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Envy is the deformed and distorted offspring of egotism; and when we reflect on the strange and disproportioned character of the parent, we cannot wonder at the perversity and waywardness of the child.
- Hazlitt, English Essayist (1778-1830)

Not just your garden variety Hollywood star who conforms to the norm by being a typical, angry, Republican-hating Democrat, Eva Longoria is a person who was given a primetime speaking role at the Democrat National Convention and is also co-chair of the Obama campaign.

So how does one of Hollywood’s “beautiful people” expose themselves as the ugly hater they are (and not very bright when it comes to damage control?)

You do it in five easy steps:

Step One. Show your true colors by retweeting a vulgar, bigoted and hateful tweet such as this:

Eva Longoria Retweets Hate

Step Two. When the uproar begins and you start to feel the heat, delete the retweet.

Whoops! Enough people have already seen it to where the “delete it and hope it goes away” strategy fails and the story grows even bigger.

Step Three. Claim your account got hacked or blame it on something like “twitter bugging out.”

Don’t worry, as ridiculus as this claim is, you’ll have plenty of supporters so enchanted with your pop culture awesomeness, they’ll actually buy into your lame defense:

Of course, most of the rest of the people following Eva’s Twitter meltdown called it for what it is:

Come on Eva, don’t you know enough of your American history (Nixon, Clinton, Anthony Weiner, etc.) that it’s never the crime, it’s always the cover-up?

Step Four. When the Anthony Weiner defense fails and no one believes your account got hacked, claim the words didn’t reflect your own views and you just retweeted it “for the purpose of discussion and dialogue.” LOL.

Step Five. After steps two, three and four only make matters worse, issue apology, but to in order to fully make an ass of yourself, make sure it’s a half-assed apology and claim that the words weren’t your own personal view, even though they’re right in line with your political mindset and just about everything you tweet.

“I use Twitter as a platform for all Americans and their opinions. Sorry if people were offended by retweet,” she wrote. “Obviously not my words or my personal view. I respect all Americans #FreedomOfSpeech.”

Source: Fox News

If you’re trying to make an ass of yourself on Twitter in five steps, it’s that fifth step that really seals the deal – after deleting the tweet, then claiming your account got hacked, show yourself as a stereotypical liberal who doesn’t believe in self-accountability by saying the retweet didn’t reflect your own personal view and wave the freedom of speech flag.

As bad as the original retweet was, it was the scatterbrained and bumbling attempt at damage control that really got Eva Longoria.

And in case you think this is much ado about nothing, witness Alan Colmes, one of Obama’s most devoted supporters, going on television to call for Eva Longoria to step down as co-chair of Obama for America.

I think she should resign from the campaign or be asked to resign as co-chair because I don’t think it reflects well on the campaign. – Alan Colmes

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10 Responses to Liberal Intolerance, or How to Make an Ass of Yourself on Twitter in Five Easy Steps

  • Good article Mike, I was unable to follow this when it was happening. Thanks for the ‘chain of events’. Obama’s people seem to not have a clue and don’t seem to really care about what is happening to this GREAT Country.

    • “Obama’s people seem to not have a clue and don’t seem to really care about what is happening to this GREAT Country.”

      Really Suzanne, You think Obama is clueless, I think you may be clueless for not realizing he intends to do damage and takes action to do damage to this country

      • Suzanne is not clueless, you can trust me on that. We all know Obama’s attempt to “fundamentally change” America is destroying the very things that made this the most prosperous nation on Earth. Whether he is destroying this nation willfully or out of ignorance is pretty hard to say.

  • You are an idiot. Leave the lady alone. She is entitled to post whatever she wants on her twitter page, with her own right to RT who/ what she wants. Also, she did not delete any tweets so you may want to get YOUR story together. republican idiot.

    • Yes. She can tweet whatever she wants. And Yes, she should be judged for it. No free rides when you’re trying to sway public opinion. So if you don’t want to have your opinion judged, keep it to yourself.

    • She did indeed delete her RT, so you need to get your facts straight. Realize also that as a co-chair of Obama for America and a prime time speaker at the Democrat Convention, for her to spew that kind of filth is unacceptable. Don’t take my word for it though, just ask Alan Colmes.

  • Look at the libs: Name calling then the commenter says she can post what she wants but calls the writer of the article an “idiot”. Look proggie, the “co-chair” shouldn’t be retweeting “twat”. I’m sure that in your milieu that is a common everyday word but in more educated and refined circles the word “twat” is considered highly vulgar. She did delete her retweet which contained the word “twat” and then lied about being hacked. Oh, and she’s toast along with Bumbles the lying Preezy.

  • Did not finish the post but Eva Longoria has no influence on my vote.

  • By the way, I seem to remember Republicans jumping all over John Kerry for flip flopping and rightfully so at times. Now we have Romney, that every major Republican candidate for president and other party leaders, has blasted for changing is stance on key issues throughout the primaries. And now he is your candidate and what do we get? Crickets. I would contend that the vast majority of the right is voting for Romney because they dislike Obama, come on mike!

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