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The virtues are lost in self-interest as rivers are lost in the sea.
- La Rochefoucauld, French Classical Writer (1613-1680)

Who moved the Nixon portrait?

One of my unhealthy indulgences is hanging out at left-wing websites and seeing what the liberal minions have to say on the issues of the day. It is absolutely amazing how well programmed some of these Obamabots are in responding to the revelations that the Obama administration has expanded it’s snooping deep into the lives of everyday Americans. From the very same people who were in hysterics over the Bush administration’s program of monitoring foreign enemies, we now have Obama lovers twisting themselves into pretzels trying to justify the Obama administration putting the Surveillance State on steroids.

Well, not all lefties are blind to any wrong as long as it comes with a (D) after the name. Witness three of Obama’s biggest Hollywood supporters now calling evil is as evil does.

You want to talk about having fallen out of love, John Cusack even goes on to say, Obama’s not just as bad as Nixon, he’s worse.

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5 Responses to Hollywood Turning on Obama

  • Thanks Mike, we can only hope these people will see where the Progressives are taking our country and finally wake up. I admit I fell for the Patriot Act when introduced, like O’Reilly, did not see the “slippery slope”. Many are awake now, but is it too late?

    • Most liberals are little dictators at heart, they think government knows what’s best for us better than we do. I just can’t believe I took Obama at his word when he ridiculed Bush and promised there would be no warrantless wiretapping in his administration.

  • Don’t mistake their being irritated with a change of heart. Liberals retain the same goals despite their disappointments with particular individuals. They’re far too blind to see their liberty flying away.

    • I don’t expect them to change their views on government’s role in the economy, but it’s such a rarity to see, I have to give these guys credit for sticking to their beliefs despite who they voted for.

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