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Obama used the IRS to target his "enemies."

Unveiled – the latest hat for all IRS agents.

There are a lot of similarities between Barack Obama and Richard Nixon, both presidents were loners, extremely thin skinned to criticism, certifiably paranoid and for both, instead of seeing Democracy’s strength being rooted in bringing different viewpoints to an honest debate, both men viewed all who dared raise a dissenting voice againt them as “enemies”.

Here’s one big difference between Nixon and Obama, however – while Nixon only spoke of his dissenters as being “enemies” behind closed doors, Obama’s hatred for people with opposing viewpoints runs so deep, he can’t even contain himself from saying it publically, as he did in calling on his supporters to “punish” their “enemies“.

When Obama calls the American people stupid any time they don’t fall in line or dare to vote against him, we know this man has no respect for the opinions of everyday Americans, but what an insight it gives us into the brain of Barack Obama, that he speaks openly of his desire to punish fellow Americans as enemies!

Is it any wonder then that we now find ourselves where we’re at with the IRS and its widespread abuse of power against any individual or organization who doesn’t think in lockstep with this administration?

If someone ever tries to suggest to you that the IRS targeting of Dear Leader’s “enemies” didn’t start at the top, chew on this fact – there’s not a single member of Obama’s cabinet that he met with more than the IRS commissioner. In fact, it wasn’t even close . . .

Obama has had more visits with the IRS commissioner than any other member of his cabinet.

source: The Daily Caller.

To borrow one of Obama’s favorite words, the president’s 157 visits with his IRS commissioner is completely “unprecedented” in the history of the American presidency.

When you think of all the important posts in a president’s cabinet and you see Obama met with his IRS commissioner twice as often as any other member of his cabinet, you have to be completely delusional to imagine the campaign to punish Obama’s enemies didn’t start at the top.

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10 Responses to Here’s the Proof Obama Used the IRS to Attack His “Enemies”

  • WOW…. You hit that target right in the BULLSEYE! What really bothers me the most is the fact that he isn’t even trying to hide his disdain for those against his policies/ideologies yet with his TelePrompTer in front of him, he is able to say, “I didnt” or “I haven’t” & the lefties immediately begin taking notes for their debates against us who love our country with a passion. It is so obvious the path in which he is trying to take us yet those willfully ignorant aren’t intelligent enough to take their blinders off & see the route in which they too are headed. NO ONE IS EXEMPT from this potential catastrophe!

    What I find amazing is that the Tea Party does not promote any social policies other than TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY. Horrible group, eh? Sad that this warrants so many meetings in OUR [White] HOUSE!

    God Bless America!

  • What’s next ? Already talking impeachment? For the least productive Congress of all time, a better option would be answering why these political groups are getting tax breaks.

    • Must be replying to the wrong article, I made no mention of impeachment, but hey, if you want to try to tow the MSNBC line about the “least productive Congress,” you may want to check that with the fact that for the first two years of Obama’s presidency, his Democrat party had full control of Congress and the fact that they were voted out was nothing more than the American people’s response to Obama and the Democrats having full control of the White House and Congress.

  • As usual Mike, right on, going to forward to friends.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. It’s time to expose this despotic administration for exactly who they are.

  • Please remove me from these posts. Thanks.

    • It’s funny because it’s coming from “Anonymous.” Technologically challenged a little are we? Try unsubscribing from the link up top. Use the same email address you used to sign up in the first place.

  • Ok thanks. You are a great American.

    • I’m going to vote that up even though I know it’s just your Obama-loving sarcasm.

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