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There is a wide difference between true courage and a mere contempt of life.
- Cato the Elder, Roman Patriot and Statesman (B.C. 234-149)

Libyan freedom fighters call out an SOS while the US is MIA

Libyan freedom fighters call out an SOS while the US is MIA

[Libyan] rebels, armed with rocket launchers, anti-aircraft guns and tanks, called Wednesday for U.N.-backed air strikes on foreign mercenaries it said were fighting for Gaddafi.

Opposition activists called for a no-fly zone, echoing a demand by Libya’s deputy U.N. envoy, who now opposes Gaddafi.

“Bring Bush! Make a no fly zone, bomb the planes,” shouted soldier-turned-rebel Nasr Ali, referring to a no-fly zone imposed on Iraq in 1991 by then U.S. President George Bush.

source: Reuters

It took two weeks of bloodshed before the Obama administration finally told Qaddafi maybe he should think about stepping down. This from the same administration who sat back and said next to nothing while Iranian protesters crying for freedom were getting slaughtered in the streets of Tehran.

With the current administration abandoning America’s long held role as the great promoter of freedom and Democracy in the world, is it any wonder that the rebels willing to risk their lives to bring down tyrannical regimes are forced to look to previous American presidents for support and inspiration?

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