Letters from the Lunar Outpost

We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has not superfluous parts; which exactly answers its ends.
- Emerson, American Poet and Essayist (1803-1882)

During the height of the Cold War in the 1980s, Yakov Smirnoff immigrated to America from the USSR, telling jokes about how bad life really was living under Communism. His “In Soviet Union” jokes are especially memorable:

In America, you can always find a party.
In Soviet Russia, Party always find you!

In America, you break law.
In Soviet Russia, law breaks you!

In America, your work determines your marks.
In Soviet Russia, Marx determines your work!

In America, you assassinate presidents.
In Soviet Russia, presidents assassinate you!

In America, you watch Big Brother.
In Soviet Russia, Big Brother watches you!

Well, as you can see below, I felt it was time to create a new genre about our own nightmare:

“In Barackamerica” . . .

In Barackamerica, Line Crosses You!

In Former America, you peek through blinds.

In Former America, you peek through blinds.

In Barackamerica, blinds peek through you.

In Barackamerica, blinds peek through you.

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