Letters from the Lunar Outpost

Beauty attracts us men; but if, like an armed magnet it is pointed, beside, with gold and silver, it attracts with tenfold power.
- Richter, German Novelist (1763-1825)

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You were eighteen, I can see you there
Sittin’ there with your underwear
Peakin’ out from beneath your short, short skirt
You’d driven your brother to his guitar lesson
You don’t know how you were messin’
With my mind as I tried to focus on

Fifteen years gone by
Still I’m gonna try
For the one that got away that I never had
Fifteen years gone by
Let me look into your eyes
And tell you I can’t wait for one more day

You would be taken just as I was free
Still I could feel you’d think of me
Thinkin’ of what might be on one fine day
You ditched your boyfriend as I found a girl
Once again we were left to wonder
Thinking of a future we had yet to live


Flyin’ back home on the aeroplane
Writing this song inside my brain
Thinking in just an hour I’ll see your face
I’m aching so madly for that landing strip
Got off that plane and I had to trip
When I saw you there and my heart began to race


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