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The ever-whirling wheele Of Change, to which all mortal things doth sway.
- Edmund Spenser, English Poet (1552-1599)

NASA’s Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have sent back millions of images for the folks back home to sift through, but just recently, one image in particular has created quite a stir across the Internet, with many people claiming this photo shows evidence of life on Mars.

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2 Responses to Does This Photo Show Evidence of Life on Mars?

  • Mike, I new McDonalds was too successful to be a human company .

    What do you think about the “Face on Mars” ? The symetry of that structure is amzaing , things like that don’t occur through randomness. It sees like the more recent photos we get from NASA , the fuzzier they are .

    Did you know Al Gore was born 9 months after the Roswell incident.


    • Wow, Justin – that is some amazing information I never knew about Al Gore. The first thing that always would come to mind is how robotic the man seems, but actually the half-breed with alien blood explains a lot more – lover of the new home planet his people escaped to, hater of dirty, polluting full-bloods who actually inhabit the planet.

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