but to imagine the Totalitarian Government of China getting its freedom-crushing, blood-stained hands on my beloved Dodgers?

No way could I support a Dodger Blue owned by Communist Reds. That’s one thing that would truly put an end to this 36-year love affair we’ve had.





Obligatory disclaimer: Before any mindless accusations of being a xenophobe are thrown my way: Chinese people are just like any other people, some good, some bad (as an optimist, I’d say mostly good) but they’re ruled by an oppressive government that’s a monumental force of evil in this world. If you have love in your heart for the people of China, you should pray that their freedom-hating, political prisoner torturing government is tossed into the ash bin of history sooner rather than later.

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4 Responses to Dodger Blue to Be Bought by Red China?

  • I actually heard that LA would rather be owned by Chinese than McCourt??? HoHum!

    • On the one hand, you have an owner that was a disaster because he treated the Dodger organization as his family’s personal ATM machine, on the other hand, you have communists trying to buy one of the two most storied organizations in America’s most hallowed of all sports. Bad as McCourt was, I just can’t even fathom thinking of Red China owning my Dodger Blue.

  • Hmmm..I guess it’s ok. Almost everything we buy comes from China. It’s part of a bigger picture that we are all guilty of.

    The Chinese are a very resourceful culture that has learned patience over 5000 plus years (which American’s dont’ have, including myself) and how to use there 1 billion strong work force (proud to be Chinese) and financial prowess to own our asses.

    Must people don’t give a flying f&*k about about buying a product made in China because it’s 50% of the cost of a American product. Also, if it breaks we toss in the trash and then it’s sold back to China for less than 1% of it’s worth and recycled and sold again to US for even a bigger profit. Geez, I can spend hours on recycling in the US vs China.

    For example…look around the room your sitting in, the computer your using, the chair your sitting in, the lamp providing light….etc

    Take everything you have made in China out of the room, you will sitting naked in a dark room, with maybe a can of Bud, Miller or Coors…LOL

    Anyways, now supposedly a piece America’s Favorite Past Time may be owned by a foreign entity and some people are surprised.

    So why would you get upset about watching a Chinese owned Baseball team, on your Chinese made TV, sitting in your Chinese made chair and sipping a cold beverage made on machines
    from China.

    America….we are not part of the problem and not the solution.

    I am a first generation US born of immigrants to the US. My parents in their late 80’s and to this day they tell my brothers and to kiss the ground of US.

    It’s sad to see that every piece of Americana being sold off to the highest offshore bidder.

    Question..What do the season ticket holders think about traveling to China?……LOL

  • You know I tried to buy everything made America! I found I would have to quit my job to have nore time to search out these American Made items! And then I couldn’t afford the USA items because they are more costly than Chinese. What is that funny smell on fabrics from China? Back to Dodgers I just feel sorry for the players it must be humiliating to play to an empty stadium.. Don’t know if a new owner can change that?

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