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Now hatred is by far the longest pleasure; Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure.
- Byron, English Poet (1788-1824)

While he may be sinking in the polls, now down 51%-46% in the latest Gallup poll and down 50%-46% in the latest Rasmussen poll, Barack Obama can find some glimmers of hope in four major endorsements he picked up last week.

Putin Finds a Useful Idiot in the White House

Vladimir Putin came out in support of Obama. No shocker here considering the fact that when Russia invaded the newly-Democratic nation of Georgia, then candidate-Obama was slow to offer even the most mildest of condemnations against the Soviet aggression. After winning the election and having Secretary of State Clinton offer the Russians a symbolic “reset button” (which our best and brightest minds at the State Department couldn’t even get right in their translation of the single word, “reset”) Obama promptly gave up support for a missle defense shield in Eastern Europe in return for . . . get this, absolutely nothing from the Soviets. Now that’s what I call statesmanship, reneging on an agreement we had made with Poland and the Czech Republic, two countries who were brutalized under Soviet tyranny and held the U.S. in the highest esteem for having pushed the USSR into oblivion. For our gift of giving up the shield and turning our backs on our allies what do we get? The exact same Soviet Union who opposes us on almost every vote of consequence in the United Nations. Vlad must think to himself, of course I support Obama, a man who is so eager to please, he’s willing to give to our Mother Homeland something for nothing. What could be better than having a useful idiot in the White House.

Obama Supporters and Their Love for Che Guevara

Daughter of Cuban military dictator Raúl Castro, Mariela Castro proclaimed her support for Obama during a visit to the United States. “I believe that Obama needs another opportunity and he needs greater support to move forward with his projects and with his ideas.” Forward. United in their communist sloganeering, united in their ideology. Hurray for Obama, yet another commie steps up and asks America to give Obama four more years. Again, no surprise here, an endorsement of Barack Obama by a Cuban communist dictator is as inevitable as Che Guevara t-shirts at college campus rallies for Obama or Che Guevara flags at Obama campaign headquarters.


Obama and Chavez - Kindred Spirits

While they may have never actually kissed as portrayed in the Photoshop job put together by Benetton in it’s ad campaign, with all the warm handshakes and hugs and exchanging of gifts between the two when they meet, it’s long been noted that there’s some serious bromance going on between Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez. You sometimes have to wonder if Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte and Cindy Sheehan get a little jealous knowing they’ll never know the same kind of love that Hugo holds for Barry. As a communist thug who has spent his whole life condemning our nation and spewing hate against everything that capitalist America represents, we can be pretty sure that Hugo’s endorsement of Obama comes from the one seeing a kindred spirit in the other.


Are We to Become a Nation of Honey Boo Boos?

Then we come to perhaps the most important endorsement of all, Honey Boo Boo. That’s right, Honey Boo Boo has endorsed (as she pronounced it) “Marack” Obama. TLC has found it’s biggest hit show ever in Honey Boo Boo, the reality show where the family’s musings on life in the trailer park are so full of hillbilly wit that they actually require subtitles to be understood by the rest of us. Talk about exploitation – the show is TLC’s highest rated show and the family gets paid a measly $2000 – $4000 an episode to put themselves on display as a running joke for being the face of redneck America.

After 43 months of unemployment over 8%, many people wondered if we should just resign ourselves to it as being the new norm for America in the same way double-digit unemployment has long been the norm for Europe. Now we can also wonder if another four years of Obama will help make Honey Boo Boo and those funny photos you see at The People of Walmart the new norm as well, which would be sad, because if that becomes the new norm, then it won’t be funny any more.

We have a clear choice to make in this election. Do we vote for a man with a resume that includes twenty-five years of unparalleled success in the business world, a man who volunteered without pay to rescue a floundering Olympics in Salt Lake City, a man who proved he can work across the aisle to bring the parties together as he did as governor of Massachusetts, or do we vote for the guy who communist dictators across the world have united together in their HOPE for four more years of CHANGE.

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