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A mans' character is the reality of himself; his reputation, the opinion others have formed about him; character resides in him, reputation in other people; that is the substance, this is the shadow.
- Beecher, American Preacher, Orator, and Writer (1813-1878)


source: Kickin’ and Screamin’, hat tip: @tricityjdw

You would think Barack Obama would be happy to have every other news network outside of Fox News running a full-fledged propaganda machine for his administration, but no sir, when it comes to the way Obama sees things, one channel daring to question his administration is one channel too many.

The thin-skinned president’s first press secretary, Robert Gibbs, started the White House’s War on Fox by citing two OPINION SHOWS on Fox News as evidence of the news organization being “illegitimate,” with senior advisor David Axelrod going so far as to call on all the other media outlets in the Obama State Media to join the administration in declaring Fox News as “not a news organization.”

(Of course, while Obama, Gibbs and Axelrod are outraged by opinions expressed on Fox’s opinion shows, they seem to be just fine with opinions passed off as “news” on MSNBC.)

After two years of the White House’s War on Fox, the administration finally surrendered with Robert Gibbs raising the white flag.

(It never seemed to dawn on the administration that their petty little vendetta against a single news network was far beneath the dignity of the office. Perhaps it came down to Team Obama realizing that Fox News had just pulled ratings of literally ten times the viewers over CNN, with fully one-third of them being Democrats. If you can’t beat ’em, at least try to play nice with them.)

It was only a matter of time, however, before the White House brought in a new press secretary and re-engaged in their War on Fox, resuming with the cheap shots and the snide remarks and culminating in Jay Carney (allegedly) making an angry and threatening phone call to Fox News’ executive vice president Michael Clemente for his network daring to air a piece the administration took exception to.

Can you imagine how low Obama’s poll numbers would have sunk by now if it wasn’t for his cheerleading squad of ABC-NBC-CBS-PBS-NPR-CNN-MSNBC working so hard to keep him afloat? If only it wasn’t for that damn, pesky Fox News . . .

My guess is that Barack Obama will only be happy when all dissent is outlawed.

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4 Responses to How Obama Stays Afloat

  • Fox News is not a news network in my opinion. Neither is MSNBC. Both are slanted, Right and Left leaning networks with opinion shows. Both of their “news programs” are swayed by the respective politics of each organization. O’reilly, Hannity, Matthews, and Maddow are all almost unwatchable unless you enjoy fueling your own political “take” with the Kool Aid it needs to stay fresh and cynical.

    • At least you’re fair and balanced in saying that both Fox News and MSNBC are on the same level, but I will say that if you watch the news programs on Fox and compare them to ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR and CNN, they almost always give equal time and respect to both sides whereas all the others simply spin each story from a point of view, slipping in their left-wing bias just as cleverly as they can.

      The scary thing is, I think most people watching the biased networks fueling their own political takes as you put it so well, I think most of those people really do think they’re getting real, unbiased journalistic reporting. I think most liberals truly believe it when they say that “reality has a liberal bias.”

      I get the feeling that you’re the rare individual who can actually watch biased reporting and recognize the bias even when it’s slanted to your point of view.

    • @BB You think it wise to be un-cynical?

  • Why should FOX News be fair and balanced when the others are completely one sided? Do you recall when CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS et al said Dick Cheney had no gravitas? They all used the same word and had essentially the same story. Until Rush Limbaugh and FOX News came along the silent majority had no voice at all. Now FOX leads all the ratings because the rest of the MSM are competing for the liberal market. They have to love Obama more than the others and swoon even when the Preezy just passes gas.

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