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If you have written a clever and conclusive, but scathing letter, keep it back till the next day, and it will very often never go at all.
- Lubbock, English Statesman, Banker, and Naturalist (1834-1913)

Russian Poster: Hand Over Your Weapons

Can you imagine the meeting where Joe Nocera either proposed it or was given the task of blogging a list of the worst gun violence he could dredge up across America on a daily basis? However it went down, they have a new feature at the NY Times website which selectively lists all the horrible uses of guns on a daily basis . . . to which I had to respond:

All the criminals and robbers and rapists and ganstas in America applaud your efforts to disarm America’s law-abiding citizens. – Mike Cornelison, The OC

and a thoughtful reply came back:


Oh come on. No one is trying to disarm America’s law abiding citizens. You’ve been drinking tea from Wayne LaPierre’s teat if you believe that.

What people are trying to do is to find a way to make our society a safer place. One big thing would be to take unlicensed, unregistered guns from people who should not have them. Doing this would place a small responsibility on responsible gun owners to register their guns on a regular basis, like they do motor vehicles. This is not a violation of your rights, so don’t whine about violating the Second Amendment.

Take personal responsibility for yourself. If you want to own guns, show that you are capable of being a good citizen. Distinguish yourself from the criminals and robbers and rapists and gangstas and rednecks and hoarders and extremists and contribute to the society that provides you with the right to own a gun. – Them or Us, New York

to which I replied:

Uh yeah, you want every law-abiding gun owner in America in a national database, right? Don’t think it can’t happen here. I’m sure the Germans thought they were just voting for CHANGE in the 1930s. You’re comfortable with Obama’s Justice Department saying King, er – President Obama can act as judge, jury and executioner in using drone strikes on American citizens? I bet you howled in protest against the PATRIOT Act under Bush, only to be silent in reply to the expansion of the government’s powers to examine every email sent and received in America. Don’t think it can’t happen here, that we should all be good little lambs and put all our faith in the government to protect us when we’re just a couple more slips down a slippery slope until someone determines that all those doors of the gun owners in the national database need a visit.

The Clinton Justice Department identified 1.5 million cases per year of guns used for self defense. Let that sink in for a bit and then consider this – the Second Amendment came just after the first not for self-defense against criminals and robbers and rapists, but to ensure that the government would fear the people and not the other way around. – Mike Cornelison, The OC

The New York Times calls its new propaganda campaign, “The Day in Gun Violence in America”.

Notice the fact that not a single incident from Chicago is mentioned. Chicago, where the strictest gun control laws in America have been imposed on its law-abiding citizens and where more people are dying in Chicago’s streets than our soldiers in Afghanistan.

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One Response to Gun Grabber Propagandists at the New York Times Now Posting Daily List of Gun Violence in America

  • I give up trying to reason with these people, they ignore facts and function on emotion with no thoughts of what will happen in the future because of their weak decisions.

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