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Media Guide for the Journalistically Challenged

Back in May of 2010, the mainstream media embarrassed themselves in a monumental way when they began leaping eagerly at Mayor Bloomberg’s claim that the Times Square bomber was a Tea Partier. They were gleefully reporting that one until reality showed the failed attempt was just another garden variety America-hating jihadist in the form of Faisal Shahzad. Once the truth came out, you could feel most of the media’s excitement for the story quickly drain away.

Well, the MSM has yet again tried to piss away what little drop of credibility that might still have had with the tea party hatin’, Sarah Palin blamin’ hysteria they worked themselves into over the AZ shooting.

Seriously? Sarah Palin talking about “targeting” candidates in the election? You would have us believe that somehow incited someone to action? She said if we failed to shoot down that health care bill the first time, we have to RELOAD? You would have us believe a simple two-syllable word like RELOAD pushed this guy over the edge?

But once again, reality comes crashing down on the media. From Jared’s close friend, Zach Osler:

He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.

source: Good Morning America via mediabistro.com

AW, SNAP! And you had been so eager to push that whole “influenced by extreme right-wing rhetoric” angle, hadn’t you?

ONCE AGAIN, their desperate efforts to hold responsible the tea party, Sarah Palin and anyone else who would dare question their beloved president have come back to make the whole lot of the mainstream media look ridiculous.

Seriously, is this what the majority of you were hoping for when you decided for a career in “journalism”, to act as propagandists parading as reporters? Abandoning all the things they taught you in journalism school to play the activist? Trying to turn a tragedy into a political opportunity to slander those with whom you disagree?

The shooting was as horrible of a tragedy as one can imagine for the dozen or so families directly impacted, it’s a tragedy for everyone who believes in democracy to see one of our representatives shot like this, but for the nation as a whole, the greatest tragedy of all here was the media’s complete and total failure to do their job and REPORT THE NEWS.

You are not there to jump to conclusions, you are not there to force a narrative into the story and you are not there to slander entire groups of people with whom you disagree. You are there to REPORT THE NEWS.

As disgusting as the reporting on the AZ shooting was, the one silver lining is that the media’s attempts to politicize this tragedy only makes them even less credible and even more irrelevant with the non-partisan middle third of America who actually decide the elections.

It really is so sad though to see just how low the entire field of journalism has allowed itself to sink.

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3 Responses to Mainstream Media Embarrasses Itself Again Over Arizona Shooting

  • I know Contessa Brewer said she was: “”there was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country,” Did she say she hoped it was a Tea Partier? I know Bloomy said, he thought it was a tea partier. I can’t find any MSM source that actually says: “it was a tea partier!!!” I wouldn’t necessarily be surprisedif some wingnut did. I just did a Lexis Nexis and google news search. I can’t find anything that says “It was Palin and the Tea Party.” I did however, find a few: “Was it the Tea Party?” So yes MSM did step in it, but no in the way you’re portraying it.

    • Thanks for the reply, Helmy. I’m just getting started on the blogging, so I know moving forward I need to grab screenshots before certain versions of reports get redacted, taken down, etc, or find the hookup to where I can transfer newscasts into digital uploads. On the false reports of the failed Times Square bombing being a Tea Partier, I can remember watching MSNBC and sure, they threw in that “alleged” word first and then once they got that out of the way, they then launched into their extreme anti-Tea Party hysteria.

      For the media as a whole, however, what do you think the ratio is of MSM mentions of their SPECULATION over tea party rage as the cause vs. their mentions of the FACT that a friend says he did not take sides in politics – maybe 50 to 1?

      What do you think the ratio is of MSM mentions of their SPECULATION that right-wing talk radio could be to blame vs. their mentions of the FACT that a friend says he did not listen to political talk radio – maybe 100 to 1?

      How about the ratio of the number of times the MSM SPECULATED if Sarah Palin’s words were to blame vs. mentions of the FACT that a friend says he disliked the news – maybe 200 to 1?

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