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Envy, among other ingredients, has a mixture of the love of justice in it. We are more angry at undeserved than at deserved good fortune.
- Hazlitt, English Essayist (1778-1830)

Remember all the hysteria over “torture” we witnessed from the many sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome during the Bush years?

Waterboarding: bad. Assassination with no due process: good

A few photos of soldiers gone wild, hazing detainees at Abu Ghraib along with a grand total of three detainees at Gitmo being subjected to enhanced interrogation and hysterical ninnies like Andy Rooney were calling it the “darkest days” in American history. (Click the link if you don’t believe me, he actually said that.  In the Bush haters’ minds, the horrors of slavery, the Civil War, assassinated presidents and Vietnam all paled in comparison to waterboarding under Bush.)

If he were still around, I can only wonder what Andy Rooney would have to say about this latest news on the Obama administration:

A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or “an associated force” — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S.

source: NBC News

You can read the Obama administration memo justifying the assassination of American citizens here.

Back in 2011, though it barely got a whisper from the Obama State Media, in two separate strikes in September and October of that year, the Obama administration assassinated three U.S. citizens, one of whom was just 16-years-old. The memo obtained by NBC News is the administration’s subsequent attempt to argue a legal justification for killing U.S. citizens without giving them any chance of being captured and having their day in court.

When liberals were screaming bloody murder over waterboarding (a technique, which by the way, Obama’s own defense secretary Leon Panetta now admits helped lead us to Bin Laden) you have to wonder, where are those liberals who were screaming bloody murder now that we have a government engaged in the actual murder of U.S. citizens without any due process?

Props to Michael Isikoff for getting his hands on this classified memo, but for the same left-wing that banded together in a chorus of outrage over Bush’s so-called torture, there have been only a few liberals of principal who have spoken out and proven themselves as individuals who put their core principles above any mindless partisanship.

Longtime Democrat loyalist Kirsten Powers said it best:

Asked to explain how some of her fellow liberals could defend the drone strikes, Powers said, “I can’t. I mean, they’re clearly hypocrites and they clearly don’t care about human rights. They only care if it helps them politically. That’s all I can say. A couple of people are great on this issue.” She cited a few liberals like Glenn Greenwald, who are “consistent” on this issue, but “for the most part it’s despicable.”

source: mediaite

And it’s true that along with Glenn Greenwald, there have been a small number of liberals who deserve a lot of respect for showing themselves to be people of true convictions, with a set of core beliefs that rises far above any partisan politics. These are people who judge politicians by their actions and not the (D) or (R) after their names, like the members of the ACLU who have been quite vocal in their opposition to this policy of death from the skies, the far-left Mother Jones website for providing the most extensive coverage on Obama’s drone war to be found anywhere or Ralph Nader, a liberal’s liberal who said flat-out that these assassinations make Obama a war criminal.

The great irony here is that this policy of delivering death from the sky to American citizens without any due process comes from the very same Obama who as a candidate excoriated Bush for enhanced interrogation, basically getting up in front of the world and calling the outgoing president a torturer. Now he’s a man who believes that when it comes to ordering the execution of an American citizen without trial, “If we do it, it’s not illegal.” There was another guy whose presidency ended in disgrace who thought along those very same lines.

I can’t help but think what the people at the Nobel Committee are thinking about this. Hey assholes, that’s what you get when you hand a man your Nobel Peace Prize before he’d even accomplished a single thing as president. Add another to the long list of laughable and despicable picks from the Nobel Committee.

More than anything, this makes it official, in Obama’s mind, he was born to be a dictator in the tradition of all his fellow Communists in history and he will do anything and everything he can to bypass and trample a Constitution that seeks to restrain his powers.

From a pure of standpoint of entertainment, however, I just can’t wait to see all the Obama lovers who were crying hysterically over Bush’s tactics for QUESTIONING enemy combatants now trying to twist themselves into pretzels to justify the fact that their beloved Dear Leader has appointed himself as the nation’s judge, jury and executioner.

