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The beauty of the world has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder.
- Virginia Woolf, English Novelist and Essayist (1882-1941)

As we head into a new football season and I’m reading up on some of the prospects, among all the physical stats like 40-yard dash times and vertical leap, the subject of Wonderlic scores always comes up. Developed in the 1930s by Eldon F. Wonderlic and adopted originally by Tom Landry in testing prospects for the Cowboys in the 1970s, the Wonderlic has become the NFL’s standard for testing IQs.

Suddenly, the thought struck me, how would I stack up on the test? The real test is 50 questions to be performed in 12 minutes. To keep it in the realm of fair use, I’m giving a 20 question sample. Try to keep it under 5 minutes. Take the score you’re given at the end of the quiz on a 0-100 scale and divide that by two to see what your score would be on the 0-50 scale of the Wonderlic exam.

Now to a list of some of the more notable Wonderlic scores for players entering the NFL draft, scores are mainly brought up in regards to quarterbacks and the list reflects that. A few hall of famers with surprisingly low scores, a few players had great scores and careers that didn’t live up to their draft position, but if you’re a Bill’s fan looking at Ryan Fitzpatrick after his breakout year in 2012, it’s got to feel good to know your field general scored a 49 out of 50.

Darren Davis – running back – 4
Vince Young – quarterback – 6
Dan Marino – quarterback – 15
Jim Kelly – quarterback – 15
Terry Bradshaw – quarterback – 16
Tim Tebow – quarterback – 22
Mark Sanchez – quarterback – 28
Eli Manning – quarterback – 39
Drew Henson – quarterback – 42
Greg McElroy – quarterback – 48
Ryan Fitzpatrick – quarterback – 49
Mike Mamula – defensive end / linebacker – 49
Pat McInally – punter – 50

A score of 10 shows basic literacy and the average NFL prospect score mirrors the general population at 19 to 20. Remember to take your final score out of 100 and divide by 2 to get your score on the Wonderlic scale.

source: mandatory.com

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