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When one God dwells in all living beings, then why do you hate others? Why do you frown at others? Why do you become indignant towards others? Why do you use harsh words? Why do you try to rule and domineer over others? Why do you exploit folly? Is this not sheer ignorance? Get wisdom and rest in peace.
- Sivananda, Indian Physician and Sage (1887-1963)

With an opportunity to provide a worthy cause a $5 million check and make Trump look like a fool, why doesn't Obama call his bluff and release his college transcripts & passport records?

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Donald Trump Offers Barack Obama Five-Million Dollars to the Charity of His Choice

So you may have heard, Donald Trump just offered Barack Obama $5 million dollars to release his college transcripts and passport records.

We all know that Barack Obama is a big fan of charity, of course, not the kind of charity where it involves his own money (he only gave one-percent of his income to charity in 2011) but the kind of “charity” where he takes other people’s money and spends it.

Regardless of how Barack Obama defines charity however, what a wonderful gift Trump just handed Obama because by simply releasing his transcripts he can accomplish three things: one, help a worthy cause with a $5 million check, two, make Trump look like an ass by calling his bluff, and three, make up a bit for the miserly 1% of his income he donated to charity.

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30 Responses to Poll on Trump’s $5 Million Offer

  • asshole

    • I agree Obama’s an asshole, but now he has a perfect opportunity to call Trump’s bluff, release his transcripts and then it will be Trump who comes out looking like the real asshole.

      • Obama doesn’t need to even acknowledge this fool — Trump already looks like a real asshole! Hehe even McCain is embarassed for the Republican party – sad.

  • It will be interesting to see how Obama and the mainstream media spin this when O refuses to accept the offer. How will they spin it?

  • IMO BO should accept the money proving a charity’s work is above his illusion that he is above everyone else. I keep hearing “but it’s beneath the office of president.” No it’s not: the president is SUPPOSED to be one of the people. If he does not accept both the opportunity to “be one if the people” able to laugh w people over such an outrageous offer , he is hiding something. I believe the Donald should have put an expiration date on offer so BO & minions can’t have fake documents made. I do not trust the liar in chief!

  • $5 million is chump change to The Donald. He should’ve offered $50 million, or, if he seriously wanted to get this information, he should’ve offered M’Chelle any 5 items of her choice from Ivana’s jewelry box.

  • OK, so I ran with that.



  • I was trying to put myself into the mind of one of the Prophet Obama’s followers. Why wouldn’t he just release the records? He’s as pure as the wind driven snow, so there’s no downside. He has nothing to hide.

    Then I figured it out! His records are so stellar, so gleaming and brilliant, such a crowning testament to a god who walks among mortals, that in his unparalleled humility he has chosen to hide them so as not to make every creature that crawls or treads on the dusty ground aware of their lowly place in the universe.

    • Being an arrogant elitist, is SUCH a hard life! NO ONE understands you, everyone thinks that THEY are smarter than you are, (not realizing the fact that they aren’t,) and always wanting to argue that YOU don’t know what is best for America and all of it’s citizens. They just don’t realize how hard you have worked all of your life, learning everything there is to know about socialism and communism and Marxism, so that, one day, you would be able to ascend to the throne in America and lead this once-great nation Forward into a better life for everyone. A life of true democracy (communism) where everyone has all that they need (and no more) and no child goes hungry (too often.) It’s especially difficult trying to re-educate those pesky Republicans and conservatives, who think some 236 year old moldy piece of paper has the answers we need to run a modern nation! Only me, Barack Hussein Obama, (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) has the knowledge, intelligence and insight to do the job. It’s so lonely at the top!

  • Why… this poll isn’t fair at all!

    Oh you.

  • I think the outcome may have been different if ‘The Donald’ would have offered it to Obama directly along with safe passage to an undisclosed location

  • Donald Trump is just reminding us all that Obama is really not too smart. Was he an “affirmative action” student at Harvard?

    • He SUPPOSEDLY graduated Magna Cum Laude. Top of his class. That’s kind of strange, though, when in his earlier schools he was considered as only a mediocre student, in his own words, I believe. Now just how did he achieve THAT neat trick? There are just SO many questions about this mystery man!

  • Think obama will produce another fake document?
    Nah. He’ll come up with some other BS excuse or just ignore it all together. What is there to hide?
    LOTS. LOTS AND LOTS. He’s a fake POTUS with NO TRANSPARANCY AT ALL. He needs to be impeached for the Benghazi attacks. We’ve impeached for WAY LESS…..

    • He has been asked over and over again to release his records, and he just shrugged it off. He’s probably already spent twice that amount, at least, to hide them all. Donald should have offered the money to ANYONE who can produce his records. THAT should bring out all the whistle blower’s and others who just want the money. Of course , there is a huge risk in this action. It might be a death sentence for anyone who did it. Don’t worry, though, the truth WILL come out and probably sooner than he imagines.

  • how about offering it to Romney for his tax returns

  • Offer it to Romney to reveal where the sister wives are stashed

  • I think Trump should accept Colbert’s offer to let him dip his balls in his mouth

    • I think it’s great that Colbert finally came out of the closet, but you can’t fault Trump for refusing the offer.

  • Well, of all the comments posted. I have such a hard time picking out the liberal. Hmmm. Why do you have to swear and attack. Obamas records should be available. Maybe it has obamas off shore investments with it as well. Maybe blame excessive travel on the free loader for all the fatigue he is feeling on air force one to get around to do his campaigning. Told those in Colorado today that he is going to put up turbines made in china for their enjoyment and prosperity. Loser.

  • @Anonymous Where Romney’s other wives are? Romney only has one wife. His dad was a polygamist – like Obama’s father, grandfather & great=grandfather. Try again.

  • Trump is a team player. Obama needs to clear up his school records controversy by introducing faked school records. Trump offers him a way to do that. They did same thing for faked bc. Don’t you remember? The American public has a very short memory.

  • What a shitty poll.

  • Also, do you think it would be a fair trade if Obama released his college records if Romney released his tax returns?

    • Seems fair to me. The only problem is, Romney has ALREADY released plenty of his tax returns, more than was required. Obama? So far, nothing. Nothing genuine, anyway.

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