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That rivers flow into the sea Is loss and waste, the foolish say, Nor know that back they find their way Unseen, to where they want to be.
- Arthur Clough, English Poet (1819-1861)

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On the heels of having just written a post about a transgender beauty contestant I’m starting to wonder if I just might be taking a turn at this blog for the less than straight, but what the heck, let’s just go with it and let me tell you about one of my favorite conservatives on the planet.

By the way, my use of his banner from his blog is in no way an implication of his endorsing my blog or anything I have to say here, I just think it looks cool.

But let me just set it up by saying the Gay Patriot was spot on the money, talking about when it comes to the GOP primaries, Santorum failed for the exact same reason Huntsman failed, because no one gives a damn about social issues when the economy sucks as hard as this. (My paraphrase, not his.) But it’s true. And this is one of my most favorite people on the Internet, and I just felt a compulsion to share my response to his post.

I knew from the moment the field for 2012 was shaping up that Romney was going to be our guy. Not that that makes me a great clairvoyant or anything, but he is the most palatable candidate to the Independent voters, who are really the only voters who matter.

That’s the mistake I think both parties can get caught up in, let’s nominate the guy (or girl) who fires up the base like no one else can but, oh by the way, for the most part, your base will cancel out our base and the winner will be the candidate who grabbed the bigger share of the middle who could vote either way. So while I was high on the Cain train until the sleaze machine took him out for a good old left-wing media lynching, I’m very good with Romney.

Gingrich? Seriously? You think he would have had a shot at beating Obama? I marvel to think at the Republicans who thought he might stand a chance. And I don’t care if he could have danced circles around Obama in a debate. Read a text transcript of the Nixon vs. Kennedy debates, if it was broadcast on radio or printed in the newspapers, Nixon would have won that election.

Same with Santorum. It has not been that long since 1992. Have we really lost touch with the most basic maxim that exists in politcs? It’s the economy, stupid.

So I’m good with Romney, I’m okay with the party, we have a decent shot at winning, I have this uneasy feeling that the evangelicals are an important part of the party and I respect their faith, I really do, but for those who condemn homosexuals, I pray for them, I don’t hate them, I pray for them, because I know for a fact there are people who are just that way, and maybe that’s why it makes me such a fan of Gay Patriot, because your core beliefs drew you to a party where there’s a small minority that’s a hostile audience to your lifestyle.

I’ve always wanted to tell you this – being gay and being a Republican makes you infinitely cooler than all the other gay sheep who mindlessly become Democrats. Stay gay, stay GOP, there is no freakin’ place for the government to tell you which sex you should be naturally attracted to.

And there’s a small homophobic part of me that wants me to make it clear that I am not attracted to men in the slightest, but fuck it, is there a hoodie or a small pink triangle that I can wear that makes it very clear that I stand with you and all the Log Cabin Republicans?

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4 Responses to I Am a Gay Patriot

  • My first thoughts. What the hell does being gay have to do my with being a Patriot, I will say I have no issues with people being comfortable with being there self am not a big fan of bringing your sexual preferences to a public forum, gay pride day etc….but as far as a political platform am all in …hey whatever it takes to get Barack Obama out….

    I will add one small sidebar, some of the evangelist sinners might be shocked when some of the gay sinners are put ahead of them …
    I’m not the Judge only a small dot and all are welcome on our side.

  • When I was thirteen years old I had a mad crush on Elton John. I would go downtown to the old Woolworth’s store and find any magazine that had Elton on the front cover and purchase them, and recordings. When I read an article about him being bisexual, I asked my Mom about what that meant. She explained it to me. Because of her lack of…what word can I use here? Fright? Dismay? Disgust? I was okay with Elton and his sexuality. She loves Elton even to this day (she’s 77) and so do I. A person’s sexuality should not define them. It is a person’s moral compass that matters most

    One of the things I said about this election from the beginning is that if a conservative was going to win, it had to be a moderate to win California. So far that holds true, and Romney is popular in the “Golden” state.

    Love GayPatriot’s comments!xxx

    • When I was about 8, the Village People came out and I had all their albums, the 12″ singles, and we were just kids, rockin’ out, YMCA, of course, Macho Man, In the Navy, and you listen back on it now and I can’t believe how easy it is to read the gay subtext behind every lyric (or every photo for that matter) but it was at least a year or two that we were all listening to that before finally someone from the school told someone and the word got around, these guys are flaming homosexuals. You talk about the innocence of children and I honestly can’t believe at the age of 8 it took me about two years to catch wind of the fact the Village People were gay.

  • Mike, I love that Mad Men theme music!

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