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- Victor Hugo, French Poet, Dramatist, and Novelist (1802-1885)

The Left Humiliates Itself in the Aftermath of Boston

source: @BettinaVLA

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12 Responses to EPIC FAIL: The Left Humiliates Itself in the Aftermath of Boston

  • The other five are all well-known and clinically diagnosed as left-wing lunatics, but Jay Mohr? Say it isn’t so. I used to love that guy! Now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to that guy again!

    • Conservatives suspected (knew) the religious background of the bombers instantly, most of us kept our mouths shut and waited for the truth. These guys hate the ‘right’ so much, they can’t contain themselves.

      • That is so damn true! I knew exactly who it was, but wasn’t going to say a peep until the truth came out. So many lefties are so deranged with hate, they just can’t contain themselves!

  • Glad they were foreigners, you hate to think our own would do something like this, even though we know they do. Time to stop the Gang of Eight, we need to make better decisions about who we let into our country, how many we are willing to let in, and how to get rid of those who should’t be here in the first place. And let’s start with OBAMA! You with me?

    • LOL! I’m with you. Deport the president with the fake Social Security number first.

      And you’re right, sorry Gang of Eight, but amnesty is dead.

      I heard Senator Leahy respond to that by saying that no single event should warrant new laws or changing the legislation. Seriously, Mr. Senator? You see no irony in your gun grabbing ass making that statement?

    • Nice find, a perfect list of incident after incident after incident after incident where the Left completely embarrassed themselves by falsely accusing the Right for terrorist attacks and spree killings:

      * James Holmes

      * Jared Loughner

      * The Cabby Stabber

      * The “killer” of Bill Sparkman

      * Amy Bishop

      * The Fort Hood Shooter

      * The IRS Plane Crasher

      * The Pentagon Shooter

      * The Boston Bombers

      You’d think these leftist nutjobs would suffer enough humiliations to control themselves and keep their pie holes shut until the evidence comes in but noooooo, they’re just too damn full of hate to keep themselves in check.

  • Speaking of hate.

    • Yeah? I don’t remember any right-wingers jumping the gun and blaming Muslims before all the facts were in, do you?

    • Are you accusing me of hate for simply pointing out that these assclowns made fools of themselves by blaming the right before a single shred of evidence was in?

  • We should not criticize them because they are just part of an asshole culture and try to curry favor with their peers by being assholes. Often it is a career imperative, they will get better jobs if they have credentials as an asshole.

    Terrorism, given our experience with it is prima facie a Muslim act. Sure there’s the occasional exception but it is reasonable to think of our most violent enemies first when we are attacked.

    • I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t care if they’re just trying to fit in with the asshole culture. That doesn’t make them any less the assholes for it.

      They deserve every bit of scorn and ridicule we can heap on them. Tar and feather the assholes, that’s what I say.

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