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This is the truth: As from a fire aflame thousands of sparks come forth, even so from the Creator an infinity of beings have life and to him return again.
- Upanishads, Hindu Poetic Dialogues on Metaphysics (c. B.C. 800)

How is this not a major news story across every news outlet in America???

Even Sen. Menendez himself is amazed at the lack of coverage.

Even Sen. Menendez himself is amazed at the lack of coverage.

The FBI late Tuesday night raided the office of a South Florida eye doctor who allegedly was involved in providing young prostitutes to Sen. Bob Menendez — a claim the senator’s office has denied.

source: FoxNews

The thing that’s absolutely astonishing about this is not the fact that a senator (allegedly) has an addiction to sex, hookers and drinking parties, but that outside UPI and a couple local news blogs, you can only find this story via right-wing channels: FoxNews, Drudge, Twitchy, the Daily Caller . . .

If you have any question in your mind whether journalism is dead in America and as to whether the Non-Fox News is as shameless in its partisanship as any news you’d be served in Iran or North Korea, just ask yourself two questions:

  • If Senator Menendez was a Republican and the office of the same doctor who was allegedly hooking the senator up with prostitutes was just been raided by the FBI, would this not be the top story of the day across every news outlet?
  • How is it that senate candidate Akin’s idiotic comment was easily a top five story during the presidential election, but now in a lighter news cycle, a man actually serving in the senate who is under increasing suspicion for having sex with underage prostitutes doesn’t even merit a mention?

Finally, I’m just curious on this one, the NFN did everything it could to rally America against a so-called “War on Women” during their campaign for Barack Obama, so when a sitting senator is engaging in and supporting human sex trafficking (allegedly) which is it: does the War on Women no longer matter, or does the War on Women only matter when it can be used as a narrative against the GOP? Oh wait, it’s both? Okay, thanks.

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