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Envy, like the worm, never runs but to the fairest fruit; like a cunning bloodhound, it singles out the fattest deer in the flock.
- Francis Beaumont, English Dramatist (1584-1616)

Left to my own devices, my addiction to politics and news and opinion pieces is more powerful than I will ever be. To be able to put myself in a place where I’m unplugged and removed from all of it for three weeks, that kind of blissfully ignorant rest and relaxation was so wonderful for the mind and soul. Of course, now that my three week retreat is over, there was no stopping my return to the Internet to see everything I’d missed.

Bath Salts Turning People into Naked Cannibals

Discovered that a man high on “bath salts” striped naked alongside a busy highway in South Beach, Miami and chewed the face off a homeless man for 18 minutes before police officers shot him dead. Couldn’t help but wonder how that could have gone on for so long without someone finding a weapon to beat the attacker down.

More stories fitting the theme of a 2012 zombie apocalypse popped up in California, New Jersey and Baltimore.

2012 Zombie Apocalypse

Read about a guy who severed his own penis with an e-acto knife, read an article about increasing bigotry and intolerance against Mormons in liberal circles, found out the judge ordered Zimmerman back to jail for lying about his finances during his bond hearing and found out that Zimmerman’s trial probably won’t start until 2013. Should the jury be split or acquit, a replay of South Central LA 1992 is a distinct possibility, so hopefully this will give some extra time for the shop owners and residents of Orlando and Central Florida to make sure their insurance covers damage from riots, arson and looting.

Learned that Prop 29 failed here in California, meaning another dollar will not be added to the high price of cigarettes. (Of course, New Yorkers paying $10 a pack will scoff at my use of the term “high price” on my $5 pack of California smokes, but the price is still too damn high.) I still will never understand how so many politicians, especially Democrat politicians, could support raising taxes on items such as cigarettes or gasoline when those are the very taxes which hit the poor the hardest.

Fuhrer Bloomberg, Health Nazi

Speaking of social engineering in NYC, America’s self-appointed Health Fuhrer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, not only seems poised to ban the sale of large sodas at restaurants through his hand picked-board of Food Nazis, but members of the health panel are now setting their sights on targeting popcorn and milk drinks as well.

Found out Scott Walker easily defeated the recall effort in Wisconsin. It seems Wisconsin voters understand something’s out of whack when state union workers have benefits and pensions that are far more lucrative than that of the average taxpayer. I have nothing but respect for state workers and the jobs they do, but unsustainable spending is unsustainable just as surely as the Greek economy is in full meltdown and California finds itself with a $16 billion defecit and the lowest Standard & Poor’s rating of any state in America at A-, six levels below AAA.

Caught up on Krauthammer, brilliant as always, one piece in particular, he speaks of the New York Times lauding Obama the fearless Drone Warrior:

A rather strange ethics. You go around the world preening about how America has turned a new moral page by electing a president profoundly offended by George W. Bush’s belligerence and prisoner maltreatment, and now you’re ostentatiously telling the world that you personally play judge, jury and executioner to unseen combatants of your choosing and whatever innocents happen to be in their company.

This is not to argue against drone attacks. In principle, they are fully justified. No quarter need be given to terrorists who wear civilian clothes, hide among civilians and target civilians indiscriminately. But it is to question the moral amnesia of those whose delicate sensibilities were offended by the Bush methods that kept America safe for a decade — and who now embrace Obama’s campaign of assassination by remote control.

Moreover, there is an acute military problem. Dead terrorists can’t talk.

Source: WaPo

I think funniest of all, however, was this quote from the Obama campaign trying to attack Romney’s message:

And you can pretty much put their campaign on, on a tweet and have some characters to spare.





Source: Huff Po

So it’s back to the sniping, the vitriol, the snide remarks and the witty retorts. Had I been a Jehovah’s Witness with one of the tenets of my religion being to avoid all discussion and participation in the earthly process of politics, I’d probably be a bit more healthy and happy in life, but I’d also be depriving myself of the spectacle, the great debate and the farcical comedy of world diplomacy and American politics, the greatest shows on Earth.

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