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As fire when thrown into water is cooled down and put out, so also a false accusation when brought against a man of the purest and holiest character, boils over and is at once dissipated, and vanishes.
- Cicero, Great Roman Orator, Politician, and Philosopher (B.C. 106-43)

This guy is a piece of work . . .

You almost have to wonder, is this guy for real? A small sample of a few more vids from his catalog of roughly 400 videos at YouTube will tell you, though – this is no parody or some lame Stephen Colbert routine he’s doing, this is the real deal, James William Gregory, Jr., himself, CEO and ONLY owner, host, and founder of Gregory News Network, broadcasting live from the corporate headquarters.

Let me tell you something, you do not want a piece of that!

Love those titles too, because everyone knows CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL!

Wait, what’s this???

BREAKING NEWS: the owner, host, CEO, founder of GNN, had his system hacked into!

If the Westboro Baptist Church and Keith Olbermann had a love child. . .
James William Gregory, Jr. would surely be him.

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