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13 Responses to King Obama: Judge, Jury and Executioner

  • Even if any part of this story was true, you don’t do your blog any service with the second to last paragraph. Using words like dictator and Communist place you with the other ditto heads and “conservative” pundits. What’s next? Obama ’16

    • You think it’s a coincidence that the Communist Party USA endorsed Obama in 2008 and endorsed him again in 2012?


      You think it’s just coincidence when an Obama lover like Woody Allen comes out and says he thinks Dear Leader O should be granted dictatorial powers?


      You think it’s just coincidence that Sean Penn loves Hugo Chavez almost as much as he loves Obama or that there isn’t a common bond between Obama and his supporters when Harry Belafonte says Obama should “work like a third world dictator” and put all the Republicans in jail?


      Wake up, Bob. You can walk into an Obama campaign HQ and see them proudly hanging Che Guevara flags:

      Che Guevara flag at Obama campaign HQ

      Che Guevara flag at Obama campaign HQ

      These are not all just coincidences, there is a commonality between the Obama whose great mentor was card-carrying Communist Frank Marshall, the Obama who launched his political career in the home of Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and his most vocal supporters who embrace Communism and despise democracy, free speech and an open debate.

    • BTW, your skepticism is surprising considering the source. I’m guessing that’s probably the first time in over a decade that you’ve doubted anything you’ve been told by NBC News.

  • Dan Carlin has been making this point for years now on his Common Sense show. You really should check him out, Mike.

  • Bob, it’s all true.

  • As far as connections to AQ go, how hard is it to link anyone on the planet with anyone else? Most currency in the US has traces of cocaine on it. That means that if I have a few dollars in my wallet, I’m transporting controlled substances, and selling them in exchange for goods or services. I think it would be fairly easy for an entity with the government’s resources to link anyone with AQ without having to falsify evidence.

    • That’s the really scary part of it, once the policy’s in place, it’s an easy thing for the people in power to frame their political enemies as enemies of the state.

  • In response to Bob Wilson, King Obama will be proud. He has taught you well. When you are unable to defend the possible facts, set out before you, blast them with the name calling. Manipulate your accuser by saying ” That places you with the other ditto heads and “conservative” pundits. What’s next? Obama ’16.” Why are you unable to come up with a logical defense? The conservative Americans don’t like to name call. But, we have had it with all the lies and bullying. We have been called racist, evil, stupid, uncaring toward old people and starving children, cracker heads, etc. The Democratic Party uses these mind games because they believe that their voters are going to fall for it. It is sad that they think so little of the mental states of their own party. The saddest thing about it, is they are right. Their voters bought into the hate and completely ignored the reality. The media was in Obama’s pocket. Why don’t you make a list, Bob. In one column put down, what the Obama Adm. has done to make America a stronger Nation and in the other column put down, what they have done to make America a weaker Nation. If you are honest with yourself, you will be just as concerned as we are. Give into the facts, instead of the hate. Help us save our America.

  • this is true…yeah…

  • Not sure which angers me more, your truth in the article or those who disagree with you but have no “meat” in their argument! I honestly believe a part of their lashing back with empty remarks is the fact that you may be on to something here! DUH! (Proof in the pudding!) I do pray for the willfully ignorant as they will one day hate US for saying “I told you so!” It will be our (oh, & don’t forget Bush) fault that we didn’t quite convince them of the “FACTS”! Keep up the great work 😉 !

    • Thanks, C Greg, I always enjoy having you stop by.

      For a lot of libs, they don’t even want the facts, but if I can help point out how it looks for them having screamed bloody murder on Bush’s waterboarding, only to support Obama’s assassinations, maybe, just maybe, they’ll see how ridiculous their blind partisanship makes them look.

  • When even the Liberal Media questions King Obama’s ‘right’ to kill American citizens if he deems them ‘terrorists’, you know Obama has gone too far. I guess the Obamasheep will need to wait until Obama lowers his standards for who he considers ‘terrorists’ and they find it might include them! The doubters need to read some history. I would recommend they start with ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ It might enlighten them. If they have some knowledge about how dictators get into power, maybe they would wake up!

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