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Obama's Job Approval Drops Seven Points in Three Days

In the most precipitous decline we’ve seen in over a year, President Barack Obama’s job approval rating has dropped 7 points in three days, according to the latest polling from Gallup. The president now has a 46% approval rating.

This spells big trouble for the president, because there is no more accurate predictor of an incumbent’s vote percentage on election day than his job approval rating.

Even more troubling for the president, the one thing which he did have going for him was his likeability rating, The fact is, the vast majority of Americans would love to see the first black American president succeed and earn a second term, which is why we’ve seen an unprecedented disparity between Obama’s high likeability ratings vs. his mediocre job approval numbers.

He may be getting a failing grade on job performance, but up until this point, Obama’s likeability factor was his one saving grace. People still liked him and still wanted him succeed.

Well what a difference a few months makes. When stripped of his teleprompter, Obama has now begun to lose a very large portion of the good will that he had enjoyed from most Americans.

On August 24, Obama enjoyed a 54% to 31% likeability gap over Mitt Romney.

Just two months later, in a poll after the final presidential debate (and I’m not talking about the first dabate where Obama lost by the worst blowout in Gallup polling history) after the third and final debate, post-debate polls showed Romney in a tie with Obama in the all-important matter of likeability.

And before you totally dismiss the likeability numbers as a valid part of the equation for who will win the presidency, ask yourself this – if Al Gore hadn’t come off as a guy who would lecture us all as a bunch of dim-witted school children every time we invited him into our homes via TV, I think he would have won that election.

So the economy sucks, the 3/4 trillion dollar stimulus that Obama promised would have unemployment down to 5.4% at this date but instead still hovers near 8%, the deficit he promised to cut in half has he has instead managed to double, taking a $10 trillion dollar national debt that took 232 years to accumulate and raising that debt to $16 trillion in less than four years, along with his use of executive privilege to stonewall investigations into the Fast and Furious operation which killed over three-hundred Mexican citizens as well as a U.S. border patrol agent, and then finally Benghazi, where against all intelligence flooding in to the administration within hours of the attack, for weeks the administration tried to cover-up the killings of our U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans as a spontaneous attack that arose over an amateur YouTube video (claiming the chosen date of 9/11 mere coincidence) with Obama going so far as to condemn the video six times in front of the U.N. while refusing to condemn or even make mention of the true nature and threat of Muslim terrorism in the world, for all these reasons, just to name a few, this administration has been a complete and total disaster.

So what’s an a failed president to do when his administration has nothing but failure and broken promises to run on?

Adopt the strategy he tried to pin on his previous opponent when Obama ran in 2008 on a platform of rainbows and puppies and HOPE and CHANGE.

If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things.

Big Bird. Binders full of women. Bayonets. Sandra Fluke. He’s even resorted to juvenile name-calling, resorting to made-up words such as “Romnesia.”

No grand visions or solutions proposed, just the small, petty and desperate attacks of a man with no record to stand on.

What a difference four years makes, from the lofty ideals of HOPE and CHANGE to a petty and vindictive campaign focused on little wedge issues devised to split the country over small issues and garner enough single-issue voters to cobble together 51% of the vote.

For the man who sold himself as the one candidate who could unite red states and blue states into a United States of America, Barack Obama has become the most derisive and divisive candidate we’ve ever seen.

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2 Responses to Gallup: Obama’s Job Approval Drops 7 Points in 3 Days

  • Nicely written article that quickly ties a whole bunch of related issues into 1 coherent opion piece. The unraveling of an almost unbelievable cover up in Benghazi will spell doom for any possiblr Obama reelection, and could very well even put him in jail once the Fast & Furious & Libya cover ups unravel into the treasonous acts of aiding and arming enemies of the United States to kill Americans. This is a dangetous time for the Constitution and for the United States. Thank you for continuing to dig into Libya.

  • Mike, well done, as usual. I hope the American people will step up to the plate on Nov. 6th and elect Mitt Romney. I do not, at all, believe Romney is the ‘all and all’ answer to America’s problems. WE the People must not elect Romeny and return to the sidelines.

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