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Narcissus Finds the Most Beautiful Thing in the World

Narcissus Discovers the Most Beautiful Thing in the World – His Own Reflection.

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Have you ever met that woman whose favorite sound is the sound of her own voice and whose favorite topic is herself? I think we all have.

Barack Obama is that woman. He is so that woman.

Greek Mythology’s Narcissus may have been a man, but I speak of Obama as “that woman” because obsessive vanity and self-absorption are primarily feminine traits.

Of course, when it comes to self-absorption, nothing can top how Obama, upon first meeting the Queen of England, thought it would be an awesome gift to bestow upon her royal highness an iPod loaded with the beloved sound of his own voice making speeches.


Then there was that time Obama posed for a group photo of world leaders and raised his hand to wave to the camera, completely oblivious to the fact that in doing so, he was blocking the face of the man standing right beside him, Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj.

You and I and everyone else we know have been taking group photos since we were in kindergarten. As a joke you might make rabbit ears behind the head of the person standing next to you, but have you ever known anyone so consumed with themselves that they could pose for a group photo raising their hand, completely unaware of the fact that they were blocking the face of the person standing next to them?

The photo looked so ridiculous, many were convinced it had to be photoshopped, but of course, it turned out to be the real deal – yet another example of one man’s monomania on full display.

As Charles Krauthammer once noted, “Obama is the kind of guy who habitually refers to Cabinet members and other high government officials as ‘my’ — ‘my secretary of homeland security,’ ‘my national security team,’ ‘my ambassador.’ The more normal — and respectful — usage is to say ‘the,’ as in ‘the secretary of state.’ These are, after all, public officials sworn to serve the nation and the Constitution — not just the man who appointed them.”

But probably Obama’s most impressive achievements in building his own great pyramid of self-worship can be found in the unprecedented numbers of self-references he manages to squeeze into every speech he makes.

When the Navy SEALS took out Bin Laden, Obama found it as an opportunity to reference himself thirteen times in that one short speech, waiting until the very end to add a few words about the men who had actually put their lives on the line.

In a typical Obama speech, we can find him using the words, “I,” “me” and “my” twenty-seven times in under five minutes.

But you know the president’s self-love has gotten utterly out of hand when Obama speaks at the funeral of Senator Daniel Inouye and even the Obama-lovin’ Slate has to break out with the headline Today We Are Gathered … To Hear More About Me.

The subhead goes on further to say:

President Obama was supposed to eulogize the memory of Sen. Daniel Inouye. Instead he told us about his favorite summer vacation.


Seriously, who does that? Who speaks at a funeral and is so totally oblivious to the reason why everyone is gathered there? What kind of self-obsessed asshole takes what’s supposed to be a eulogy celebrating the life of the person who passed away and instead imagines it to be yet another perfect opportunity to speak lovingly of their own favorite topic: themselves?

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12 Responses to Have you ever met that woman . . .

  • Well said, well said..

  • I completely agree Obama is somewhat of a narcissus but what President isn\’t? Anyone that actually wants to be President and has the power structure behind them to make them President has to have a huge ego. Obama\’s ego comes across as somewhat childish. That may be the difference between him and some of the past Presidents I have live through with the possible exception of Bush W. (Who was IMHO was very childish also.) For better or worse this is the person Americans voted in to the office of President of the United States of America. So in retrospect the last two Presidents we Americans voted into office have been arrogant brats. A good question is why do we do this to ourselves?
    Obama didn\’t come from money so his arrogance comes from a middle class background in which he achieved something most middle class kids in this day and age will only dream of. IMHO he was voted in because the alternative was perceived to be offering the middle class of America nothing but corporate profit protection, draconian immigration policies, and religious dogma. This and the fact that a large part of America that historically doesn\’t vote have actually come to the polls. This usually non voting majority is more secular and progressive if not outright cynical that American politics can actually work and figure out solutions to very major problems. I mean, shoot far, our politicians can\’t even agree to compromise on this fiscal cliff issue. An issue that seems fairly basic and straight forward. Both parties seem like stuck up kids on a playground refusing to cooperate with a simple game of kickball.
    In conclusion, if the majority of Americans that usually do not vote keep voting and even increase their participation in the future, we will be never have a overt corporate religious conservative as President ever again. Hopefully this opens politics up to a, if not secular, a more agnostic libertarian platform that brings about a super majority of of voters somewhere between progressive conservatives and liberal libertarians. For IMHO the actual majority of Americans fall somewhere in the middle of these two categories.

    • You raise a very good point, you have to be a bit of a megalomaniac to even want or imagine you have a shot at the most powerful job on the planet or to think you could be good at it, so I’m with you on that.

      Three things got Obama elected: the media, white guilt and George W. Bush.

      The media has never acted so blatantly as propagandists for or fell so madly in love with a candidate as they did with Obama. The unequal treatment McCain got was only exceeded by the unequal treatment Hillary got.

      White people voted with hopes that a black president would help bridge the racial divide and redress the sins of the past. Young people were eager to vote for history. Geraldine Ferraro was exactly right in saying his being black was what allowed him to run with the thinnest resume imaginable, his being black was the coolest thing he had going for him.

      But ultimately, outside of John Edwards with the pending bastard child story ready to explode on him, any of the Democrat contenders was going to win against any of the GOP contenders thanks to the extreme fatigue of 8 years of GWB.

      Regarding Americans who don’t vote, Obama got re-elected with 10 million less votes than he received in winning the presidency, so we have apathy on the GOP side to thank for Obama’s re-election.

      I too would be proud to see non-voting America rise up and elect a libertarian, regardless of religion or lack thereof, but I’m not sure what the full demographic of non-voting America looks like, they might be a little more left-leaning than the rest of America.

  • I would have to disagree that \”obsessive vanity and self-absorption are primarily feminine traits.\” As a guy I can only say most folks I know that fall into this description are men. But then again us men are genetically half women.

    • I added a soundtrack to this post just now. I think it will give you a better idea of what I meant in saying that. When men crossover in to that level of obsessive vanity, you end up with effeminate types like John Edwards, or in the extreme, Liberace.

      • Hehe. I just reloaded and listened to the soundtrack. So apropos.

      • As far as I know, there isn\’t a woman alive who isn\’t offended by being lumped together with Obama, John Edwards, or in the extreme, Liberace.
        I, for one, do not see ourselves a frilly, self-centered, gaudy, self-righteous narcissus. In grouping us together like that, you have pretty much insulted womanhood in general.

        • Sorry you took offense. As the mothers of all humankind, women have the most important job in the world, so I have all the respect in the world for the fairer sex, I just happen to believe that vanity is a more feminine trait, much like aggression is a more masculine trait.

  • The MSM\’s mea culpa ballad to that woman:


  • Loved it, Mike as usual, sometimes I think you are in my \’head\’. Often, feel alone in today\’s world. Even my spouse of almost 53 years, thinks I am too hard on Obama.

    • Great minds think alike. 😉 Sometimes I wonder if I\’m too hard on BHO myself, but then I think of the way libs were with GWB and I realize, no way am I anywhere close to what we saw during his presidency and even to this day, four years later.

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