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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a gunman at a public event in Tucson on Saturday. There are conflicting reports about whether she was killed.

The Pima County, Ariz., sheriff’s office told member station KJZZ the 40-year-old Democrat was killed. At least nine other people, including members of her staff, were injured.

Giffords, who was re-elected to a third term in November, was hosting a “Congress on Your Corner” event at a Safeway in northwest Tucson when a gunman ran up and started shooting, according to Peter Michaels, news director of Arizona Public Media.

Giffords was talking to a couple when the suspect ran up and fired indiscriminately from about four feet away, Michaels said.

The suspect ran off and was tackled by a bystander. He was taken into custody. Witnesses described him as in his late teens or early 20s.

Source: National Public Radio

A tragedy for the entire nation to see someone who has devoted her life to representing this country shot so senselessly like this. Let’s hope and pray for a miracle, give prayers and deepest sympathy for her family and may the perpetrator face justice in both this life and the next.

And if you read the comments at NPR – disgusting. There is no other word for it. The very first thought on most those people’s minds, not the abject tragedy of the situation, but instead these people’s first thought is, FINALLY WE HAVE CONCRETE EVIDENCE OF TEA PARTY TERRORISM! For them, this may be their long awaited moment of the Burning of the Reichstag.

Millions, literally millions attendend Tea Party rallies across the nation without a single arrest so those who wish to stamp out all opposition to the current administration had to grasp at straws, resorting to a single clip of a tea partier who may or may not have also intentionally spit on a congressman.

Mayor Bloomberg and MSNBC looked like idiots for floating their hopeful theory as if it were fact that the failed Times Square Bomber was a tea partier, when he subsequently turned out to be Faisal Shahzad, so I can only imagine with what gleeful delight MSNBC will report it if they can finally pin this act of terrorism on someone who they can identify as a conservative.

If I had to guess though, I would imagine that a woman such as Congresswoman Giffords, who was elected three times by a democratic process that relied on her ability to communicate ideas in an open society and debate those ideas with her opponents, I would guess that the last thing she would want is for her shooting, at the hands of some unhinged lunatic to serve as some sort of rallying cry by the likes of MSNBC and the other propagandists of the media who wish to paint all voices of opposition as EXTREMISTS and TERRORISTS.

Shame on anyone and everyone who uses this shooting as some excuse to claim that dissent is DANGEROUS and should be treated as a THREAT. May Representative Giffords stand as a testament to what one person achieve by something as pure and honest as the open debate of ideas in a Democratic society.


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