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Mad Men

For ten years or longer, I don’t think I saw more than one random episode of any show that was running on TV. It wasn’t that I was some elitist who thought everything on TV was garbage (even if we all know that most of it is) I just never happened to wind up in front of the television at the same time next week. Then, October of last year, I just randomly happened to catch the pilot of American Horror Story and as well crafted as it was and as perfectly suited as it was to my twisted tastes, I was hooked, and for the first time in over a decade, I watched and enjoyed every episode of a new show without fail.

For so many years, I had looked at TV as nothing more than a sports and news box (with a little History and ID channel thrown in) but around the same time we were enjoying American Horror Story, we also decided to try a 30-day trial for Hulu and it was then that a newfound love affair for great television shows really blossomed in our house. That Hulu commercial where Gob from Arrested Development has an alien tentacle reaching into people’s brains, like a TV brain snatcher, it’s brilliant because it is pretty accurate. With Hulu and now Netflix, we’ve been binge watching TV most evenings now, in doses far beyond the doctor recommended amount, but you can always tell yourself hey, a one-hour show only runs 47 minutes when you remove the commercials, so those nights when we watched four or five episodes of Lost weren’t really as overindulgent as it might sound.

Enjoying each series from the first through the latest or last episode, in six months we laughed through all 53 brilliant episodes of Arrested Development, watched an enjoyable season of a show called Happy Town (which unhappily never got itself a second season) became engrossed in the 120 episode saga of Lost, caught whatever season or two were produced of the comedies Wilfred and Louie, and we just finished up 33 episodes of Breaking Bad, which was freaking good, but of all the shows we’ve binged on, if there was one show I would recommend to a stranger or friend more than any, it would be Mad Men.

Mad Men
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I’ll save for another post my analysis of why, just four seasons in, this show has already earned it’s place in the TV Hall of Fame, but if you haven’t seen it, believe me when I tell you, this show is not to be missed. I can’t believe how lucky we are because we just finished the first four seasons only to find out . . .

Season 5 starts Sunday, March 25!

Watch it on AMC at 9/8c.

If you want to catch the previous four seasons, it’s exclusively on Netflix.

Just a little to whet your appetite:

If you’ve never seen the show and you watch only one clip, watch this: three and a half minutes of the best ad pitch you’ve ever seen in your life. Read the top comment there from “kleebusch” – brilliant analysis.

A huge Pete Campbell fan has compiled three long videos of collections of Pete Campbell quotes from the first three seasons. Here’s the best of Pete, season one.

Fan video of Peggy Olsen set to The Stranglers’ “Strange Little Girl”

Click here for the Mad Men Wiki with three teasers for Season 5.

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  • It’s an excellent show! One of the things I love about it, and there are so many, is that it doesn’t try to be cute which can happen w dramas from an earlier era. It has class.

    • I agree, nothing cute or kitschy about it. Love the way it doesn’t gloss over any of the less admirable things about the times, either, some of the time you’re both laughing and cringing at the same time.

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