Letters from the Lunar Outpost

Beauty is but a flower Which wrinkles will devour; Brightness falls from the air; Queens have died young and fair; Dust hath closed Helen's eye.
- Thomas Nashe, English Satirist (1567-1601)

I had dropped a tab of acid and was just hanging out at the apartment when a knock came at the door. It was Debbie Watkins. It was a complete surprise.

She was there with a friend. I was immediately attracted to her. She had brown curly hair and deep brown eyes. She came up to my chin in height and she had the sweetest face. Everything about her matched my fantasies of the wife I hoped to one day marry.

She was introduced to me as Lisa. I was very glad to meet her.

They had gone to Club Hollywood, which was down at the end of my street on Hollywood Boulevard. They were in the area and Debbie had wanted to stop by. They wanted to go to a Denny’s and I went along with them.

I don’t remember much of the conversation. I was too busy staring at Lisa.

We got back to my place and Debbie sat on the couch next to me. Lisa sat at the foot of the couch. The more attention I paid to Lisa, the more Debbie seemed interested in me, typical of her fucked-up ways. That chick put me through alot of hell, but I’ll always forgive her knowing that it was her that introduced me to Lisa.

I was talking to Lisa about music. I got off the couch to show her how my drum machine worked. I’ll never forget how I was laying down casually in front of her and looking up her skirt at a pair of really sexy lace undies and the pubic hair that showed beneath. That image was and still sometimes is maturbation material.

When they left I remember hoping that I’d be able to give her a hug goodbye even though I’d just met her. I gave Debbie a hug and sure enough, she let me hug her too. I gave her a squeeze just a slight bit more than friendly. It felt good to press her breasts against my chest.

Lisa was beautiful. She was plum crazy, too. It’s always the quiet ones. A little bit of lyrics I wrote for her:

You know I love everything about you
You loving face, your smile, your laugh, your wild jealous, your sexy legs
But being with you was like walking on eggs
I gave you everything . . .
My love, I gave you it all
But it wasn’t enough to gain your trust
I was beating my head up against a brick wall
And I finally realized there was nothing I could do
And I still love everything about you

Oh she was nuts. Such a sweet, angelic face. That brown curly hair that you could dive into like a jungle and get lost . . .

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